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Name of Vehicle
Manufacturer Who made the vehicle
Model Make of the vehicle
Class What type of vehicle
Technical Specifications
Length size of ship
Max Speed how fast does it go?
Engine Units What's under the hood?
Hyperdrive Rating If applicable
Hyperdrive System If applicable
Shielding Units If Applicable
Hull What's it made out of?
Armament What's it packing?
Countermeasures Defenses other than shielding?
Crew and Compliments
Skeleton Crew Estimated crew number
Passengers Estimated passengers
Cargo Capacity How much can it carry?
Consumables How long can it stay in the air with supplies?
Compliment Can it carry on any alternative vehicles? If so how many?
Signature Systems If Applicable

Construction History

Enter your vehicles historical up-bringing

—"Enter a quote if applicable" —


Tell a little about the vehicles important design and specs


Enter any ramifications or modifications made since the vehicle came into ownership

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