Xeo Xeniro
Homeworld "Corellia"
Born "24 years before the war with Robert Skywalker"
Died "1st time when Dreazin died just moments later. 1 year after Robert's War. 2nd time when Dreazin was reborn via separation from body and soul out of Xeo."
Reborn "1st time after The Xenora virus 'rebooted' his body. 2nd time when Seshmira Crosswind gave a piece of her life to him and was linked to him with The Force."
Alternate Names "Fallen Angel. The One Winged Angel. Drunkin Fool. Cocky Corellian."
Physical Description
Species "Xen-di (Formerly Corellian)"
Gender "Male"
Height "5'6''"
Hair Color "Raw umber (Copper Brown)"
Eye Color "Burnt Umber (before his 1st death). Aquamarine with Serpent like slits(after he came back to life from genetic alteration)."
Skin Color "Pale"
Historical Information
Rank "Jedi Battlemaster/Council"
Affiliations " Part of Strike Force Unit 21 as 2nd in command at one point then leader after Dreazin's betrayal. Jedi Order: Fallen once before The Order but came back as a full fledged battlemaster."
Known Masters "Joga Crosswind from long ago."
Known Apprentices " Danica Ayaka Damara. Phoenix Viridian."
Known Wife/Wives "Danica Ayaka Damara. Satine Athena Aurora."

Name: Xeo Xeniro
Pronunciation: Zeo Zen-a-row
Alias': Xeo
Era: Pre Robert War/Robert War/Post Robert War/The War with Dreazin Xeniro/Tremor's War.


Father: Hicktorale Xeniro -Dead
Mother: Cintreila Xeniro -Dead
Siblings: Dreazin Xeniro -Undead
Profession: All around Jedi Master with too much combat skills on the brain. Champion Drinker of all Corellia.

Created,illustrated, and played by: Xeo123


[ Xeo's personality has taken many traumatic tones and moods in his livelihood. At first he was a true student of The Light Side and a follower of the Jedi ways until that day Dreazin betrayed him. Once he saw this event by his own brother he knew the war was to blame and had to admit that he wasn't a Jedi anymore. He shifted from being strict with his tenets of the Jedi code to his own personal self-righteousness and honor; even thought, he isn't on The Light Side. Grasping on the fact that he isn't a true Jedi he started to grow a cocky attitude towards others as a way to 'break the ice' in a conversation…or even in battle. As Xeo does fight for his own reasons; however, he isn't self centered most of the time.

Danica came into his life when The War with Dreazin was at it's peak and he himself was so alone with being cut off from anyone. She had a powerful will of The Force that Xeo couldn't deny and started to become attached to…which Dreazin was trying to manipulate from all this this time. Xeo started to become more close to her while his will to save Dreazin started to fall away much sooner than he never wanted to. Finding out that he wasn't a Corellian anymore he had no choice but to lose himself to The Dark Side and save Danica rather than Dreazin. Xeo questions himself form time to time about who he is in life anymore, but to Danica…he is and always be a lover and a guardian angel.]

"Life of Xeo Xeniro. Untold Destiny."

"['Welcome to fate's gamble. Enjoy your stay…Xeo.' -Xeo's thought on what The Force would of told him instead of his dead parents.]"

[ Xeo Xeniro was born in a hometown near Coronet City on Corellia. Him and his brother, Dreazin, who was born the same year, lived with their parents, Hicktorale and Cintrelia. Xeo's parents were trained in the ways of The Force in which he was trained also by them, including Dreazin. They both learn the styles of Lightsaber combat and the forms while knowing which aspects of The Force to use in their lifetime. Over time Xeo's father agree with his mother for him and his brother to go off to the Jedi Order. They came to the temple on Coruscant and were in awe at the many other Jedi Padawans running around in groups with Knights and Masters of The Force aiding in their teachings. Xeo and Dreazin were let into the temple and were signed to their rooms for the duration or their training. From the start they were handed down training sabers by Robert as the start of learning how to use a lightsaber. Xeo was naturally using his training saber as if it was a paintbrush while Dreazin wasn't understanding the full machinates of it as Xeo was; however, Force powers was the other way around. Over time Xeo would duel against other Padawans to seek out better ways to focus and tempter his mind for combat as a learning experience and not to best others. Dreazin would try harder and sometimes cramp up from having a bad grasp of using his training saber. Masters were beginning to take notice of Xeo's bond to lightsaber combat and issued him to learn from Joga Crosswind for a time. Dreazin on the other hand would only sit and watch while they would duel each other. Joga would council him on how at times Xeo would lose control of his training saber and be off balance when speed was used. Even Shii-Cho, the starters of all forms with a lightsaber, was easy for Xeo to take up and work from their with Joga's support. Over time Joga explained him about being slow and control would make a better saberist in the long run…and Xeo did just that. Xeo later on had started to learn and develop Makashi, to best others in lightsaber duels, Soresu, to be almost untouchable in a defense state, and Ataru, to overcome any enemy in different directions and angles with such fluidity and grace. Dreazin still not able to understand how Xeo is so great with a lightsaber started to use The Force to read his movements. In turned…he was able to mimic his fighting patterns, which made Joga realized that Dreazin was more suited for Sage Masters of The Order. ]

"Jedi Knighthood"

"['I know dub thee…Jedi Knight, Xeo Xeniro. Now there's this war and a guy name Robert…yyaaaa…you go fight him, please?' -Xeo's thoughts on how Joga treaded him back the day.]"

[Years gone by as Xeo left Joga as his Lightsaber Trainer and went around with other masters to learn in the ways of The Force. He was able to pick up on the natural powers and use them to his saber combat with such focus and adaptation. Xeo's aim was great as time when on and his body started to become with one and all around him. Training droids were set on Padawan levels and were shut down easily by his will of his lightsaber. Dreazin kept on watching and learning how he was able to be such a warrior at times. Soon Robert spoke to Joga about giving Xeo a true test. Knight vs Padawan duel. Dreazin told them that Xeo wasn't ready for such a thing on the count that Dreazin, without saying the truth, that Xeo had no control over his lightsaber against a Knight level. In truth that Dreazin didn't want Xeo to get it Knighted first. Xeo took up his saber against the Knight and it lasted for about 2 mins. Xeo beat him with only some minor mess ups in his footwork but won. It didn't take him long enough for the council to Knight Xeo as a Jedi Knight. Dreazin…on the other hand…didn't like it but a few months later he was knighted as well for his Force effectiveness. Giving him the edge with lightsaber combat at times but hasn't mastered it completely and they made their own lightsabers. Dreazin went with the simple green crystal as Xeo got Blue for his Guardian style.

It was short live as Robter Skywalker declared war and both Xeniros when into battle against him. Xeo could sense something wrong with Dreazin and they were able to be shipped back home to Corellia. There, Hicktorale knew Dreazin wasn't himself and demanded to answer for his change of heart. Then one night after a fight with his father Dreazin walked away while saying to Xeo, "I'm done playing the shield for the weak. I'm going to be the sword to end tragedies like this from happening again!" Dreazin left that night while Xeo and his family wonder if he would ever come back. Days later a Jedi from The Order came to Xeo to hand him a holo recording of Dreazin. To everyone's shock, including Xeo's own expression, it was Dreazin not only destroying Robert's forces but even innocence that were considered to be 'weak' in front of him. Xeo had no choice but to go after his brother. After getting some leads and pointed in the right direction he found Dreazin but more of Robert's forces closing in on the two Jedi on that planet. Dreazin kept asking for bloodlust while Xeo kept trying to call him back to The Light Side but another impact shot from before nearly killed both Xeo and Dreazin. Dragging Xeo back to the only ship still in one piece they auto pilot away from the star system. From the lost of blood they both passed out into darkness.

However…as they were out-cold they were taken onboard a space station that was hard to make out. Xeo could only see Dreazin and men in while outfits. Medical equipment and devices were also in plain sight as Xeo could see Dreazin waking up first. Dreazin and the head professor were yelling at each other as Dreazin started to use The Dark Side of The Force to kill all in the room but Xeo. He smiled and ran off the station. Unaware of what was happening at that time Dreazin ran into the woman of Xeo's life, Danica being on board the medical station of Miranda, which set a whole series of events into motion that would forever change Xeo's destiny and to intertwine with Danica's.. Xeo got up and traced Dreazin's stolen ship back home on Corellia. It was there that Xeo was to witness his calling of being a Jedi.]

"The Fall of the Xeniro family"

"['The true reason of our existence begins now…brother.' -Dreazin Xeniro echoing inside Xeo's mind of memories.]"

[Unknown to Xeo at the time…someone else was near by that would forever change Xeo's life. A red head whom would be the key to his destiny.

Dreazin burned his hometown and murdered his family as Xeo could do nothing to stop it. Dreazin smiled and walked away into the fire as Xeo's mother said something before she died. "You…not a normal…Jedi…your…body…cells…Xen…ora" Xeo only cried and let out a yell of vengeance. Jedi showed up to contain Xeo and the situation, but Xeo ignored his 'code' of being a Jedi and ran off to be on his own.

Changing his outlook by ridding himself of the Jedi robes to be replaced by his now black Corellian outfit, and knowing how harsh life really is his connection to The Light Side was more Gray that bright. He now is off to find his brother and put an end to tragedies like what has happen to his family and what war can do to other families. Robert's war started to come to an end as Xeo rejoined up with his Strike Force Unit 21. For some unknown reason that kept eluding Xeo's mind…his power over The Force was stronger than before. After leaving the station he was able to use more of his forms with natural Force powers with ease. Push, Pull, Speed, Leap, Sight, most of his core powers were heighten than before as his lightsaber combat with Ataru and Maskahi were unmatched…almost inhuman like. At one point he thought of changing his crystal now that he wasn't part of The Order to something in between Consular and Guardian. Months later he was able to get himself a crystal to his liking and the color to have both side of Green and Blue: Aquamarine.

After his new lightsaber Crystal was imputed he was able to go on after Dreazin. Robert's war by that time was over…but not Xeo's personal war. The unit and Xeo would be where own mercs for hire with some support from The Republic at times. Gung Ho was their motto as Xeo was looking over them. One by One they fell from Dreazin's forces as Xeo kept pressing on…taking their pain and lost with them to the battle field. His alignment with The Force shifted more towards Gray as he started to let his uncontrollable saber combat get the best of him that sends him into a Fury, which was part of The Dark Side. Could tell that he was feeling it's power at times…but ignored it and use it for his own personal gain on the battlefield. At one point he was able to run into a new friend to join up against Dreazin for what he did to his space station: Cire. They joined up as 1st and 2nd in command of Strike Force Unit 21 until the unit was all but destroyed. Xeo thought it was time to get more recuits as Cire told him that it was better for the unit to die out and let Xeo take care of Dreazin on his own. With that said Cire would just be his eyes as Xeo would be the sword for his now dead unit.

Xeo would jump from planet to planet trying to find out where Dreazin is and end all that has happen to him. On top of that how to get back into The Jedi Order after what he did to leave them. Xeo knew they would denounce him as being a Fallen Jedi, which was before Ren became Grand Master and his policy of Gray Jedi. Xeo was just on his own and would be on his own for a long time…that is…until one day.]

"The means to live…and to love."

"['Of all the things in this galaxy…you're the only thing that truly matters to me and everything else wouldn't matter to me anymore.' -Danica saying to Xeo before they kissed for the 1st time.]"

[She came into his life. The red head that was onboard with him and Dreazin years ago. Danica Ayaka Damara.

From that point on Danica, Satine, and Xeo were thown into a quest to find Dreazin and find out what Xeo was in life. They were thrown into a quest to find out about Dreazin Xeniro and the inner corruptions with in The Jedi Order. From planet to planet seeking out pieces to what was done to Xeo's DNA his falling towards The Dark Side was becoming more clearer and his love for Danica was more prominent. Soon the breaking point was made as Xeo's unconditional love was made to Danica as Dreazin wanted to forcefully take control of Xeo's body to have his way with Danica. Soon, Xeo was able to find out with Danica as his side to known that he was a weapon made for war and being an abomination to The Force around other Jedi like. Once his fall was complete he had to end it once and for all…find Dreazin. They dueled and cause Xeo to supernova a near by star to end his life and all that was being done for Dreazin's own plans. Xeo died after this event but came back to life by The Xenora Virus in his body. He is now back in The Jedi Order as a battlemaster and with Danica and now Satine. Engaged and in love with both of his 'Angels' to be wed sometime later on in life while he has his Light Masamune made and ready for action.]

"The Grand Master and most troubled Jedi Battlemaster"

"['Uuugghhh…god damn it Xeo. Not again…why do I put up with you?' -Seshmira Crosswind's secret feelings to Xeo inside his drunkin head.]"

[However his time with both Danica and Satine there was another issue Xeo had within his body and no help with his virus problems. That problem is the urge to mate and spread his virus. As a Jedi he is against this…but being a Grey Jedi he couldn't care less. Xeo than had a padawan to deal with named Phoenix, whom got to Jedi Knight after some time. During his training with Phoenix he felt a ripple in The Force as it had to do with Seshmira Crosswind…Dreazin was coming back. He came back from death itself…The Void came with in his power and The Dark Side at his command with ease. Dying once again…Seshmira Crosswind gave a piece of her life to him…while giving into Dreazin's willpower to be loved, which was a complete lie. Xeo knew this and tried to reason with Seshmira but it cost his love with Satine to the point of spousal abuse. Satine left him as she admitted that she was the soever mother to Seshmira's children. Xeo got enrage by Dreazin's betrayal and Sehsmira's pain that when Dex insulted him he took his lightsaber to cut him down into nothing and crushing his lightsaber out of anger.

During the battle of Kimeno was the only time that Xeo tried to give his reasons to Seshmira and they became closer. Nothing else has happen sense.]

Powers and Abilities

[ -Universal:

—Force Push/Strong

—Force Pull/Strong

—Force Speed/Strong

—Force Jump/Strong

—Force Leap/with Speed and Jump combine/Strong

—Force Sight/Strong

—Force Telekinesis/Strong

—Force Saber Barrier/with Force Telekinesis/Average

—Force Repulse/Strong


—Force Heal/Strong

—Force Absorption/Average/Jedi Academy type

—Force Protection/Average/Jedi Academy type

—Force Mind Trick/Average


—Force Shock/Strong/weak to Force Lightning

—Force Fury/Strong/interwoven with lightsaber forms

—Force Grip/Strong/can be use to the extreme on objects

-Unique Powers:

—Blades of Purity/Light Side/This power was a way to fight against any Dark Sided lifeforms or entities. It doesn't kill psychical lifeforms unless they are tainted to the Dark Side. Blades of pure light come out either the user's hands or an aura of then entire. Danica was the one who discover this power when all else has failed for combat against Dark Side user this power comes on and stop them in their tracks unless they can overpower them. Xeo took it a step further to make it all over his body and destroy Dreazin to the point of non existence.

—The Black Flames/Dark Side/This power is part of The Dark Side and only given to those who have suffer enough emotional trauma in there lives. Once they're part of the user's Force Aura they are psychical change to have black markings on their bodies and eyes change to the colors of black and red. Danica has this power because of her younger years of being torture on Miranda and the death of her parents. Her power was unmatched and uncontrolled until Xeo came into her life, which…soon he was able to get this power. Xeo is on the same level of The Black Flames to Danica when he has the will to love her from within her mind.

—The Black Lightning/Dark Side/A power only known to Silence and Satine, which is part of Danica's family bloodline. A higher degree of Force Lightning and volatile. Xeo only has this when Force Shock isn't enough and need's to intimidate.

—Supernova/Dark Side/A power only few know in The Sith records and yet Xeo was able to use out of spite to destroy Dreazin a 2nd time. Only Naga Sadow, one of the Dark Lords of The Sith in the Sith War era of The Jedi's records was able to take his fleet through a binary star system and nova one of the stars, but because of the star system being a binary…he supernova it as the outcome of his Dark Side powers. Xeo acted on instinct to his internal grip on The Dark Side being so strong and how the midi-chlorains were forcing him to have so much power going through his body. Only one time he was able to use this power…and he can do so again when all is lost.

—Force Black Wing/Genetic/Universal/When Xeo was aware of his Xen-di self within him he knew other races of pure midi-chlorain beings had different properties and one of them were flight winged beings. Xeo was able to recall this and surge with The Force throughout his body as genetic changes were happening. His back had Force Wings of black come out making him nearly an angel like being; however, Dreazin was able to rip one of the wings out on his left side causing a Force Rip both genetically and Force effectually. For that Xeo was nicked name a One Winged Angel. It can retract into his back with The Force and can never be taken out unless another attack like Dreazin's was able to happen.

—Force Beam Cut/Light Side/Part of the Blade of Purity power. This power was discover after a lesson with Phoenix's take on Djem-So. Xeo was having a hard time trying to let The Force influence his body once again after what he knew about The Xenora Virus, which being driven to The Dark Side in nature. Once Xeo was able to think on Djem-So and it's properties he soon thought about a way to control his Dark Side power that of Djem-So and Vaapad like properties. With his new saber able to extended to 8ft long through The Force he was able to let The Blade of Purity surge through his lightsaber…an answer to his problems. He is able to even cut down large groups and even war machines with only one swing of his enhanced lightsaber blade. It is the means to not let him go to The Dark Side unless nothing else can be done. ]

Health Issues/Weaknesses

[ —The Xenora Virus/Genetic/Force Driven/The very thing Xeo has become as a Xen-di or Neo-Jedi. The virus itself was a breakthrough of making Jedi become Master level at the age of 10 or even younger. The reason behind this madness was to ensure deployment of Jedi into a battlefield and win the day with such ease. Even behind The Order's back they scientists were making this virus as the means to make a new race of Jedi…Xen-di was the answer. Xeo and Dreazin were part of this experiment with the help of Danica's blood. The goal: To make a Jedi so young and able to control not just a planet but the will of The Force in a star system…however it went beyond just that. The virus made the midi-chlorains more awaken to the possibility of taking over the galaxy by burning all that is weak and consuming The Force to it's own ends. Dreazin was warped because of the virus yet Xeo had a higher willpower to fight back against it. Xeo does fall towards it's will to become it's tool of Dark Side chaos but only love wins over all that the virus can't beat. Xeo has just a powerful grip on The Force that even just a simple thought and a city can be leveled…just a small sample. The largest he has ever done was Supernova a massive super red giant. Genetically this has alter Xeo to be more toned muscle structure out and have his black wing out and his eyes to be different. It's why Xeo wasn't able to use The Force after knowing this and finding a way to control his inner most evil…his own body. ]

Appearance and Clothing

[ Black Leather Jacket with Mando Iron waved metal with a thin layer of Cortosis. Black gloves. Mando Iron belt with both left and right side to hold his lightsaber with a flick of a switch. Black Nilon pants. Black Leather Jedi boots with Mando Iron waved into.]

Weapons and Vehicles

[The Light Masamune (Destroyed): The Aquamarine crystal blade that is the iconic color for Xeo Xeniro's weapon of choice. It was a dual phase lightsaber for one setting to be 1.5 meters in length and then extra length to 3 meters for larger targets or to overwhelm one powerful Force User. For Xeo to use was to be his means of ending all conflicts with The Force as his ally once able to be in tune with both Light and Dark aspects. It's now destroyed out of anger from Satine leaving him.]

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