The Redemption

Construction History

Custom built, the Revelation represents a unique example of collaboration between the New Republic and New Jedi Order. Designed to operate as an adaptable, fast cruiser with substantial firepower, the Revelation concept was shopped to several major Starship Manufacturers. In the end, Corellian Engineering Corporation won the rights to the contract for the New Republic. The more expensive, and less adaptable Mon Calamari variant was scrapped until 322 ABY when Jedi High Master Tabris Longuine commissioned the aquatic shipyards to build a single, advanced concept of their original design. It was christened the Revelation and placed under the command of Tabris Longuine's Padawan-learner. It was rechristened the Redemption following the addition of two Marauder-Class Corvettes to his freshly formed Task Force. Drake Rylan hand-selected his crew.

—"She's prettier than I expected.." - Drake Rylan to Tabris Longuine. —


The Redemption's design features a four-deck configuration. The decks are arranged according to need and the interior colors are specifically chosen to help crew members remain oriented within the ship during combat. The fourth deck, or Command Deck, features the Bridge and Three Personal Quarters. The first is Drake Rylan's, the second is Captain Scott Clark's, and the final is a guest quarter. The second deck, or Gunnery Deck, is arranged to organize the majority of the Frigate's arms. This deck has been strategically cleared of access materials. The third deck, or Crew's Deck, holds the living stations and mess units, as well as the Quartermaster's Hold and the Active Hold. The final deck, the Engineering Deck, holds the engine compartments and servicing chambers, the hanger bay, and the primary cargo holds.


Modular components were used to ensure speedy repairs and modifications. This also serves to break the ship's decks into compartments that are individually armored in order to prevent critical internal damage and increase the ship's stability under fire. Special Titan-Alloy was designed and implemented, forming a dense solid-armor skin around the ship's exterior. Critical compartments were double, or tripled plated in order to ensure maximum protection.

The Redemption also boasts some of the most complex and innovative shielding and attack suites in the Galaxy. Rather than one large shield generator, the Redemption boasts dozens of smaller units working in unison in order to maintain fast recharge times and higher overall energy output. It's laser cannons and ion cannons were the most compact and powerful in the galaxy, fed off individual power supplies that are slaved in a bank, rather than simply constructed in a bank. This keeps damage to control links from inhibiting all the cannons from working.

Manufacturer Mon-Calamari Shipyards
Model Custom
Class War Frigate
Technical Specifications
Length 405 meters
Max Speed 700 kmh (atmosphere) 65 MGLT (space)
Engine Units 4 Mon Calamari mc330z Ion Drives
Hyperdrive Rating Class 10 - Backup Class 10
Hyperdrive System Mon Calamari HM-5 Hyperdrive Motivator
Shielding Units 20 - Mon Calamari X-330a Shield Generators
Hull Specialized Titan-Alloy Armored Hull Construction
Sensor Suite Qel-Fan QuarMon passive sensor antenna, Sienar Fleet Systems active sensor pulse generator, Fabritech sensor array controller/interpreter, Fabritech ANc-90 active sensor transciever, Stellar mk III navigation sensory array
Navigation System Mon Calamari m19 imodular navigation array
Arms and Countermeasures
Armament 20 - Taim and Bak MC11.4 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries, 30 - Arakyd CS1-R Heavy Turbolaser Cannons, 30 - Borstel ap-115 Ion Cannons, 10 - Krayt MM-9 All-Purpose (Designated Proton) Torpedo batteries, and 2 - MS-1 Mine Sweeper/layers
Countermeasures Sensor Jamming Suite, False Identification Transponder, Deployable Sensor Decoys for scan 'cloaking', Carbanti 29L electromagnetic countermeasures package, Carbanti signal-augmented sensor jammer
Crew and Compliments
Skeleton Crew 41 men
Passengers Up to 100
Cargo Capacity 330 Metric Tons
Consumables 8 months
Compliment Up to 8 Starfighters with the Rogue's Dawn
Signature Systems HoloNet Transceiver, Slave circuits, Force-operated hatch release, KapriCorp acceleration compensator, Geileg 20m-cp strobe/continuous-beam high-intensity floodlaps, Ion-flux stabalizer with alluvial dampers, Gravity-flux compensators, Chedak frequency-agile subspace radio, Imperial coded IFF Transponder, Corellstand C-8 life support system
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