Lucian Solf
Homeworld "Tatooine"
Born "Unknown"
Died "N/A"
Alternate Names "Rogue (Prefers this over his real name, for safety reasons)"
Physical Description
Species "Human"
Gender "Male"
Height "6 Feet"
Hair Color "Obsidian"
Eye Color "Dark dark Silver"
Skin Color "Tanned"
Historical Information
Rank "Bounty Hunter/Mercenary for hire"
Affiliations "Loner"
Known Masters "Zanobi Solf"
Known Apprentices "Unknown"

Name: Lucian Solf
Pronunciation: Luh-cyan Sulf
Alias': Rogue
Era: Uknown


Father: Grun Solf
Mother: Felc Solf
Siblings: Raze Solf
Profession: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary

Created and played by: TigerMaster
Illustrated by: Unknown Artist


Lucian doesn't like to talk about his history, except with people he trusts. A personal quote of his, when asked about his past: 'The past is the past, it's come and gone. Let's focus on now..the future."


"The one thing I remember vividly about my childhood…was the sand." ~ Lucian

Lucian was born on Tatooine, to one of the many Moisture farmers there. Being the first born, he, naturally, had the most responsibility. He was raised with discipline, though it wasn't too strict, mostly respect and following orders. He was also raised to wield the force, but he was only taught the basics by his parents, who had been jedi back in their time. His brother Raze was taught as well, though his parents stopped his training early, because he showed signs of falling to the darkside easily.

At the age of twelve, the farm was attacked by a group of dark jedi, led by his uncle, Zanobi Solf. Zanobi wanted revenge on his brother, Grun, and got it by killing him and his wife. Burning the building to the ground, he separated Lucian and Raze, Raze going to train at a Sith Academy, while Lucian was kept to be trained personally by Zanobi. Once the boy's memory was wiped, he went to work on training him.

Being a Sith, Zanobi taught Lucian in the ways of the darkside, making sure to control him and not let him remember who he really was.


"You're weak! In order to gain power you must kill! Survival of the fittest, Lucian. Mercy had no place in this universe. Not if you want to live." ~ Zanobi Solf

When Lucian turned eighteen, a childhood friend, Azure, found him. Seeing as he didn't remember anything, she quickly explained everything to him. With that, his memory clicked, and he started to remember. No sooner than when he did remember, he was dragged away by Azure. He didn't mind, glad to be out of Zanobi's clutches.

Once safely away from the dark jedi, Azure offered to train Lucian as a bounty hunter. Readily agreeing, the two set off for Coruscant. Soon, they were both experienced hunters, greatly known. Rumor was they never missed a bounty.

The two soon fell to love eachother in the early twenties, and planned to marry eachother soon. But, when Lucian found Azure cheating on him with someone else, he left in an outrage. He hasn't spoken to her since, even when she tried to contact him.

Soon after that, after killing his bounty target, he came to realize that the target was Raze's wife. Feeling very guilty, he tried to apologize to his brother. But Raze, too furious, ended up attacking Lucian. Refusing to fight back, he quickly fled.

The database stops here, so nothing more is known officially.

Personality and Traits

Lucian is very mischievous, liking to play around with certain people. But he's serious where it counts, mostly on jobs or when someone's in danger. He has a strong sense of loyalty to his friends, as long as they return it.

Powers and Abilities

Lucian, being a neutral force user, knows both the light and darkside of the force. However he doesn't like to use the force..not unless it's needed. This attachment to the force helps him on jobs, but it's not widely known he's a force sensitive.

Health Issues/Weaknesses

He's known to have a slight limp with his right leg. Upon closer inspection there is a scar running down the back of his right leg, from his knee to his ankle. He's known to stop breathing at times as well, or to wake up wheezing.

Appearance and Clothing

While on a job, he's seen wearing his Kartan class Commando armor, which shows signs of aging. It's not brand new, but it works fine. When not on a job, he keeps his wardrobe casual, usually depending on the climate.

Weapons and Vehicles

G-9 power blaster, modified to serve as a G-8 with the touch of a button, Heavy Lightning Rifle, Combat enforcer, E-17d sniper rifle, Sith sniper rifle, C-10 "Dragoneye Reaper" (2), Mandalorian blaster (2), Force staff (rarely used), Rodian death blade (2), Power lash, Poison grenade (3), Stun grenade (5), lightsaber (4), with dark orange blades, hilts 30 centimeters long, uses Lava crystals. Of course he didn't carry these all at once, and favored the G-9 power blaster over everything else. All this ties in with his Kappa-class shuttle, which is modified to have a living quarters, and a prisoner's quarters.

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