Sith Apprentices

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Occupation Sith Apprentice
Organization Sith Order
Relevance Lowest Rank in the Organization


The Sith Apprentices are the lowest ranks of the Sith Order. They are roughly equivalent in power to Jedi Padawans, though with some there are exceptions; usually relevant to the power of the Sith Lord or Master training them. Sith Apprentices are quite often power-hungry individuals, often doing whatever it takes to gain more knowledge from their Masters, and the universe as a whole. Often Sith Apprentices are the line soldiers of the many endeavors of their Order, and only those who survive are seen as strong enough to rise to the coveted title of Lord…and to them no one, not even their Master, will get in the way.

What the rank Entitles

Sith Apprentices have many duties given to them, relevant to the station of their Master, and the orders their Master gives them. Their primary concern however, is the training they undertake to achieve the full power of the Dark Side of the Force. In much of Sith History the final aspect of a Sith Apprentice's training would be to destroy their Master, a test to see if the Apprentice was strong enough to be the Master. But with Lord Krayt's reorganization of the Sith Order this has been mostly abolished. However some Sith still kill the ones who trained them; treachery has always been the way of the Dark Side.


This is the first Rank of those who choose to walk the insidious path of the Sith. Upon choosing this path you will be promoted to Apprentice automatically.

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