Sith Lord


Occupation Jedi Master
Organization Sith Order
Relevance Highest Rank within the Organization


the Sith Lord is the second rank underneath the Jedi Order's Sith Master. This is the typical rank sought out by Sith Apprentices. A Sith Lord is recognized as a powerful affiliate of the dark side, and capable of tremendous feats. Sith Lords typically preform plights that may excerpt an opportunity to take over the galaxy, or at least wipe out affiliates of the Jedi Order and the Republic. They are menacing figures of immense power and knowledge in the dark ways of the force, and are a persona to be reckoned with. The rank of Sith Lady coincides with the rank of Sith Lord, and is given to characters of the female gender, the same privileges and characteristics of a Sith Lord apply.

What the rank Entitles

A Sith Lord's primary job would be to take on an apprentice in order to use their potential in order to exploit abilities for the success of their ultimate goals. Utilizing their own knowledge and training them to be necessary assets until the day they would become of little use. This may be due in part that their power was on equal par with their own, and that a betrayal would inevitably lead in the Instructor's death.


After the approval of the Sith Archon and your Sith Lord instructor, the Sith Apprentice would then take on the trials. Should the Apprentice pass, they will be indited into the rank of the Sith Lords.

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