The Phantom

Construction History

When Lira Wessex designed the first Executor-Class Star Dreadnaught under commission for Emperor Palpatine it was her intention to expand and improve on the Imperial-Class Star Destroyer's greatest assets. Knowing the ship was intended to be Lord Vader's personal flagship, Wessex commissioned Kuat Drive Yards and presented them with the Executor's design.

The design emphasized brutally the ship's ferocious exterior, a sleek blade-like prow that stretched over ten times the length of the Imperial-Class Star Destroyer.

While the Executor and Lord Vader would not survive the Battle of Yavin IV, the ship's design would invoke several incarnations and multiple design overhauls. The Executor-Class Star Destroyer would become a symbol of terror and oppression for generations until the Lusankya, sister ship to the Executor, was captured in the Battle of Thyferra and re-commissioned as the budding New Republic's Flagship.


Christened the Indomitable in the year 243 ABY by Admiral Alastair Tannon as the 11th ship to carry on the Executor's legacy, the Phantom was the benefit of several significant redesigns in order to update it with modern technology. It was first put to action when the Imperial Remnants laid siege to Coruscant, leading the Imperial fleet in their assault upon the planet's impressive defenses.

Caught by surprise, the New Republic defenses were quickly swept aside. The orbital battle claimed thousands of lives and conquest seemed certain. In an act of desperation the Jedi Order launched a daring assault on the gargantuan. A collection of thirty Jedi Knights boarded two small transports and attempted to navigate the TIE-laden expanse of space and storm the massive ship in a desperate effort to turn back the invasion.

The first freighter was struck by a turbolaser amid-ships, bisected, killing fifteen Jedi Knights and thirty troopers in an instant. The second landed, and almost immediately was besieged. The Jedi, never meant as Shock Troops, took horrible losses in their effort to scatter. Only a few survived the hanger bay.

Tabris Longuine was the only Knight to reach the ship's bridge, subduing the command crew and sealing it from the inside. His lightsaber claimed the life of Admiral Tannon, and his hands ensured that the ship's secondary bridge could not seize control. It was Tabris Longuine who purposefully dropped the ship's shielding units and allowed the remaining Republic Defenses to rake it with turbolaser and ion fire.

Nearly killed when the crippled ship lost atmosphere, Tabris Longuine was rescued by Republic Engineers.

The Phantom would be repaired and re-commissioned in secret, gifted to the Jedi Council by the New Republic. Tabris Longuine would be named its Captain.

—"The Phantom doesn't really inspire thoughts of the Jedi, Sir." - Officer Stoth to Tabris Longuine. —

Manufacturer Kuat Drive Yards
Model Executor-Class Star Dreadnaught
Class Dreadnaught
Technical Specifications
Length 19.303 meters
Max Speed 40 MGLT (space)
Engine Units 13 Executor-50.x engines
Hyperdrive Rating Class 2.0 - Backup Class 2.0
Hyperdrive System KDY Executor-Class Hyperdrive Units
Shielding Units Kuat Drive Yards Shield Generator Domes
Hull Titan-ally Armor Plating
Arms and Countermeasures
Armament 250 - Taim and Bak XX-9 Turbolaser Batteries, 250 - Taim and Bak XX-E Heavy Turbolaser Batteries, 250 - Concussion Missile Launchers, 250 - Armek SW-5 Ion Cannons, 40 - Phylon Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors
Crew and Compliments
Skeleton Crew 500 (Modified Control Units and Droid Supplements)
Passengers Up to 250,000
Cargo Capacity 250,000 Metric Tons
Consumables 18 months
Compliment Up to 6 Full Starfighter Wings
Signature Systems Specially Augmented Control Units are Droid Operated to Ensure minimal crew requirement

Current Location

Absent from all scoped space, The Phantom's location is currently unkown.

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