New To Role Playing

What is Role Playing?

Role Playing, in it's essence and when pertaining to overall concept of what we actually do, is when two or more people get together in a collaboration of minds and imagination. In a nutshell it's a group of story tellers/writer's who come together to write. Each writer will have typically created their own In Game Character, or IGC. And using their characters, they role play in order to flesh them out and make them believable. It's a fun way to make a character, have fun, and (in my sense), improve writing skills. Essentially it's not about how powerful an individuals character becomes, but rather, how your character will gain acceptance through interaction. Anyone can say their character can do this or that, but it's a characters actions that inevitably determine whether they're "likable" or "unlikeable".

What is God-Modding?

God Modding is pretty much like saying my character can't be touched. My character is the strongest out of any one's characters, and he can't die. Period end of story. WE DON'T DO THAT. Everything has a weakness, that's reality. And we try to employ realism and fairness when it comes to Role Play. Just because this is star wars, and the force is in play doesn't mean that one should use that to their advantage. ESPECIALLY if you're just starting out your character, through time, practice, and training. Your character "will" grow. But say someone attacks you in a duel between a Sith and a Jedi. If you continuously say something along the description, oh the attack that was sent towards so and so was too weak to penetrate such and such, and inevitably fails. It's pretty much implying that the other person's character is weak. And in a sense that's disrespectful. The reason? Some people have been on longer than you might have. Some people may have worked on their character longer than you have. Which means they've spent time and effort in doing so. You on the other hand, might be just starting, you haven't put all that effort in yet. See what I mean? Respect other peoples characters. They may be more fleshed out than your own. Use this as an advantage. If you're character can recognize his weaknesses then he can learn from them, inevitably fleshing out your character.

What is Auto-Hitting?

Auto hitting is when someone is describing an attack on, say your character. He/She says something along the lines of "Stabs your character through the gut, sending blood spraying bla bla bla. WE DON'T DO THAT. It goes hand in hand with respecting an individuals time and effort. It's disrespectful to influence pain upon a person's character, no matter what ranking system you're in. Auto Hits should be "DISCUSSED" before they are rp'd out. Again, it's all points back to respecting peoples character and it's development.

All in all Role playing is a fun experience for anyone looking to have fun, get into peoples imaginations and share your own, improve your writing skills, or hopefully, all three! As long as you maintain a mutual understanding and respect between the people you rp with. You'll never go wrong. :)

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