Valandil Okami
Homeworld Kamino
Born 310 ABY
Died N/A
Alternate Names N/A
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Dark Orange
Skin Color Tan
Historical Information
Rank Padawan Learner
Affiliations N/A
Known Masters Maxun Izak Orion
Known Apprentices N/A

Name: Valandil Numenésse Okami
Pronunciation: Vahl-un-deel Nu-men-eh-seh Oh-kah-mee


Father: Kage Okami
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: None
Profession: Ex-Assassin, Padawan Learner

Created,illustrated, and played by: ~Takanahara


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"I…I never knew…he was my father…but knew…I had one…" -Valandil to Ileeandra just before Kage's death.

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Personality and Traits

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Powers and Abilities

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Health Issues/Weaknesses

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Appearance and Clothing

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Weapons and Vehicles

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-For the first time in official holocron recordings, Valandil shows himself while under the command of Loreli while she has control over Kage Okami's body. First appearance is Seth's last encounter with the zombified Force Sage, attempting to kill the Jedi but ends up getting sidetracked with Marx who steps in at the right moment. Assassin vs ex Jedi Knight, the two fiercely battle off in the distance while Kage/Loreli fight against Seth. Valandil is eventually overpowered due to his lack of Force affiliation, forced to disappear until further notice.

-Called upon once again, Valandil shows his face upon Tattooine where Loreli encounters her son Marx for the last time. Making a foolish mistake, the assassin draws his weapon upon Ileeandra, who utilizes the Force against him in that he fights against his own cortosis sword to keep it from killing him. At the moment when his mistress's life is in danger he abandons the sword and resorts to threatening Marx with breaking his neck. Marx turns upon Valandil, wrenching himself out of the assassin's grasp and slicing open his gut. It was at this moment that Kage reveals Valandil as his own son, Ileeandra rushing to his aid and healing him before the wounds become too great. Kage then passes on into the Force, leaving Val with the task to search out and read the Force Sage's personal archives to discover his history.

-Valandil takes off in search of his father's personal archives. His searches lead him to Coruscant's Jedi Temple, having to tap into his assassin abilities and stealth his way in so as not to get caught. Quickly discovering that due to the temple's history of being destroyed over and over again, along with the planet, there was no other choice but to abandon the thought that the Jedi's personal archives were either somewhere else or destroyed.

-After much thought and contemplation, Valandil returns back to Coruscant. Hellbent on finding something, anything, that'd lead to his father's secret personal archives he tears through the temple's records. Eventually stumbling across an encrypted holocron from his father, he takes this information and vanishes for several years. During his disappearance he'd decoded the recording, which then led him to a datapad and other recordings that belonged to his father which were strewn across the galaxy.

-During Valandil's many years of traveling from planet to planet, his father's datapad is all he has to go off of. The datapad taught him much in the ways of combat technique, in ways that his father employed with saber skills. Valandil also learns of Kage's one and only ex-padawan, and the recording instructs him to seek out this man. Kage, fearing for the worst for his padawan, had planned in advance and prepaid his son with the task of killing his ex-padawan, the credits transferring automatically after the task was given long after his death. Kage had sensed Maxun's possible demise, and as a last test had instructed Valandil to deliver a message to his padawan upon discovery of where he'd been in exile.

-Valandil's searches lead him to come across Darvus Pasvel. Pasvel sends him along with his assistant, Anya, to the planet Ossus in search of a concentrated source of Light within the Force. After landing and searching the city Knossos, the duo run into what appears to be Orion gone Darksided. After words are exchanged along with threats, Dark Orion attempts to attack both Valandil and Anya, only to be interrupted by an unknown apprentice of the turned Jedi. The apprentice reveals himself as the true Maxun Izak Orion, stating that he'd created a Force Clone to infuse the darkness within himself that had begun to erupt shortly after his last encounter with Loreli Maronei. Orion destroys his Force Clone, only to deal with a message Valandil delivers from his father. Shortly after the message ends, Valandil suddenly changes completely into a being of no emotion, no words, and no fear and attacks the Jedi. Orion attempts to talk some sense into the assassin several times, but to no success and responded only with silence. Both assassin and Jedi display extremes within their styles during the heat of combat, and time and again the assassin's attempts are folly against the Jedi but nonetheless deadly. A random interruption from a chaotic Force conflicting being throws Valandil off guard, later revealed as Maxun's padawan Acrer. Acrer eventually reveals to Maxun that Valandil requires specific medication that Kage had created to subdue the Dark side within the assassin. It is revealed that Valandil actually has a split personality, the medication being the only thing keeping his alter conscience at bay. After regaining conscious of his Light side, Valandil begs Maxun to take him under his teachings as a padawan to help him conquer his Dark side, to which the Jedi agrees.

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