Rylan's Porax-38

Construction History

First constructed by Buuper Torsckii Abbey Devices to supplement existing space defense corps as a Droid Fighter, the Porax-38 saw extensive use in the Clone Wars and eventually underwent several redesigns to support a sentient pilot. The design was found, and once again modified, by Sienar Fleet Systems. Several prototypes were made, but the design was never extensively marketed due to Sienar's profitable connection with the infamous TIE model of starfighters.


The personal fighter to Amelia D'Centari, this heavily modified Porax-38 was stolen by the daring Dark Jedi and converted further. Augmented by her technical expertise, the fighter served in nearly killing Drake Rylan before he succeeded in disarming the young woman and bringing her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Determined to redeem herself, Amelia confined herself voluntarily to the temple and gave the fighter to Rylan as a gift for saving her.

—"If you could stop greasing over this fighter maybe I could get us out of this mess and into hyperspace." - Drake Rylan to R5-D9 "Tweak". —

Navigation Capabilities

While SFS installed an adequate navigation computer, the Porax-38 is still highly reliant on an Astromech droid to operate properly.


First modified by Amelia D'Centari, this Porax-38 was further augmented by Drake Rylan on Coruscant.

Porax-38 (Modified)
Manufacturer Sienar Fleet Systems
Model Porax-38
Class Space Superiority Fighter
Technical Specifications
Length 12.7 meters
Max Speed 1,750 kmh (atmosphere) 155 MGLT (space)
Engine Units Twin Sienar Fleet P-sz9.7 Ion Engines
Hyperdrive Rating Class 2.0
Hyperdrive System SFS ND9 hyperdrive motivator
Power Plant SFS I-s5d Solar Ionization Reactor
Shielding Units Twin Novaldex Deflector Shield Generators
Hull Quadanium Solid-Cast Armored Hull
Sensor Suite SFS Defender-Class Sensor Suite
Navigation System SFS N-s6 Navicon
Arms and Countermeasures
Armament 4 - SFS L-s9.3 Laser Cannons, 2 - Borstel NK-3 Ion Cannons, 2 - Mg-2 General Purpose Warhead Launchers (4 proton torpedoes each)
Countermeasures Carbanti 29L electromagnetic countermeasures package, Carbanti signal-augmented sensor jammer
Crew and Compliments
Skeleton Crew 1 pilot or 1 astromech droid
Passengers 0
Cargo Capacity 150 Kilograms
Consumables 10 Days
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