Mandalore the Protector
Homeworld "Concord Dawn"
Born "N/A"
Died "N/A"
Alternate Names "Real Name is Kale Prudii'a'den"
Physical Description
Species "Human (Mandalorian)"
Gender "Male"
Height "6'3""
Hair Color

" ||

Eye Color "Slate grey"
Skin Color "Light Tan"
Historical Information
Rank "Leader of Mandalorians/Bounty Hunter"
Affiliations "Mandalorians"
Known Masters "N/A"
Known Apprentices "N/A"

Name: Kale Prudii'a'den
Pronunciation: kay-ehl(first name) proo-DEE AH-den (last name)
Alias': Mandalore the Protector
Era: Present Date


Father: Owen Prudii'a'den
Mother: Kana Prudii'a'den
Siblings: Suspected to have a brother by the name of Salem
Profession: Leader of the Mandalorians/Bounty Hunter

Created,illustrated, and played by:



"["Why must all of my father's friends turn to credits instead of their honor and brethren… what has happened to us…?" - Kale's holojournal entry at age 14]"

[ Kale was born on the planet of Concord Dawn to a former Mandalorian Protector named Owen and a mandalorian female farmer named Kana. When Kale finally reached the age of 3, his father was reluctant at first to teach him, fearing his son would end up like the long dead legendary Boba and Jango Fett and become a ruthless, uncaring, and cruel man who would not be able to be called mandalorian. However Owen finally began teaching the young Kale a week after his third birthday to become a true mandalorian who carried a code of ethics and morals other than just using people, trusting no one, and caring only about your next paycheck. He taught the boy how to fight and to never hold back on an opponent, that favors could take one a long way, and that honor is more valuable than credits. Kale took this to heart, not rushing his training and learning all that he possibly could from his father. When his thirteenth birthday came ten years later, Kale with the help of his father forged his first set of black Mandalorian armor and gave the helmet a basic HUD to start with. ]


"["I will bring the Mandalorians back to their former glory, but not through bloodshed, fear, and hatred like my predecessors. For once, I seek to attempt to make alliances with the universe, to try and erase the lingering hatred and fear that remains towards the mandalorians. However, do not think I am a pacifist. The moment my people are threatened, we will act. And I assure you this action will not be peaceful."-Mandalore's speech upon being accepted as Mandalore.]"

[When Kale reached the age of 18 and moved out to begin the work of a bounty hunter, he was exposed to the world for the first time and found work hard to come by with his inexperience and age but his large size got him a few odd jobs every now and then. He got his first break at 22 when he was given his first true job by a Hutt to take out a nearby lightly defended rival criminal base in the Eastern Dune Seas with around 20-30 men. Kale successfully stormed the camp on Tatooine and took out each criminal there cleanly and professionally, not once resorting to dirty tactics or underhanded moves to take out an enemy. When Kale showed up at his client's office with the rival boss's vibroblade and valuable gem necklace, the Hutt payed him well for it and soon went on to employ Kale in the future for more and more dangerous jobs. When Kale reached 30, he bought his second and most recent ship, a BTL-S8 K-wing assault starfighter off of the blackmarket with shielding, a hyperdrive, and an upgraded power source. He soon bought and reprogrammed two OOM-pilot battle droids from a Jawa running a nearby salvage stand and reprogrammed them both, one to be a bombardier and another to be a gunner. Afterwards, his bounty hunting career took off as he began to be recommended for high-value targets and raids. However, Kale never once resorted to any underhanded tactics, instead sticking to his code of morals and honor to this very date, never killing those who did not deserve it and adhering to the Six Actions all except the third and fourth rule as he does not have a family. Kale soon faced another mandalorian who when almost defeated resorted to underhanded moves, taking a cheap shot for Kale's temples and giving him the scar he now has from the top of his temples to the bottom of his right eyebrow and blinding him in his left eye. To compensate for the now blind eye, he underwent extensive personal training to fight even with the new disability. After this experience, Kale realized that the mandalorians no longer cared for their culture and religion and had forsaken honor for the promise of credits. Kale soon sought out to restore the former honor of those very mandalorians.

Personality and Traits

[ Kale is extremely protective when it comes to fellow mandalorians. He has a habit of committing to whatever it is he puts his mind to. He is also highly moral, refusing to stoop to dishonorable levels to win a fight.]

Powers and Abilities

[ Skilled marksman and warrior ]

Health Issues/Weaknesses

[ Has scar that starts at the left side of his temples and goes down right under his left eyebrow. As a result, he is blind in his left eye. ]

Appearance and Clothing

[ Is of a very fit, lean, and muscular build from daily training and exercise. Mythosaur skull tattoo that covers his right shoulder blade and his upper arm. Has a tattoo of the mando'a words "Ba'jur, beskar'gam,Ara'nov, aliit,Mando'a bal Mand'alor-An vencuyan mhi." or Resol'nare(The Six Actions) that start right underneath the teeth of the mythosaur skull tattoo and wrap around the tricep of his right arm in a downwards spiral. Has a very detailed image of Kad Ha'rangir(The mandalorian destroyer god) and Arasuum (the mandalorian sloth god) leading seperate armies and attacking one another on his upper back. Has the war song Vode An inscribed on his left bicep. Is blind in his left eye and has a scar that starts at the right side of his temples and stops an inch below his eyebrow. ]

Weapons and Vehicles

-A BTL-S8 K-wing assault starfighter with a hull made from titanium mixed with durasteel and a thin coating of alusteel. The gunner and bombardier are staffed by two OOM-pilot battle droids reprogrammed for the gunner and bombardier tasks. The ship also has a power source made from three Quadex power cores and a class 0.7 hyperdrive.

-A S-5 heavy blaster pistol in a holster on his left leg
-DT-57 heavy blaster pistol in a holster on his right leg
-Two ACP repeater guns in belt holsters on his waist
-Verpine sniper rifle that is strapped to his back with the butt of the rifle stopping barely above his left shoulder with the barrel hanging out a bit behind his right hip
-A senate guard ceremonial blaster rifle strapped across his back in an opposite fashion with the butt poking up a bit from behind his right shoulder and the barrel hanging out from behind his left hip.
-Carries a WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle in his hands.
Melee Weapons:
-Two jagged vibroblades in a secret holder in the side of each of his upper arm plating
-Carries a vibrosword with a jagged edge that goes from the handle to the tip in a scabbard on the right side of his hip behind his waist holsters.
Other Equipment:
-Czerka ZX miniature flamethrower on the top of his right wrist
-Blastech Dur-24 Wrist laser underneath the flamethrower
-Dart launchers on the sides of the wrist,
-A hidden micro-rocket launcher on his left wrist
-For his WESTAR-M5:
-Grenade launcher
-PLX-1m micro rocket launcher
-A stun attachment
-Various knives
-Three repulsor razors
-Four poison darts
-Various grenades


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