Order of Tython

Formed by Drake Rylan under the grace of the Jedi Council, the Knights of Tython represent the frontline defense against the Dark Side forces in the Galaxy. They operate with Drake Rylan, Sword of the Jedi, as their leader.

A New Order

The Order of Tython operate as a tightly-organized unit of specially-trained, specially-designated individuals committed to the defense of the Galaxy against Dark Side threats. While designed to combat the Dark Side and its minions, the Knights of Tython are not exclusive to those gifted in the Force. Ranks within the Knights of Tython serve to ensure a functioning chain of command and to separate it as the Order's elite answer to the mobilized Sith threat.

While operating under the guidance of the Jedi Council, the Knights of Tython are commanded by Drake Rylan and dispatched as he commands. The Knights of Tython have a mobile head-quarters onboard The Resistance and are encouraged to no longer keep permanent Planetary Residences.

The ranks and designations are as follows:

Commander Drake Rylan - Founding Father and Sword of the Jedi, Drake Rylan's apprenticeship and subsequent Knighthood were conducted under the clouds of War prefacing the Great Sith Conflict. Following completion of his trials and Knighting, Rylan was given the title Sword of the Jedi, and began seeing to his duties.

Magistrate Leia, of the Jedi Council - Designated advisor to the Knights of Tython, Leia serves to council Drake Rylan on the Jedi Order's needs and desires for his men. Tasked with the guarding of the Jedi Temple, she serves to maintain and organize its defenses as well as the training of its students. It is her recommendation that can bring a young Padawan to Rylan's Knights, though whether he is admitted or not depends upon his behavior within the trials that follow.

Knight of Tython - A rank to those Jedi who have proven themselves in battle with the Dark Side, Knights of Tython are the warrior elite within the Order.

Knight Errant - A Jedi whose on the path to becoming a Knight of Tython, the Errant represents the experienced student who has chosen to follow the soldier's path.

Tython Man At Arms - Trained to be resistant to Force Techniques and lethal against their wielders, a Knight of Tython's Man at Arms represents the most well-trained commando elite within the Galaxy. Men At Arms are pulled from every race and are not gender biased, designated instead by their specific skills into a series of roles and units. Within this designation exists a more common, military ranking system designed to promote order and cohesion in combat. Squadron commanders are typically assigned to accompany a specific Knight of Tython, serving under his command until otherwise assigned.

Tython Footman - A soldier who is attempting to progress from his initiate status to that of a full-fledged Man at Arms.


With war looming ever closer, Drake Rylan realized the necessity for the Jedi to have an organized, cohesive strike force comprised of durable and dedicated Jedi capable of meeting the threats of the Dark Side Forces where they massed. Petitioning the Jedi Council after being named "Sword of the Jedi", Rylan was able to secure their permission to form a group of hand-picked Knights and Padawans to train as soldiers for the conflict ahead.

Intent on operating as an extension of the Order, Rylan suggested that a Council Member joined as an Advisor. Leia, long-standing Council Member, accepted and now serves to advise Rylan in his maneuvers as well as assist in the selection and training of young initiates.

—"The Knights of Tython stand in the shadow cast by the Dark Side, against the misguided few that follow it. You cannot be amongst us if you are not prepared to stand against its seduction and terrors, and you cannot stand at my side if you are not prepared to die doing so." - Drake Rylan addressing Initiates. —


Despite their differences, Knight Errants and Men At Arms are both indoctrinated into the same rigid training schedule. This serves not only to unite, but more importantly to familiarize each with the extensive and ever evolving landscape of battle. The training is extremely difficult, extensive even for Jedi Knights, and designed to push all prospective applicants to their physical and emotional limits.

Force Applications

The primary weapon of any Force User, corrupted or otherwise, remains their ability to control and alter their environment through the Force. Members of the Order are expected to become proficient not only with the use and application of Force Powers but in handling the emotional strain that comes with using them in a combat situation. Death, grievous injury, and the toll of war are dangerous elements to all, but particularly when the Force is involved.

If applicants are unable to show the extraordinary resilience and focus required they are unable to carry on, and frequently dropped from the program.

Tactical Maneuvers

All initiates to the Order of Tython are expected to be proficient in all forms of weaponry including blasters and various artillery pieces. Training is centered around squad-based maneuvers similar to those used by special forces units throughout the Galaxy. Initiates are expected to be able to fight as a cohesive unit under extreme duress, relying upon one another regardless of ability or background to overcome obstacles and succeed in their directives.

Marksmenship, Squad-Based Maneuvers, Battle-Field Awareness and Recognition, as well as adaptability are all critical elements on which all applicants are judged.

Melee Combat

While the Knights of Tython are encouraged to carry their traditional lightsabers, part of the unique training dictated down to them is in organized hand-to-hand warfare as a unit. Trained to wage close combat in teams against opponents, the soldiers of the Order are trained to be proficient in the use of a Lightsaber-Pike. In order to maintain a solid front the Men At Arms, unable to wield lightsabers, are trained in the use of extendable force-pikes.

The units train on how to engage, isolate, and defeat their opponents through coordinated combat maneuvers.

Dueling is not an emphasis.

Knights of Tython
Leader Drake Rylan
Originated 330 ABY
Affiliations New Jedi Order

Knighting Ceremony

Upon completing their training, Knight Errants are sworn into the Order of Tython. This promotion is marked formally when Drake Rylan gifts the Newly Sworn Knight with their Lightsaber-Pike, blessing them for their dedication to the cause and their resiliency.

Fleet Representation

Designated to the Order of Tython from the budding New Republic is a small, but potent taskforce of capital-grade fast-attack ships. These ships were hand-selected by Rylan to represent the assertive attack and maneuver strategy the Order of Tython embodies and for their ability to maximize the effect of Rylan's fleet tactics on larger, more heavily-armed forces.

- The Resistance ( Flagship )
- Two Scythe-Class Battle Cruisers ( The Sovereign and The Courageous )
- The Redemption
- Six ShaShore-Class Frigates ( Freedom, Virtue, Liberty, Free Reign, Independence, Devotee)
- Fool's Gambit and Fool's Hope

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