Maxun Izak Orion
Maxun Izak Orion
Home World Baroonda
Born 311ABY
Died Undefined
Alternate Names Max, Izak
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6ft., 2in.
Hair Color dark
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Tanned
Historical Information
rank Jedi Master
Affiliations Jedi Order, has done business w/Unofficial Jedi Orders
Known Masters Jedi Knight Kage Okami
Known Apprentices Leila Darkstrider-shota played by ~Erinpotter89

Name: Maxun Izak Orion
Pronunciation: "Max" "oon" "Issac" "Orion"
Alias': Max, Izak
Father: Acrer Lod Orion
Mother: Adrius Pru Orion
(Father and mother both deceased)
Sister: Cecilia Dradara Orion

Profession: Member of the Jedi Order, a student, and consortium of the force

Era: 330ABY

Created, illustrated, and played by: ~FierceOmen


Maxun Izak Orion was born 311 years after the Battle of Yavin. Raised among the lush planet of Baroonda, Maxun had been placed within an orphanage, learning soon after the fate of his mother and father at a young age. Thus, his family became members of the house, to which he later called many brother and sister, Uncle and Grandfather. As a confident, stout, mischievous, and rather curious lad, Maxun was a very healthy and caring toddler, who had a knack for adventure and fascinated over the stories of being a Jedi Knight for the Republic. Far be it to say, his dreams were not too far off, and neither was the devastating price he'd witness before walking his path into the light-side of the force. In one night, his village was sacked by Dark Soldiers, wielding crimson staff sabers, and cutting a chaotic swath through everything in their path. Maxun, through the panicking cries took the initiative to save a fellow orphanage child, by moving through the crowds and into a place that was less likely to draw attention, and keep the two safe from the raid. However, Orion had mistakenly led the two into the heat of the fray, and he was soon confronted by a small squad of Dark Soldiers. In a frantic, defensive display, Maxun cast a force repulse without any prerequisite knowledge, sending nearly the entire volley out of the windows they had broken into. His efforts however were not well enough to incapacitate everyone, and his right arm was lopped off by an unhindered soldier. Later saved by the Cathar Jedi Knight, Darvus Pasvel. The young lad lay in stasis, his arm later re-attached at the Halls of Healing on the Jedi Temple in Abregado-Rae. An initial blood sample had granted him into the ranks of the Jedi Order, and after his recovery, he traveled to Coruscant to begin his training. He had inevitably been destined with the task of learning the ways of the light side of the force, in order to sustain the rule of the Republic upon the galaxy…


(People Maxun has encountered)
Darvus Pasvel
Taryn Nalani
Grease Warden
The Caretaker, R9-TAT50
Karis Amalia
Kage Okami
Darth Batrokk
Olivur Harken
Loreli Moronei
Drake Rylan
Robert Skywalker
Leila Darklighter-Shota

Time-line (Last Update: 9/18/09)

-Maxun is born 311ABY
-His village on Baroonda is attacked by the Sith
-Saved by Darvus Pasvel and brought to Abregado Rae
-Blood Samples taken during his time in recovery; is accepted to train as a Jedi.
-Meets Taryn Nalani during his period of recovery
-After fully healed, travels to Coruscant to begin his training as a Padawan
-Meets Grease, a local at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and a great cook
-Trains under The Caretaker in tandem with Basics
-Goes on a mission with Darvus to escort Grad Lavarse, a wanted criminal by the Hutts
-Ascends into adulthood
-Surveys the planet Dantooine, and confronts the Sith Karis Amalia
-Takes on a simple mission to Coruscant to deliver a parcel to a man within the outskirts, confronting a Sith in the process
-Shoto Blade is destroyed
-Meets with Kane, an inventor who augments his Shoto lightsaber
-Spars with mysterious Jedi Knight Kage Okami, who entrusts him with a specifically modified lightsaber that holds untold functions.
-Takes on a mission by the Council to hunt down "Yuri Moonhasuph". Mistakes a man by the name of Rift as a suspect.
-Spars with fellow Jedi Padawan. Zergryth during a training session on Coruscant
-Spars with Jedi Master, Kendo on Coruscant
-confronts a Sith Mistress in the middle of Coruscant and after a troublesome feud escapes
-Travels to Codru Ji to on an observational mission; finds a potential who is anxious to leave the backwater planet. Maxun aids him in building a ship.
-Encounters Jedi Knight Kage Okami for the second time, stops his fall to the dark side.
-Journeys to Tatooine and finds himself confronted by a Sith Lord known as Batrokk. Maxun Narrowly escapes his life
-Travels to Rhen-Var to scout for Sith locations, finds an ancient Citadel, and confronts a force-sensitive known as Saekhor, who engages him in a duel of fates.
-Jedi Knight Kage Okami takes Maxun under his wing to be his Apprentice
-Travels to Dantooine and crosses paths with Saekhor once more. After a fierce entanglement, Saekhor vows his return.
-Maxun learns Alchaka
-Receives a mission to survey Mon Calamari. Orion meets with Olivur Harken, a Mon Calamari resident with devout potential in the force. Wins a game of Sabbac, and engages gang members on Mon Calamari in order to secure they're betting agreement for the YT ship Olivur Harken will use to follow Orion to Coruscant.
-Maxun learns The Art of Concealment, and with the aid of his Master, Kage Okami destroys the Knight's rival and Sith Lord Loreli Moronei.
-Goes on a mission with Jedi Knight Kage Okami. Learns art of the small. Uses the technique to revive an unnamed boy.
-Drops off the boy, who he names Acrer, after his own father. And returns to pick up Okami and learn of the boy's significance.
-Orion confronts Kage Okami in his final test
-Successfully survives Kage's 1,000 lightsaber blade attack, and calls for medical assistance.
-Maxun is approved by Master Kage Okami to take on the trials.

—"We look back on the past days when a Republic stood tall and proud; a pillar of mankind, and sub-races alike, to hold a sustainable and profound peace across the galaxy. Now we stand upon ruins… but the idealism of a Republic still stands within it's people. Robert Skywalker searches for the fear in our hearts, for the darkness we all quell, but who are we to submit to such cold and outlandish backlashes… Society has survived many tyrants, the galaxy knows all too well the dawn of war. If we let this "Emperor" rule in his own selfish inequalities then a peaceful and free galaxy is lost. Our individualism was not created to mindlessly program ourselves in relation to a man's single cause. It is because our ability to question motive and stand against a common standpoint that indefinitely defines our differences. It is the law of things. We are those who stand to rebel against synonynism, we are those against the droned ideals of an sad and twisted man. Robert is lost, but we are not. We will fight until the force runs through our battered vessels, we will fight until our blood drenches the very planets we have grown a defiant compassion for, we are a part of this equation…
And we will not be divided." Motivational speech from Maxun. —

-Maxun rendezvous with a Grey Jedi by the name of Nios, an old friend of Darvus and learns that Naboo is sacked by Robert Skywalker, taking a briefcase with coordinates plotting out Skywalker's fleet he and the Grey Jedi fight off Imperial soldiers from his force and make their escape to Coruscant

-Maxun's arrival to Coruscant supersedes, Robert's next bold move, in which he lays siege upon the planet in order to capture a member of the Council. Maxun and Nios make a courageous flight through his massive fleet in order to land on the surface, escaping with a number of evacuees on a rundown GR-75 transport. An old bird out of the spaceport.

-Maxun travels to smuggler's moon in an attempt to commune with the Sith on a possible alliance against the rising threat, instead finding an old Padawan learner of Robert Skywalker's. After a momentary discussion, they part ways, a Togruta to follow Maxun back to the transport and aid him in finding the rebel alliance.

-After weeks of drifting through space, and holding on by no more than a thread, The barely intact freighter picks up a rather large fleet of unknowns ahead. The unusual anomaly reveals itself to be none other than a fleet of rebels, lead by the flagship known as the Alliance. Taken aboard Maxun and Pasvel, after aiding with the comforting transfer of survivors, meet up with the commander of the fleet who goes by the name of Drake Rylan

-Becomes a member of the Order of Tython
-Fights against the tyranny of Robert Skywalker
-Attends Roberts Funeral
-Ascends into Knighthood (Knighted by SanguineAngel )
-Confronts Darth Ingenuitas and fails to apprehend the potential deadly Sith
- Meets up in Drake's Quarters to discuss an important mission
- Orion travels to Rattatak on a reconnaissance mission, only to become a part of a gladiator style death match. Orion meets up with Arastaph, a once blacksmith and now gladiator fighting for his freedom, and aids in assuring the man achieves it. DeNir, a grey Jedi, steps in to offer his aid.
- Returns to Coruscant to discover Acrer missing, travels to Saleucami, confronts Acrer and discovers he is possessed by Moronei, defends against her attacks, Kage Okami arrives, Moronei's true plans are revealed. Acrer and Maxun make their escape after Moronei takes over Okami's body.
- Maxun goes into Exile, takes Acrer with to train him in the ways of the force.

The Exile's Chronicle

-After 10 years, Anya, A Jedi Padawan and one of the last remaining members of the Order agress to aid Darvus Pasvel, an aging Kathar Knight on a mission to discover the whereabouts of Orion, who was declared MIA after his travels to Saluecami. After Darvus rendezvous with an unusual man atuned to the conceptualizations of the force. She and the man, named Valandil, travel to Ossus, where Anya last sensed a lighted presence.

Once there, Anya and Valandil confront Maxun, who has fallen to the dark side. After words and blades are exchanged, it is revealed by the now Jedi Master Maxun Izak Orion that the dark side was placed in a force clone as an alternation to his dark feelings he had conveyed after the turning of his Master Kage Okami. After destroying his demons, Orion faces down Valandil, who becomes infused with dark side energies, and attacks Orion in an attempt to claim his life in turn for the bounty on his head. Orion, going off of no more than a hologram message created before his Master's death, pleads Maxun keep his virtues as a Jedi and seek to quell the dark energies within Valandil, who turns out to be his Master's son. Orion diffuses, saying that Valandil must find the obligation to turn away from the darkside within himself.

Personality and Traits

Head strong and Passionate. Orion has always held the code of the Jedi in it's highest regard. A born leader and a devout teacher, his wisdom and humor are his highest merits. He never fails to astonish fellow Jedi with his positive outlook even in the face of grave and utter danger. To the Sith, he is both a nuisance and a nightmare. To his fellow Jedi however, he is destined to become a great and worthy ally, but more so, a valuable friend.

Powers and Abilities

Despite his reluctance to use the force, Maxun is highly tuned and adept at utilizing it's ethereal essence. Current abilities include, but are not limited to:

Abilities Learned
Power Affiliation Level of Knowledge Where/How Learned
Telekinesis Universal Core Ability Jedi Order
Force Pull/Push Universal Core Ability Jedi Order
Force Wave Universal Mastered Kage Okami
Force Speed Universal Core Ability Jedi Order
Force Repulse Universal Mastered Self Taught;was once an uncontrolled childhood defense
Alchaka Jedi Mastered Kage Okami
Levitation Universal Adept Kage Okami
Force Concealment Universal Core Ability Jedi Order
Force Cloak Universal Mastered Kage Okami
Force Sight Universal Core Ability Jedi Order
Farseeing Universal Core Ability Jedi Order
Force Empathy Universal Core Ability Jedi Order
Art of the Small Jedi Satisfactory Kage Okami
Force Healing Jedi Satisfactory Kage Okami
Battle Precognition Universal Satisfactory Self Taught
Battle Mind Universal Mastered Self Practiced;personality
Force Valor Universal Adept Self Taught;personality and use of Alchaka
Tapas Universal Satisfactory Self Taught;during constant survey missions to Rhen Var

Health Issues

Right arm has been known to stiffen and lock up at certain times when it is not in use. Maxun often exercises his gripping with a stress ball when he is not doing extensive training or meditating, or out on a mission. Other serious health issues include serious sinus infection and constant migraines. Has been known to have liquid build up in his knees, and has had them drained twice during his visits to the Halls of Healing in the Jedi temple. Aside from these factors he is healthy and fit, exercises daily and maintains a steady balance of all necessary food groups.

Appearance and Clothing

8_years_old_by_FierceOmen.jpg Raw_Tatooine_Concept_by_FierceOmen.jpg Tatooine_Concept_by_FierceOmen.jpg
Maxun_anatomy_by_FierceOmen.jpg Jedi_Knight_Maxun_Orion_by_FierceOmen.jpg [[More on the way]]

Weapons (Under Construction)

Weapons: Maxun typically carries a single lightsaber. The initial one he had created in the Caves of Ilium as a padawan. Other known weapons include a personally customized L-23 blaster pistol variant that had it's scope detached and a variety of specs re-wired for optimum stability and fire capabilities, while maintaining a stable size and weight for concealment. Maxun will often take a shoto lightsaber along with him, to which he uses to check his opponents when in the ferocity of battle. Recent events had such a saber modified after it was cleaved in two after a Sith confrontation on Tatooine. Refined with a larger battery output, and the handle replaced with a thin layer of cortosis to resist against saber attacks. However, in the long run the force and his skills as a Jedi are ultimately the only weapon he'll ever need.
When it comes to lightsabers, his skill in the form of Trakata and Jar'kai are his most masterful styles when used in conjunction to his Form IV/Ataru swordplay, he will often use a slightly modified Shoto blade in conjunction with his lightsaber to optimize his Jar'kai fighting style. He is fast paced and relentless during his fights, and often trains in cardio to keep from wearing down too swiftly.
His deadly mixture of all three types of styles in conjunction with force adaptation make him quite the unpredictable foe, but this typical fighting style though is meant to dispatch his foes swiftly, and can easily take it's toil on him if he is facing off against a masterful foe. Nonetheless, he is most well known for his interesting and unique way of fighting, using Trakata in such an elegant display so as to confuse his opponents by switching on and off his saber, but when combined with his Jar'kai and Form IV skills, makes it all the more challenging to determine when and where he'll strike next. In his first encounter with Jedi Knight Master Kage, he was given a severely modified lightsaber/light-whip variant, capable of a variety of functions. Maxun has as of yet not employed this weapon however, and may see fit to use it as a trump card if all else fails.

Customized Lightsaber

Focusing Crystals
Mineral Characteristics Location
Jenraux Influences a more agile blade, making it more efficient against blaster fire Unspecified
Sigil Created an incredibly potent blade that could sheer through objects swiftly Sigil System
Solari A very rare and powerful crystal, the Solari could only be used by those pure of heart, and were follower's of the light-side of the force. Made blade more useful against blaster fire Rhen Var; Sacorria
Additional Components
2 miniature-sized Diatium power cell Units
Standard Emitter Matrix
"Beam Gem" Focusing Lens
"Arbiter Styled" Lightsaber hilt
Activation Stud Plate
Integrated Power Conduit
Pommel Cap
Orion created his first and only lightsaber back during his younger years as a Padawan at the Jedi Temple, on Coruscant. Created originally with the Mephite crystal as it's primary source, along with two other focusing crystals: Jenraux, and Sigil, as time progressed into his adolescence Orion had made augmentations. Forgoing the old handle in favor of the Arbiter Style, and replacing the vibration lens with the Beam Gem lens, to conform his blade into a more focusing beam. Orion later replaced his lightsaber's primary Mephite crystal with the Solari ore, to which he found while excavating ruins on Rhen Var. Before this alteration, Orion's blade had emitted a solid dark blue sheen. But with the augmentation of the Solari crystal, it became almost white, with faint tints of yellow. The blade rang true, and was fiercely focused, which allowed for swift, and decisive movements, while at the same time maintaining devastating power. Orion uses this blade the most, typically preferring to refer to his shoto as a checking blade, and forgoing the use of his master, Kage Okami's out of the risk of losing or breaking it in the midst of battle.

Shoto Saber

Orion's Shoto saber was later bought as an offhand weapon, and has played a vital role in his extensive use of Jar'kai in conjunction with his preference in Ataru. The Shoto blade had suffered previous damage in the past, during a confrontation on Tatooine, and was further augmented by Kane, an unruly and hermit-like inventor, who reinforced the base handle with a thin layer of Cortosis, and replaced the Diatum Power Cell with a Prototype version of his own. The blade had your typical Synth Crystal acting as the primary crystal mount, but due to the altered power cell, the blade was extremely compressed and powerful. It's shortness further augmented it's speed, and it's weighted end allowed for swift, hard to dodge strikes.

Kage's customized Lightsaber

The details of this lightsaber are scarcely known. It was a gift to Maxun by his master Kage Okami, and as of yet he has only discovered it's ability to transform itself from a 4 meter blade to a lavish light whip with no more than a flick of a switch. This blade is also known to negate force abilities while in the heat of battle. The blade cannot be wielded by none other than the person it was willingly given to, making it an extremely difficult weapon to acquire without the acknowledgment of the initial owner. More on this blade will be documented as discoveries are made.




Commonly known among the Order as the Jedi Interceptor, the Eta-2-Actis-Class Starfighter was an old peace of junk when given to Orion. Standard specs had rendered the old star fighter a considerably agile and speed oriented fighter with superior firepower. But failed to withhold a shielding system and further disappointed with the inability to fire for a continuous amount of time. It's here where Orion had opted for changes.

After gutting needless old parts from the stock Interceptor, Orion re-worked the AI system to run on more appropriate current gen levels. Allowing the computers systematic functions to prioritize situations on screen and produce them upon Maxun's battle grid; Notifying the Jedi of anything that took priority over the situation at hand. Not only that, but it had also allowed for a more sophisticated battle network, which allowed the ship to coordinate and function it's firing capabilities without the worry of jamming. Orion had then retro-fitted the old ship with a rather impressive shielding system that communicated comfortably with the ships newly-fitted AI variant, and allowed easy access for Orion's augmented Astromech and pre-op droid, R9-TAT50. The ship was further prepped with two additional laser cannons fitted underneath the mid-section of the wing on either side. Orion pulled out the heavier twin ion engine to be fitted with a much lighter and more system friendly block. Eventually, after having reworked the exterior, Orion had self modified his own Jedi Interceptor, making one of the most unique out-dated ship variations of his era. The Interceptor, which Maxun had dubbed "Starlight" due to it's silver and blue sheen when spotted en route, had firepower, was fast and extremely agile, and had the capability of defending itself. Oblivious to it's reputation in the hands of Orion however, R9 is deemed a much more suitable pilot for the ship. So he says.

Having focused the majority of the ships specs in an equal balance of fire capability, agileness, and shielding, There was unfortunately not enough room to equip a miniaturized hyper-drive. Orion's Actis still requires the use of an extended Hyper-Drive Ring for extended Hyper space travel.



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