Space Pirates
Source: Star Wars Exodus
Occupation Pirates
Organization Criminal Organization
Relevance Bane of traders and merchants


Space Pirates are the worst thrash of any race in the Galaxy. They kidnap trading convoys, stations and sometimes, even Republic or Sith territories if paid for it. There are freelancing pirates or pirate organizations. They sometimes also act like smugglers
Notable pirates are Zothip, Kaerobani, Tyber Zann, Han Solo and Cade Skywalker
Notable pirate organizations are Black Sun, The Exchange, Zann Consortium and Cavrilhu Pirates

What the rank Entitles

Space Pirates represent the criminal side of JO. They are responsible for causing trouble and wreaking havoc between the inhabbitants of the Galaxy. Their rank is similiar to Smugglers.


To become Space Pirate, you just have to ask for it.

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