Koduku Doradus Daesul
Homeworld Unknown
Born unknown
Died N/A
Alternate Names Koduku Amalia
Physical Description
Species Assumed Human
Gender Male
Height "6ft 3"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color orange/red
Skin Color "Tanned"
Historical Information
Rank "Sith Archon"
Affiliations Sith Order
Known Masters unknown
Known Apprentices

Name: (Koduku) Doradus Daesul
Pronunciation: Ko-duu-ku Do-rah-dus Da-eh-sul
Alias': Doradus


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Profession: Sith Master/Sith Archon

Created,illustrated, and played by: Doradus-daesule


Much is unknown of the name that is name Doradus Daesul. His very name is only spoken in whispers by the jedi. He is thought to have died year ago in a battle with Robert Skywalker, as his home was collapsed in the attack to save one of their own. Assumed to have died during the collapse, years had pasted. Doradus making his way through the galaxy, until his time to raise above all others came along.


"I hold this blade, this power. I shall raise above all others and banish those who defy me."

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