Z'Gil Untok
Basic Info
Homeworld N'Zoth
Born 314 ABY
Died N/A
Alternate Names "Darth Strayne"
Physical Description
Species Yevethan
Gender Male
Height 1.75 meters
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Originally green; Now covered in red/black Sith Tattoos
Historical Information
Rank Sith Apprentice
Affiliations Sith Order
Known Masters Yhan Dhelmir
Known Apprentices None

Name: Z'Gil Untok
Pronunciation: Zee Gill Un-tock
Alias': Darth Strayne
Era: ?


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Profession: Sith Apprentice

Created,illustrated, and played by: nerdhaven


Z'Gil was born in a small hut on the jungle world of N'Zoth, the runt in his family. When he found that he could marginally manipulate the minds of others, he was overjoyed. He often used his "powers" to get ahead of his larger and stronger hutmates. He enjoyed a sense of preferential treatment and power for four years, until he was cast out by his tribe. He spent the next four years of his life living in a cave in the jungle. He was hunting one day when he saw a ship in the sky, and went to investigate. As it turned out, it was a Sith on a mission to explore unknown planets in the Outer Rim. Z'Gil had never seen a spaceship, or even another species before, and so he followed the Sith to the planet Hoth, where he was inducted into the Sith order. He spent the next six years of his life further enhancing his physical abilities, but without a master, he could do little to enhance his Force powers. He did what he could hunting wampas, which enhanced his tracking abilities considerably, but broke off the habit when he was caught. He trained loosely for a while under Animus, the then-archon, but that never developed into a full Apprenticeship. It wasn't until two years later, when he was 16, that he was finally Apprenticed to Yhan Dhelmir. He has since been gathering intel throughout the galaxy, and is currently on Tatooine.


"Cast me out? THROW ME AWAY LIKE A WEEK OLD CARCASS?!? I swear, on the blood of my brother, I shall become more powerful than all of you frail elders!"

Z'Gil was born into a relatively socially low family on N'Zoth. He was the smallest, and thus deemed less important, of the litter into which he was born. On his first birthday, he discovered that he could manipulate the minds of others to a small degree. Over the next three years of his life, he tried to expand this, experimenting whenever he could. But when he was four, his brother decided he was fed up with Z'Gil's constant pestering. The weirdo was cramping his style with the tribe. The family was avoided wherever they went, and the brother, who desired to lead the clan someday, could not have this. So, one morning before Z'Gil was up, the brother snuck into his room and prepared to kill his younger brother. His dewclaws slid out, but Z'Gil heard the sound, and a vicious battle began. They rolled out into the dirt, sending the gravel flying. Soon, blood littered the ground. His brother was bruised and bleeding in every direction, but Z'Gil did not stop. He backed away, pretending defeat, but as his brother rose to continue the fight, he used what power he had to convince his brother that he should NOT kill him, but rather kill himself. The brother raised a hand, and shoved his dewclaws up through his chin. It pierced his brain, and he fell, dead. Z'Gil was immediately cast out of the clan, yelling insults and swearing as he ran into the forest. Z'Gil was an outcast, a loner. He survived the next four years on his wits, his strength, and whatever snippet of power he had.

When Z'Gil was 8 years old, he was already used to surviving on his own. He had taught himself the art of staff-fighting, and was able to insert elements of martial arts involving his natural weapons (dewclaws) into his fighting style. He had furthered his ability to track living things through the Force, and had tracked, hunted, and killed at least one specimen of almost every species of animal in the region… including a Yevethan elder from his former tribe. One day, he was hunting in the jungle, when he heard the roar of sublight engines. He, of course, had never heard the sounds of an approaching starship, so he assumed it was some incredibly large creature which he'd not encountered yet. He dropped his hunt, and followed the smoke trail from the landing. When he arrived at the clearing created by the starship, he was astonished. The "beast" was made of shining metal skin, and did not look like anything he'd ever seen before. As he watched, another figure emerged from the beast. It was a Sith, Karis Amalia, though he didn't know that yet. He felt his "territory" was being encroached upon, and was so confident in his abilities that he attacked. Of course, he was quickly subdued and the Sith began to talk to him, eventually inviting him to return with her. He decided that going with the Sith would be the best path for furthering his intentions.

"The Sith? Who are they? Can they help me? I can… do things. I can make people, animals, do what I want. I can make them give me things. I can make them hurt if I want to. I made my brother kill himself…"

"Teenage Years"

Z'Gil spent his first night at the Sith Academy on Hoth in the room of his new friend, Karis. The next morning, his new life began. He spent hours upon hours of his time in the training facilities, furthering his martial arts abilities. His skills grew more acrobatic, and as he matured, he grew faster and stronger. Having no master, he still fought with the traditional hardwood staff he'd fashioned for himself back on N'Zoth. As the days blurred together, he grew to seperate his time into two parts: training and sleeping. During his training, he pushed himself harder and harder, determined to prove himself to the other Sith. During the nights, his sleep was often plagued with blurry, fiery visions of a hooded figure destroying his home tribe. The face of his brother was always the clearest through the flames. And if ever the hooded figure removed the hood, Z'Gil's face would shine out in the firelight from under the hood. Then he would awake, heart pounding. One day, he was training, and had an… unfortunate encounter with a certain Sith. He let himself get pushed into a fight, and his old hardwood staff was shattered in a matter of minutes. Filled with anger at the other Sith, he began to attack with tooth and dewclaw. Unfortunately, he was again subdued by the much more experienced Sith. The older Sith gave him a training lightsaber and a collection of materials on Form 1, telling him to practice.

Z'Gil was 10 at the time.

"This weapon feels strange. It feels wrong. I know I'm supposed to learn th ways of the Sith, but I preferred my old staff. Maybe I can make a saber that shares its qualities. Yeah…. that would be better….."

For the next 6 years, Z'Gil devoted himself to training with a lightsaber. Devoting even more time to his training, he performed increasingly well in Form I lightsaber combat. He eventually decided that he'd had enough with the basic saber training, and moved on. He decided to attempt Form IV, Ataru. Whenever he trained, he would take two training sabers and tie them together with a bandage. This effectively helped him to train with the saberstaff he was planning to build, on a lower setting. Ataru took him a little longer to succeed in, with his underdeveloped muscles, but once puberty took him and his body grew into the muscular machine it is now, it was much easier. 5 years after his encounter with the other Sith, he felt he had done exceedingly well in Form I training and passably well in Form IV training. While he continued to train with his makeshift training saber, he itched to get out into the galaxy and build his own saber. He had the plans for it, but no way off Hoth.


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