Niamh Cathey


Homeworld Coruscant
Born Approximately 314 ABY
Physical Description
Species Zeltron
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Hair Color Graduating browns
Eye Color Pale green/yellow
Skin Color Dark red
Historical Information
Rank Sith Lord
Affiliations The Sith Order
Known Masters Karis Amalia (?)
Known Apprentices Zynn Hawkright

Character created, illustrated and played by sikoro of deviantART.


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Personality and Traits

There are few ways to properly describe Niamh, except that she is cunning, manipulative, seductive and enigmatic. She often dwells deep within herself, sharing with her closest friends the resonating scriptures of her life, and often finds herself at a loss of focus; whatever is meant for her has yet to be discovered, her life's course still shrouded by her introversion. Decisions come as harder choices as Niamh mulls the effects and rebounds, but this constant living in the future is a flaw she's working hard to dispel. She tries her best to be confident, wear a sense of dominance in her poise, and thusly abandons her childhood reserve in exchange for a more womanly appeal. The Zeltron, out of either natural inclination or her own devilish desire, acts on pleasure when her senses fail, finding joy in leisure and physical intimacy, although there are few that can claim to have held her so closely.

At the moment, she is wrought with dreams of theater play, and so the reverie seeking life, she finds herself of a more focused resolve than she has prior to her epiphanies.

Powers and Abilities

What Niamh lacks in combative drive, she makes up for in her synergy with the Force. A powerful woman in her own right, she has come to manipulate the cosmic threads of the Force with ease, shifting the natural ambiance and distorting energies to her whims; she uses it often to enhance her vocalizations and speech, to better attract her wanted quarries, and summon forth a stirring sense of appeal. Expounding on her racial empathy as well as the pheromones that emanate with every breath she takes, Niamh has constructed an identity best described as paragon to the enchantress, a mask-wearing dilettante in the great girth of the universe.

In short, the woman works in unison with the darker aspects of the weave to assert a telepathic comfort with those nearby, and moves in like a spider does as she moves in toward her prey, creeping along the web and striking when the moment rings perfection.

Health Issues/Weaknesses

No deformations or illnesses current ail the progressing Niamh Cathey. Her only enemy is that of age, as well as the silenced bond between she and ex-Archon Animus.

Appearance and Clothing

Once a weed and now a flower given bloom, Niamh was once a ratty little girl no taller than a meager four feet, with freckles across her chubby cheeks and a distant frown on her pout lips; but the cosmic weave has mercy, and so she grew, matured into an exemplar of Zeltron beauty with her hourglass figure and lean body. She's five feet tall with three inches to spare, her skin a sultry red and her hair a dark chocolate hue; she lays claim to a rounded face, youthful, beaming with a natural confidence. Nigh flawless flesh wraps her body and gives it life unto itself, every move an artful stroke on the pallette that is her life. Clothing of vibrant hue, dusky on some darker days, clad her womanly form in finer silks and drapery. She is cleanly, well kept, devoted to maintaining daily her appearance.

Weapons and Vehicles

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