JO Official Rules And Regulations

Welcome to JediOrder the RPG. This RPG is based in the daMN chat network located at DeviantART. If you are interested in joining the game please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules.

Chatroom RPG Rules

Breaking a Chatroom Rule here is grounds for disciplinary action by a Moderator. This can range from a kick, a temporary mute, or extend as far as a banishment.

1. There is limited no cursing allowed. Cursing will be measured with a warning, further offenses will result in a kick.
2. Players are expected to be courteous to one another at all times.
3. All non-RP chat must end in either a bracket or parenthesis.
4. No Spamming the chat.
5. No Stretching the chat.
6. No Flaming or Trolling inside the chat.
7. No pornographic or sexual content.

Chatroom Courtesy

- Please limit the use of capital letters and bold in the chat. This cuts down on screen clutter.
- Brackets will be used to enclose all Out-Of-Character or Non-Roleplay chat.
- Avoid discussions of religious, political, or cultural significance.
- Do not advertise Art, other chats, or websites.

RPG Rules

1. There is no God-Modding or Forced Action allowed.
2. Disputes over In-Game Consequences must be taken politely, and reasonably, to a Moderator.
3. All Armies will only be given with consent of the moderators. **
4. Maintain a clear separation between In-Character and Out-Of-Character.
5. All disputes or questions should be directed politely to the JediOrder RPG moderation team. Flaming, or hatemail, will be handled swiftly and decisively.

Character Creation Rules

1. Characters will start at the bottom of their Organization's chain and work their way towards the top, no exceptions.
2. Characters must be from a Star Wars canonical race. No created races will be accepted.
3. Please use this Wiki to create your character biography.
4. Character powers are established through roleplay, God-Modding supreme power to characters isn't allowed.
5. Character Weapons must be within canonical guidelines.
6. Characters cannot be related to canonical Star Wars characters.

Admin/Moderator Roster

Game Creator / Owner - SanguineAngel
Game Master / JediOrder Club Owner - Lord-Fsan
Game Master / Sith Archon - Darth Imogen

Moderator / Jedi Council - bienku
Moderator / Jedi Council - CaptBagz
Moderator / Jedi Council - doggirlinu
Moderator / Jedi Council - Leia1987
Moderator / Jedi Council - lycansei
Moderator / Jedi Council - nizzie
Moderator / Jedi Council - Seriacles
Moderator / Jedi Council - Shona-Chan
Moderator / Jedi Council - tearsRsanity

WikiMaster - FierceOmen
WikiMinion - Drake-Rylan

Honorable Mentions:

Thanks to FierceOmen for his extensive work on this Wikipedia.

Special Thanks:
I'd like to extend a special thanks to #JediOrder and the tireless administrative team there. They set the standard for roleplay chats on DA and gave us all the bar we strive to reach.

Additional Rules

(Special Thanks to Warui-Shoujo for this update)

These have been added due to recent events and other on going problems.

1. For what ever reason (whether your intentions are for the good of the room or not) do not beg for topic time. It should not be the sole purpose of you role Playing in our room. You are here to have fun and not compete with each other. You don't like it? Go to another room and bother them- I'm sure they will tell you to GTFO.

2. No one is to have Armies unless ALL admin have approved of it. There is a special process in acquiring one. In order to do so, one must note ALL admins on Jedi Order, upon their reply saying they have approved, then and only then are you to create one under our specific conditions.

3. STOP BEGGING FOR RANK! Anyone asking to be promoted will be denied. We determine one's promotion according to how well they RP, how often the RP, how they participate in the room- and finally if they can pass our trials. If someone is claiming their character is a Mandalorian-Jedi in the Rogue class but has not taken the trials, they are WRONG Brown nosing aka: Kissing Ass is also not the right way to get a promotion.

4. If you have any issues with anything, or anyone (This includes spammers, someone who is trolling, flaming or abusing you or another member) and no admin/mod is present then it is your duty to report them VIA a note to all Admin with the date, time, name of the culprit and a copy of the text if you have them. If the deviant is breaking a rule strictly enforced by DeviantArt, then you must contact the help desk and file a complaint. If no complaints are officially sent to notify the admin, mods or dA, then there is no reason to complain and sulk that someone is bothering you or breaking the rules, or anything else out of the ordinary.

5. If you want to suggest something or have concerns with an admin/mod, then note the whole admin/mod team about it. Just be mindful that if you send us hate mail, be prepared to get some back. We don't mind constructive criticisms, but to just flame us because you feel like you have been wronged, will not sway us to your cause- nor will it move us to change things. Be respectful and think things through before sending us a note. And above all, don't make a journal entry- bash us, ask for supporters, and then expect us to be nice and oblige to your demands or suggestions. It's not only rude but adds more drama to the room which is unacceptable.

6. God-Modding: will not be tolerated. If caught doing so and you have been asked to stop by an admin/mod, that is your only warning. Arguing with an admin/mod will win you a one way ticked to a boot and a restrain.

7. If admin/mods are away or not even present, that doesn't give you reason to be a complete and utter jack-ass. Anyone caught doing so VIA complaints or other means (such as our bots) will be dealt with according to the degree of the offense.

8. In regards to rank and additional characters: If you are a padawan and/or apprentice and create a new character, your new character's rank(and abilities, skills, knowledge, etc) cannot be higher than that of a padawan or apprentice, or any rank equivalent to those. What does this mean? Well, all your characters will have to claw their way up. This also to all the other ranks. When creating additional characters, you will be reprimanded if you overstep your own ranking in the chatroom. — As for Grey and Dark Jedi, when creating new characters like these, you must be fair and balanced. Never claim your Dark jedi can take on a Sith Master, that is highly unlikely, and same goes for Grey Jedi. Despite having a few abilities immediately at your disposal for choosing such an ambiguous title, you cannot expect your character to be as strong as a seasoned and trained Jedi Knight, or weathered Jedi Master.

9. Separate yourself from RP. You are not a Sith in real life, so why are you talking like that Out Of Character or OOC? You sound ridiculous and everyone is making fun of you behind you back. Save yourself the ridicule and just act normal. You have nothing to prove to us- so why act as if you do with an alter ego?

10. We like originality when it comes to your character's personality, but not their species or race. Keep your characters species and race within the 1000 to choose from thanks to ( List of Sentient Races and Species ) Seriously, we want to keep the races/species canon to help elevate possible ways of god modding, not to mention if someone wants to research the race/species for a weakness, they will have a great deal of trouble finding the information if it's not canon to the SW Universe. This doesn't mean you cannot cross species/races within the SW Universe or hinder your creativity as to your character's looks and such, but if it doesn't fit in SW, then perhaps this particular RP genre isn't for you.

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