Supreme Chancellor
Source: Padawan's Guide
Occupation Supreme Chancellor
Organization Galactic Republic
Relevance Head Government Official


The Supreme Chancellor was considered the head official and spokesperson for the Galactic Republic, and plaid a hand in maintaining democracy throughout the galaxy. The Supreme Chancellor, though looked upon as the pillar of leadership within the Republic, was often at the behest of the Senate. The Senate could instill a vote of no confidence in order to remove any person with the title should the need arise, and in times of peril, the Senate could initiate a vote granting "Emergency" Powers to the chancellor for the sake of moving orders more swiftly in order to meet the task at hand.

What the rank Entitles

Within the confines of JO, members of the Senate vote the most appropriate member as a Candidate to take the position for a 2 month campaign, giving such a user limited administrative privileges in tandem with… boasting rights you could say =P. As of yet, this rank is not in service.


Must be promoted by members of the Senate.

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