The Rogue's Dawn

Construction History

The Horizon-Class Star Yacht was the first of several Star Yachts featuring modular construction methods. Designed to be a less-expensive and more practical means of transport for the wealthy, the Horizon boasted a luxurious interior with defenses considerably more stout than the average pleasure yacht.


Originally a lavish pleasure yacht for the Hutt's Crime Ring, The Rogue's Dawn was captured by Xanith in the Core Region and transferred to Drake Rylan with the Jedi Council's approval for a mission to retrieve a missing informant. Upon tracking down the whereabouts of the Informant on Nar Shaddaa, Drake Rylan learned she had fallen to the Dark Side and was now staging a major coup on the planet in an effort to fracture the Hutt control in the area. Rylan, after taking many steps to ensure her organization failed to destabilize the already brutal system, succeeded in talking down the fallen Jedi after a brief duel. She returned to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant with him and has subsequently worked to redeem herself.

The Rogue's Dawn was left in Rylan's care, a reward for his work and a means of travel for he and his master, Tabris Longuine.

—"It took me a few days just to get the smell out." - Drake Rylan to Xanith. —

Personality and Traits

The Rogue's Dawn has developed two distinct personalities as an unintended result of Rylan's installation of a Droid Brain to supplement it's vast and extensive sensory sweets. The first personality dubbed "Father" operates aggressively and as a result has seized control of primary weapon and drive systems. The personality "Mother" manifests a more cautious approach and often monitors sensor relays and navigation scanners. The two argue frequently. This fact has unnerved several passengers.


Upon receiving the Rogue's Dawn, Drake Rylan performed many crucial modifications with the assistance of Jedi Padawans at Coruscant. The modifications required a majority of the Star Yacht's cargo holds to be forfeited to augment the many system upgrades he installed. The most major modifications such as the ship's SFS Ion Drives and expanded Power Core were conducted on the pirate planet of Nar Shaddaa.

Rogue's Dawn
Manufacturer Sorosuub Corporation
Model Horizon-Class Star Yacht
Class Space Transport
Technical Specifications
Length 55 meters
Max Speed 1,000 kmh (atmosphere) 105 MGLT (space)
Engine Units 4 Sienar Fleet Systems Starscream-X Ion Drives
Hyperdrive Rating Class .5 - Backup Class 10
Hyperdrive System Series 401 Hyperdrive Motivator
Shielding Units Kuat Drive Yards X98z Shield Generator Unit supplemented by Nordoxicon-38 Anti-Concussion Field Generator
Hull Armored non-reflective Duralloy-Cast Hull
Sensor Suite Siep-trol passive sensor antenna, Sienar Fleet Systems active sensor pulse generator, Fabritech sensor array controller/interpreter, Fabritech ANy-20 active sensor transciever, Stellar navigation sensory array
Navigation System Microaxial HyD modular navigation array modified with Droid Brain Array
Arms and Countermeasures
Armament 2 - Retractable CEC AG-1G laser cannon turrets mounted Dorsal - Forward, 2 CEC AG-2G Laser Cannon Turrets mounted on Port and Starboard Ventral Hull, 2 Retractable BlasTech Ax-108 "Ground Buzzer" surface-defense repeating cannons mounted on each side of main cargo door, 2 - Concealed Dymek HM-8 concussion missile launchers
Countermeasures Sensor Jamming Suite, False Identification Transponder, Deployable Sensor Decoys for scan 'cloaking', Carbanti 29L electromagnetic countermeasures package, Carbanti signal-augmented sensor jammer
Crew and Compliments
Skeleton Crew 1 pilot or 1 astromech droid
Passengers Up to 10
Cargo Capacity 80 Metric Tons
Consumables 2 months
Compliment 2 - Porax-38 Modified Starfighters
Signature Systems HoloNet Transceiver, Slave circuits, Force-operated hatch release, KapriCorp acceleration compensator, Geileg 20m-cp strobe/continuous-beam high-intensity floodlaps, Ion-flux stabalizer with alluvial dampers, Gravity-flux compensators, Chedak frequency-agile subspace radio, Imperial coded IFF Transponder, Corellstand C-8 life support system

Starfighter Compliment

The Rogue's Dawn has been modified to accept as many as two starfighters as complementary units.

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