Salvador Calhoun
Homeworld "Csilla"
Born "N/A"
Died "N/A"
Alternate Names "None"
Physical Description
Species "Chiss"
Gender "Male"
Height "5'11" "
Hair Color "Head is shaved"
Eye Color "Red"
Skin Color "Blue"
Historical Information
Rank "Captain of The Savage Revenants"
Affiliations "His own Personal pirate gang The Savage Revenants"
Known Masters "N/A"
Known Apprentices "N/A"

Name: Salvador Calhoun
Alias': None
Era: Present Day


Father: Karif Calhoun (Deceased)
Mother: Lahna Calhoun (Deceased
Siblings: Lucifer Calhoun (Brother)
Children: Soloman Calhoun (Disowned Salvadore)
Wife: Lahna Rerhik (Divorced)
Profession: Space Pirate

Created,illustrated, and played by:


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"["Father and Mother are corrupt.. for the first time I can see them for their true nature. For this reason, they must die."-]"

[ Salvadore was born into riches on the planet of Csilla. His family was one of the higher families that owned many slaves and were fairly wealthy but rather corrupt and that included him, his parents, and a younger brother named Lucifer. Salvadore however, was often getting in trouble a lot. ]


"[Lucifer once asked me if I thought it was worth killing Mother and Father. I told him it was worth every last credit. He thinks he can 'save' me, but what is there to save? I'm perfectly fine.]"

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Personality and Traits

[ He has morals unlike most pirates. He refuses to kill an innocent or raid a town or city without a good reason. He is a bit sarcastic and rude to people he doesn't know. He doesn't really care for relationships after his wife cheated on him.

Powers and Abilities

[ Enhanced strength, speed, stamina, agility, and endurance due to heavy cybernetic work on his body. ]

Health Issues/Weaknesses

[ None at the present moment. ]

Appearance and Clothing

[ He has numerous, extensive, and advanced cybernetic implants to the extend where his right arm and the right side of his torso are cybernetic implants, right side of his face and left eye are cybernetic, his right arm can hack into electronics and directly interface with them, it can also act as a fusion cutter and his left arm was replaced with a large, strong, and durable metal shoulder, upper arm, and elbow socket that could be outfitted with various types of weaponry, also his veins are lined with circuitry and a stimulant delivery system that can feed stimulants directly into his bloodstream and he has numerous implants all over his body. He also has a tattoo of a rotten cross that is bandaged chains chains covering the middle of it with a pentagram in the middle. He usually wears ragged black military pants, sometimes he will wear a tan t-shirt.


Weapons and Vehicles

-He usually carries a variety of heavy blaster weapons and exotic swords such as dual-bladed ones, vibroaxes, and even the occasional force pike
Vehicles: His Marauder-class Corvette spaceship The Blind Eviscerator]


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