Tabris Longuine

Name: Tabris Longuine
Era: date of birth unknown - present


Father: not recorded
Mother: not recorded
Siblings: none known
Profession: High Master and Senior Council member of the Jedi order

Created,illustrated, and played by: Lord-FSan

Tabris Longuine is a senior member of the Jedi High Council, often referred as Jedi High Master. His influence in Jedi matters through the galaxy is undeniable, although he rarely takes public positions, or appears in the media.
He is mostly known for being Grand Master Robert Skywalker's former master, and for his different views on the Force, relying on a mix of doctrines from the Old Jedi order as well as some theories close to the Potentium beliefs.


Early life

As many of the things related to Tabris, the date of his birth was never recorded, even though a few clues can be gathered from various unofficial journals.
Tabris was born in Galactic City, on Coruscant, an unwanted child from the lower levels of the city. His parents were involved in the black market, selling illegal parts. Their arrest by the Coruscant Security Forces did not go quite as planned and shots were exchanged in the middle of the busy streets.
Jedi Master Kyman Rheert, who was on duty concerning a totally different matter, intervened in the shootout but the couple fled. The Jedi, assisted by the CSF, went after them and the chase ended by the speeder flying through the transparisteel window of a building. When the Jedi master reached the speeder, he found the couple dead from the accident, the infant Tabris on the back seat, seemingly unhurt.
Master Rheert did not believe in coincidences and decided to bring the baby back to the Jedi Temple for examination. His affinity to the Force appeared to be above average, and the High Council decided to keep him as a youngling. The infant had no identification papers, and was then given the name Tabris Longuine by Jedi Master Ormkelough Naylldyn, one of the members of the High Council at that time.

Youngling Longuine

The future of this child is troubling, unclear. His friendship with the young Victoria might be a problem at some point. I fear that one of them will seal the fate of the other. — Jedi Master Ormkelough Naylldyn

Tabris followed the basic training all younglings traditionally go through, but many were impressed by the speed at which he was learning, and his dexterity with his still modest powers. Several Masters saw a great potential in him, while others saw a danger.
The child was silent most of the time, often outcast from the groups forming among his fellow younglings. But his focus did not seem to be about making friends. His thirst for knowledge soon brought attention to him as he was often caught experiencing things by himself through an early form of meditation.
His first lightsaber class was a revelation to him. Although he knew about the Jedi traditional weapon and had seen a few already, being able to hold one and to feel the faint heat from the blade coming to life became a passion. Soon he spent all his free time in the Jedi Archives researching all he could about lightsaber parts, the origin of the weapon, and more importantly its heart: the Crystal.
His passion for crystals and lightsabers never faded since then, and he was later considered as one of the lightsaber specialist, although he built only a few of them through his whole life.

His thirst for knowledge, his constant reflections about things surrounding him and the way he had to test his own limits were often frowned upon by both his fellow younglings and many of the Masters. The only person he considered as his friend was his fellow youngling Aleyna Victoria, brought to the order a year after he was. Both children were close, staying only with each other during their free time. Their friendship grew stronger as the time passed by.
When Tabris reached the age of 10 standard years old, he was examined by the High Council. Indeed he was coming close to the limit age for younglings to become padawans, and no Master had been found for him yet, while his friend Aleyna was already under the apprenticeship of Jedi Master Eldryn Nyeq. His friendship with Aleyna was brought up several times, as Master Naylldyn, who had given him his name, was concerned about a vision he had concerning the two children. He had seen in the Force that one of the children would be responsible for the other's fate, although it was not clear who of the two would be.
Ultimately, Tabris was sent back to his training, still with no Master.

Who said the Dark Side was evil? Maybe it just depends on how you use it, and for what purpose… — Tabris Longuine to Aleyna Victoria, as they were children.

Tabris remained a youngling for another year, until he crossed path again with Master Kyman Rheert, whom he had not seen since he was brought to the order.
The Jedi Master actually overheard a conversation between Tabris and Aleyna, while the boy was exposing his ideas to the girl about the Dark Side of the Force. Indeed, Aleyna, who was already a padawan, was explaining what her Master told her many times when warning her about the Dark Side. Tabris, who studied a lot by himself and had already discovered a form of meditation, did not necessarily share the same views. Even though the boy never had heard or read about the Potentium, he seemed to question whether the Dark Side was real or not, and if it was, whether or not it was evil. In the boy's mind, people had a choice about how they used their tools, and so the Dark Side of the Force, if used with good intents, would not appear as bad or evil.
Concerned about what he heard, Master Rheert tried to know more from Tabris without contradicting him, fearing he would upset the boy. Following this discussion, the Jedi Master reported the conversation to the High Council and shared his concerns, ultimately requesting the boy as Padawan learner.
His request was granted and Tabris's apprenticeship started the day after.
Although Aleyna was thrilled to learn that her best friend finally was a padawan, Tabris was not so rejoiced, as he suddenly believed his new Master would try to change his views and ideas, to restrict him in his search for knowledge.
Even if they didn't share the same opinions, Tabris and Aleyna's frienship became even stronger as they were now at the same level and would be able to see each other more frequently, since both their Masters were friends themselves.

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Homeworld Coruscant
Born N/A
Died N/A
Alternate Names
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 190 cm
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Historical Information
Rank Jedi High Master
Affiliations Jedi Order
Known Masters Kyman Rheert
Known Apprentices Amandine, Robert Skywalker, Sendo, Celia Zatel, Drake Rylan, Ren Skywalker
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