Mobius Riker
Homeworld Telos
Born 303ABY
Died ???
Alternate Names Mobius, Riker, Shutta, that guy, Bantha butt
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6"2
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color green
Skin Color white with some tan
Historical Information
Rank Gray Jedi
Affiliations Works for various companies as a mercenary and detective
Known Masters Gener Tassadarus
Known Apprentices Kizuma

Name: Mobius Riker
Pronunciation: moe-bee-us rie-kur
Alias': Shadow, Moby, Riker, Shutta
Era: 330ABY


Father: Arkin Riker (Telos transit security chief)
Mother: Maria Riker (deceased)
Siblings: N/A

Profession: Mercenary, detective, Smuggler

Created,illustrated, and played by: tsuyohonto


Mobius was a top notch student of the Jedi Order, and was destined for great things. He was top in his class and as his master said "One of the best Jedi Ive ever seen". Although after his masters odd disappearance that all changed. He left the order to pursue his own destiny. Now working as a mercenary for various companies and groups, Mobius makes his living on the wrong side of the law…. sometimes…… Contently hunted by those who sense his powers, he uses his light saber to defend himself against these foes, he will not go back. He will not fall.


"Take me away from this hell hole I call home. Teach me and show me my destiny."

Mobius was born in 303ABY to Arkin and Maria Riker, he was an only child and at a young age, knew he was destined for great things. His father was the chief of the Telos transit system security, and was a veteran from the war. This caused him to be very hard on Mobius which created his hatred towards his dad. In elementary Mobius was constantly bullied for his sense of fashion and extremely slim figure, this caused him to go into a period of depression. His father telling him to suck it up, he cried him self to sleep. His mother would always comfort him. His only true love at this point was his mother whom he grew very attached to during his childhood. Until one day a train accident destroyed that, his mother was killed in a transit train accident when he was seven. Saddened and stuck with his strict father, he felt he should just end it, but kept on living knowing that his mom would want him to. He lived a life of mourning for his mother until age eight, when a Jedi came to speak at his school. This Jedi was named Gener Tassadarus. The Jedi that changed his life. Sensing his force prowess Gener approached him after school and made him aware of this. Gener spoke to Mobius's father about his prowess and that he would be better off at the order. His father saw this as a chance to make a true soldier out of Mobius and agreed to allow Gener to take him. Mobius's life was now never to be the same.


Mobius arrived at the Jedi temple on Corucant a few days after leaving Telos. He was first introduced to the counsel so he could be examined. He took several physical, verbal and mental tests to see if he was fit for training. He passed and was assigned to Gener as his master. Under Gener Mobius learnt many force techniques, his favorite was force speed, which he began to use in his combat training. He learnt the light saber style
djem-so and soresu but preferred Djem-so for its brutal counter attacks. He learnt quick and studied often. He was deemed super intelligent and quite bright for his age. He also developed muscles from daily workout sessions with Gener. Together him and Gener went on several missions for the Jedi, hunting down thugs and such. They made an awesome team, they watched each others backs. They grew to trust each other very much. As the years rolled on Gener and Mobius grew closer, he saw Gener as the father he never had and he almost forgot the life he had back on Telos. Eventually it was time for Mobius to face his ultimate test. Constructing his light saber.


Mobius was challenged at the age of sixteen in building his light saber, they left for Tatooine. A planet that would eventually have a great impact on Mobius. He collected iron and steel to make his hilt. after about a week he collected what he needed, he even managed to get enough cortosis to create a protective weave around his hilt. He also picked up a green color crystal on Dantooines crystal caves. Gener left him alone in a cave in the hills of Rhen-varr for three months to meditate and construct his saber. It was a challenge but after three months of harsh meditation he was done. He had built the light saber that represented him, Gener could not have been prouder.


After returning from Rhen-varr he was informed that the counsel had decided to knight him. This would not happen for two more years but the decision was final. Gener was proud and Mobius could not have been happier. At eighteen. A week before his knighting was scheduled Gener was sent on a mission to Tatooine to hunt down a wanted Sith tyrant. He assured Mobius that he would be back in time. But he never returned, Gener was marked MIA and Mobius was knighted with out him. After wards he fell into a dark depression, losing the only family he really ever had.


"I am a gray jedi, thats my classification, the sith hunt me, the jedi hunt me. I just want to be left alone."


After earning his knighthood Mobius became subject to the war, as a Padawan he would handle menial tasks with his master, but now he was in big. This also made him subject to politics. This he hated with a passion. He was subject to consequent counsel meetings, and political seminars. Most of all, boundaries. On Foerost Mobius went into a cross fire to save a group of children. This jedi master with him warned him that leaving his position would result in heavy punishment. He refused and was threatened at lightsaber and gun point. The children died from blaster wounds, and he never forgave him self or the order.


Mobius continued to serve the Jedi. Fighting there wars and following there orders. But his hatred grew. A raid on Ord-Mantell brought him face to face with the dark side. He confronted a Sith master, to whom he fought. But the Sith's words tempted him and the anger caused him to strike down the Sith and in the heat of the moment his friend, whom attempted to calm Mobius down. Mobius was tackled and arrested by the other Jedi who entered.


He was tried before the counsel. He was tried for: Attempted switch to the darkside and for the cold blooded murder of his friend. He was exonerated for forces he could not control. He was ashamed, he revoked his Jedihood and left the order in secret one late night.


Mobius resurfaced on Bakura months later as a mercenary working for big time companies. He kept his light saber as a reminder of what he use to be. Never turning back from what he was now. He always tended to find him self in the dirtiest of places battling the dirtiest of thugs. All for credits. Sometimes he would not be hired by companies, he would be hired by the thugs he would fight. He found irony in that but figured as long as he got paid everything was fine.

One of Mobius's early mercenary jobs was to hunt down the Blood Scourge pirate clan. A group that had been terrorizing passing ships and attacking colonies. Based on Yavin4 Mobius was sent to eliminate the leader. He stealthily followed GPS transmissions to find the base but to his luck he ran into a pair of dark jedi. Ankh and Margeto. And there sun Zadik. Mobius quickly grew suspicious of them as they insulted and brushed him off by his questions.


Although Mobius was no longer a Jedi, his force presence was still there. He would constantly be approached by Sith who would mistake him as a Jedi and attempt to kill him, only to end up dead themselves. He was tired of being mistaken for the people he grew to hate. But one day something odd happened. A Jedi sent by the counsel came to him.


The Jedi came with a mission to get Mobius to return to the order. This failed of course. Mobius immediately force choked the guy to the wall, and had him at saber point and told him to leave and tell the counsel to leave him alone. The Jedi left, but the wish was not fulfilled, letters came streaming into his computer asking him to come back. This continued for five years. Now Mobius was frustrated and knew what he must do.


In 330ABY Mobius went to the Jedi temple at Corucant for the first time in nine years to see the counsel. He entered the chambers and a tense air filled the room. He told them to stop sending him requests to return or else he would blow the temple sky high. Sensing he was serious, and knew he was quite capable of doing so, they backed off but told him that if he ever changed his mind, they would welcome him back. He smiled at there ignorance and left, on his way out through the gardens he met the girl who would change his life.


On his way out of the Jedi temple he went through the gardens, there he met a strange robed girl. He sensed something strange in her, he approached her and asked her for her name. She said in a soft voice "Kizuma". Mobius was surprised to hear that she was expecting him, saying that he was no longer of the order and that it would be impossible for her to know him. He came to the conclusion that it was her keen force senses, He had identified this occurrence as a force bond. He asked Kizuma about her master, and much to his surprise, she was alone and master less. She was like him, alone in the world. Feeling a connection, he offered to teach her and take her away. She happily agreed and the two left on his ship to Dantooine.


In a few short days after arriving on Dantooine, Mobius began Kizuma's training. He taught her in philosophy, use of the force, and in the use of the light saber. They were an odd pair, a young girlish girl, with a gruff tall man. Together they got along and had lots of fun during there training sessions, Mobius was now a teacher and he felt great. He started to open up more towards Kizuma, he saw his lost innocence in her.


At some point during Kizumas training, Mobius began to take Kizuma on jobs with him as a way to let Kizuma see the real world she would eventually have to face. He was hired to investigate a smuggling operation on Bakura. He and Kizuma arrived and got a card key for the hanger bay the smugglers were staying. They snuck in with no problem, beating up the thugs they encountered. In the end they ran into a dark jedi. A Sith now it was a whole new battle. Kizuma and Mobius took down the dark jedi swiftly. Discovering this to be not a simple smuggling operation but a Sith operation. They returned home having completed there mission, but curious as to why the Sith were there.


Kizuma's training was progressing smoothly. A few days after the events at Bakura Mobius got another job but this time in Ord-mantell. It was another smugglers investigation. The file said that strange activities were occurring on the cities out skirts. They immediately left. Once there they began questioning the locals, even as far as to question the local gang. They received information that several meetings meeting had transpired at the old cities ruins and that there was one planned for tonight. At night they infiltrated the ruins, only to get captured. They awoke in the ruins center plaza surrounded by Sith, they identified them selves as Shadow Hand, a Sith funded group, experimenting in the use of force crystals embedded within the human body. They introduced one of these force infused beings. It wore black from head to toe with creepy red glowing eye goggles. The other Sith left on a shuttle that flew up to a formation of three star destroyers. Leaving Mobius and Kizuma to battle the dark jedi. It was a tough fight, The dark jedi was powerful, and hard to hit, he was also immune to most force attacks used on him. But they beat him, Mobius decapitated him, but was injured in the fight and collapsed. He used the force to heal himself. Kizuma carried him back to there bikes and they went back to the city. Now they knew what they were up against.


Mobius healed up nicely and he resumed Kizuma's training. One day after a sparring session two men in black suits approached them on there hill top training spot. The two men established them selves as assassins of Shadow Hand. The two attacked Mobius and Kizuma. But were swiftly struck down. But this as only a diversion. In the distance a shuttle lifted off. Mobius followed the trail of the shuttles lift off point and it led him to the crystal caves. Mobius found it almost empty. Mobius found a silver crystal on the floor and pocketed it, eventually using it as a gift. Mobius now saw that they were taking crystals from ever force sensitive place in the galaxy, this meant that all force sensitive havens were no longer safe.


Mobius after the event at the Dantooine caves felt that it was time for Kizuma to build her saber. They went to Tatooine hoping to find scrap metal. Beeing this was the same planet his master went missing on, Mobius wasn't to comfortable being there. After no luck in finding usable materials Kizuma suggest Gromas 16. Its the galaxies largest phrik mine. They arrived at the mining colonies on Gromas only to be ambushed by one of Shadow Hands assassins in the middle of the streets. It was a quick battle, it left everyone in aw but Kizuma and Mobius just walked away, as if it were a regular occurrence. They turned there attention to the actual mine, there they found useless mined phrik that the mine owners were happy to give them. Once they had the materials Mobius led Kizuma to a cave that was placed along the side of one of Gromas 16's vast canyons. There Mobius instructed Kizuma to use the force along with the tools he supplied her to construct her hilt. Some where along the way they met a female Zabrak who like Mobius was a gray jedi. Mobius saw her as a threat and scooted her away from there camp. Later that night he sensed her out and went to apologize. They spoke briefly before being attacked by two of Shadow Hand's crystal infused assassins. Killing one of them and injuring another. The injured one ran off, The Zabrak in her arrogance left calling the assassin a coward. Mobius knew it was a trick and that the assassins wouldn't retreat with out a reason. It was a strength test, this meant more was to come. Despite all that Kizuma finished her light saber hilt and Mobius gave her the crystal he picked up in the Dantooine caves. He ordered her to meditate for three months so that her mind may merge with the crystal and so that she may input it into her hilt. In that cave she did so and constructed her silver bladed light saber. Mobius was proud, this was probably how his master felt when Mobius built his.


Mobius was now on the verge of finishing Kizumas training and now with her new and very own light saber she was ready for more advanced things. But it did not last long for a new job awaited Mobius, the hardest job of his life with his greatest challenge.


The job Mobius had received was a huge criminal disturbance on Telos, his home. Mobius was very nervous it would be the first time in nineteen years that he would on Telos. And the employer was the Chief of the Telos transit security organization: his father. Mobius and Kizuma landed and went to the security office, after a very hard time of trying to get Mobius to enter Kizuma finally was able to use her charms to get him through (she pushed him). there Mobius confronted his father for the first time in nineteen years. He was disappointed in Mobius still for his leaving the order. It was a tense conversation. The mission was that the criminals were out side the restoration zone and that a shuttle in hanger bay five would bring them there. Arkin, Mobius's father saw that he was Kizumas teacher. After the mission briefing on there assignment, Arkin approached Mobius to tell him how proud he was in him. The fact that he was now a teacher. Mobius was no longer a dirty mercenary who left the Jedi. In Arkins eyes Mobius was now a mature adult who put his powers to use. For once Mobius and his father saw eye to eye. Mobius left the station to the transit train leading to the Telos hanger bays happy and no longer scared. He was now to terms with his father.



Personality and Traits

Mobius is considered to be a very kind man, trusting and reliable to his friends and feared by his enemies. He is calm, cool and always keeps a steady mind even in the worst of situations. He is able to create a strategy in a few short moments of analyzing a situation. Although he can be mean and almost violent towards those who cross him, or those that have important info for him. But all in all a nice and polite man. His life with Kizuma, being as young as she is has allowed him to open up more, making him soft. But he wil always be the nice and violent man the galaxy will always love.

Powers and Abilities

Mobius holds a good range of passive and offensive powers.
-Force push (moderate)
-Force pull (moderate)
-Force lift (moderate)
-Sense (master)
-Grip (Moderate)
-Lightening (intermediate)
-Healing (intermediate)
-Protection (moderate)
-Speed (master)

-Light saber style:
-Djem-so (moderate/master)
-Sorensu (moderate)
-Makashi (intermediate)

Health Issues/Weaknesses

Mobius is a very healthy man. Doing over 200 push ups and sit ups a day. As well as running, he is in fit physical condition. He is not super huge but muscular enough. But as a practitioner of Djem-so, he relies on strong and brutal counter attacks after blocking an enemy, this can slow him down against an enemy using a faster style. Thus leaving him open on several occasions. But his skill in the style has allowed him to make up for his lost defense, using force speed as his ally to fool his opponent. But this does not always work, thus the amount of scarring that is visible on his body.

Appearance and Clothing

Mobius tried to minimalize his look from a formal warrior to mercenary scum. This is his clothing style that he uses every day.

-grey latex turtleneck style muscle shirt,
-black elbow high gloves with steel knuckles attached
-padded red leather pants that go up to his rib cage, thus creating a stomach protector.
-black knee high boots
-black leather trench coat with grey cuffs and attached steel shoulder pads.
-utility belt to hold his items and his saber
-a holster strapped around his right thigh

Appearance wise, Mobius has a very youthful look, Although several scars grace his body from past battles, this only makes him look tougher. He has medium length unkempt light brown hair (he doesn't groom often). He is muscular. And has a pale/tan tint to his skin.

+++ Weapons and Vehicles

Mobius carries only two weapons: His light saber ( which sports a green blade. And his trusty DL-44 blaster pistol.

Vehicle wise he owns a YT-2000 light freighter, its good enough to combat other ships, and get him from place to place when on the job. It also has beds and rations for long space flights.


-303ABY: Born on Telos
-311ABY: Was discovered and brought to the Jedi
-312ABY: Began his training with Gener Tassadarus
-319ABY: Built light saber
-321ABY: Master goes missing on Tatooine
-321ABY: Mobius is knighted
-322ABY: Mobius enters the war
-323ABY: Mobius leaves the Order
-324ABY: Establishes himself as a mercenary
-324-329ABY: Works as a mercenary and is hunted by Sith and Jedi to join there sides.
-330ABY: Meets Kizuma during an unpleasant visit to the Jedi temple
-330ABY: accepts Kizuma as a student and trains her
-330ABY: Investigation of odd smugglers on Bakura turns into a Sith operation
-330ABY: Mission to Ord-Mantell turns into an ambush, as they are attacked by a new breed of assassin
-330ABY: The group is uncovered to be Shadow Hand a group using force crystals to make assassins
-330ABY: Dantooines crystal cave is attacked, and Kizuma and Mobius are attacked by two sith out in the fields
-330ABY: Mobius and Kizuma set out to Gromas 16 for Kizuma to build her saber, they are attacked by a group of assassins while there
-330ABY: Three months have passed and now Kizuma and Mobius get back on track with there mission
-330ABY: Mobius is hired to investigate a suspected Sith smuggling OP on Telos his home planet
-330ABY: Mobius is reunited with his father after thirteen years, and for once they grow an understanding of eachother.
-330ABY: TBA

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