Travis Dala
Travis Dala
Homeworld Mandalore
Born Unknown
Died 321 ABY
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.80 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color White
Historical Information
Affiliations Mandalorians, Bounty Hunters' Guild, Exchange
Known Masters Collison Montross (briefly)
Known Apprentices None

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Weapons and Vehicles

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Zev Rebits is a Jedi Padawan, also known by very few as The Phoenix. He is son of Idok Rebits and Leia Skywalker both loyal members of the Jedi Order. He is a twin to Shii Skywalker and lived most of his youth with her, until the age of 14, when she left the station known as the TimeShip.

After spending two more years on the Ship he started his training as a Jedi under the guidance of Isacru, after the Battle of Arkania, During the Great Force Wars, and losing his eyesight in combat, he left the wing of his master to travel the galaxy solo. He soon lost contact with all his family members until his father returned from the realm of the Force and began to impart knowledge on Zev.


Early Days

— " He will return soon, the ashes will fall and the Pheonix will rise." Idok Rebits speaking to Jedi Master Dak before Zev's birth. —

Born shortly before the War, he along with his twin sister was sent to a vessel known as the TimeShip along with many other force sensitive infants. This ship is designed to accelerate time around the ship making 1 day in real time 1 year in the ship's time. This was used to amplifying the Jedi's numbers during the war.

"Your Name"
Homeworld(s) Coruscant, Abredago-Rae
Born "year"
Died "year"
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5"8'
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Color Undisclosed
Skin Color Mixture of Brown and White
Historical Information
Affiliations Jedi Order
Known Masters Isacru
Known Apprentices Non existant

During most of the time on the ship he increased his knowledge of technology and soon became a extremely prolific mechanic creating many complicated and advanced machines that expanded on all current knowledge of science. He made his first ship at the age of 11 and his first super computer at the age of 13. Although he was meant to train as a Jedi he believed his path was else way and thus never gained the basic training as a padawan as he needed to. Leaving him rather restless when he finally left the ship.

A Wide New World

Leaving the Ship at the young age of 16, he was greeted by his parents, who soon had business elsewhere. Traveling throughout the Jedi Temple he found many Jedi who began to teach him and found many archives of the past, spending the next few months studying constantly. As the months drag on he is eventually accepted by a Jedi Knight, Isacru and begins his training, under the watch eye of a former student of his mother.

After months of missions and in depth training of the force, his mother was purposely captured by the Dark Lord Adoc, who consumed the body of his father, Idok. He, along with many other Jedi, such as Master Dak, Jedi Knight Kaytoe and Jedi Master Remejy to name a few plan an attack on the planet of Arkania once again home to the Dark warriors of the Sith, in hopes of rescuing his mother, whom at that time is a Council member of the Jedi Order.

During this deadly battle Zev lost his eyesight during his fight with Darth Hellion, one of the 6 ancient darklords, and became enraged, slaughtering him in fiery. After leia became victorious against Zarchief with the aid of Idok the battle was ended and there family was once again brought together.

Zarchief and his brothers returned to Chaos, the dark realm of the force. This gave the Jedi the chance to relax and days later Zev met a young padawan by the name Stato Nynx, they soon became good friends and then lovers. She was trained by a good friend of Zev's and Idok's and jedi master by the name of Dak.

The Years Without Sight

Within months a Sith Lord, Low'tan, had brought the 6 lords back to life who began to plot the rest of the war immediately. Ornately Idok and his twin brother, Iljasks, removed the Syth from existance holding them as prisoners in a unbreakable dimension where they consciousness would live out eternity with no other contact. During this time Zev and Stato were separated, during here missions with Dak and left Zev lonely and miserable. Resulting in him leaving his master shortly after creating his lightsaber to retreating into the far reaches of the galaxy on a journey of self discovery.

After much stress and discomfort with his predicament he learns to curb his eyesight, using the force to amplifying the energy signature of objects and person around him. This gave him a limited vision of things around him. After meeting many unique creatures around the galaxy and

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