Reien Kytori


Homeworld "Unknown"
Born "Unknown"
Died "N/A"
Alternate Names "James"
Physical Description
Species "Human"
Gender "Male"
Height " 6'2" "
Hair Color "Brown"
Eye Color "Silver"
Skin Color "Tanned"
Historical Information
Rank "Captain"
Affiliations "Imperial Remnant"
Known Masters "N/A"
Known Apprentices "N/A"



Father: Deceased
Mother: Deceased
Siblings: Deceased
Profession: Owner of a merchant Protection service

Created,illustrated, and played by:


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"It's simple really, Power itself is a sickness. It's been proven time and time again that those in power, always fall to the addiction of more."

[ Reien's childhood was lost when brought out of stasis. He searches for records of his past but so far has unable to unearth any information ]


"Steel yourself, for when we step through that door. All that you know will vanish and be replaced by what's been bored into you"

[A man of combat and honor; Reien upholds himself on a very strict code of what's right and what's wrong. He fights himself continuously when rage, hate, and grief takes hold of him and pushes him to an extreme that only his crew have seen, and refuse to talk about. ]

Personality and Traits

[ When he isn't working, he's asleep. When he's not asleep he's working. As a captain of a vessel that puts itself into harms way on a regular occasion he rarely gets a chance to actually 'relax'. ]

Powers and Abilities

[ His combat in space is his strongest attribute, the loyalty of his troops unwavering. He recognizes what gives him the strength to endure and does everything in his power to protect those he can't or those in need with it. Technological prowess is one his of major powers, continuous research allows him to keep one step ahead of his opponets and support allies.
He shares a very disturbing relation with the force. It's chaotic and unlike others almost schizophrenic. It acts on a will of its own unless Reien is put into a life or death situation, then it unleashes itself into Reien to ensure victory. Even if it means a degredation of his health in the process. ]

Health Issues/Weaknesses

[ Combat puts a continuous drain on him, one that has caused him to collapse during battle and forced TSW to retreat. Not to mention anyone who has a connection to the force also seems to affect him, whether benign or malicious.
His own force powers are seldom and rare, like the ability he has with other force users. the effects on him can be either benign or malicious to his health. ]

Appearance and Clothing

Reien's appearance varies, when in combat he tends to look and use the same equipment as his troopers.

Weapons and Vehicles

Reien is the captain of a newly designed research/battle cruiser. Dubbed 'The Shielding Wall' after his belief that those who have the power should use it to defend others. However the more involved he places himself inside the galaxy the faster he comes to realize others hardly share his ideals.
Being a research vessel, TSW is host to a variety of prototype weapon systems. Ranging from simple blasters to the more advanced Decible Infantry suppression vehicle.


[Found and revived in a stasis pod upon Tatooine bearing the uniform of an Imperial officer dating back to the Battle over Endor. Reien's memory is one of immense fog and illusions. He just knows his current age and what he might have been. So he goes off that and creates a present for himself, hoping to have to a future. ]

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