Karis Amalia

Name: Karis Amalia
Pronunciation: Car-us/Care-us Ah-ma-lee-ah
Alias': Selus


Father: N/A
Mother: Sheada Amalia
Siblings: Malin Amalia,Ankro Amalia
Profession: Sith Mistress/Healer

Created,illustrated, and played by: Darkandinhell


Karis Selus Amalia, Ex-Jedi master and Council member, turned Sith. She is cunning, and keeps to the shadows. She is well known for her healing abilities, one could call her a witch of sorts. Current Sith Mistress, her where about on her location are unknown at this time. Born to a unknown/exiled world, her mother was of Naboo decent, where as her father is unknown ( nothing is known of him). She is the other girl in her family, being the middle child of an older and younger brother, both are assumed deceased ( only one has be confirmed). After rebirth redemption is started by Ren Skywalker and finished by Stet Drave.


Born to a Exiled/unknown world, she was immediately taken under the wing of force users. She held potential at a young age for force abilities. Being forced into experimentation, the young Karis Amalia was used as a tool and weapon against others. She matured at a young age, gaining skills in healing more efficiently than her counter parts. After her people were attacked (where she was injured rendering a scar over her right eye), she was knocked out and tossed onto a ship by an unknown man (Later revealed as a childhood friend and stalker Darth Doradus (Koduku)), where she started her journey to other worlds, and later her start as a sith taken in by Darth Kharin at a appearing age of 15( though her real age unknown.).


Taken in by the Sith during her teenage years( or so called teenage), she was (born as)a browned haired beauty, shy but defiant. Easily persuaded, she became curious about the Jedi while she was part of an attack on the Temple. Soon after she had an encounter with Joga Skywalker, who would soon after befriend her, and accept her into the Jedi. Soon after many challenges she admitted her love for her Master and friend Council member Joga Skywalker. She was not easily accepted by Robert Skywalker, as she was known to run when she feared so. She soon after Married her master, and was promoted to Knight. She took one padawan Collison Montross, who was increasingly interested in the Dark arts of the Sith. The curiosity of her young padawan ended in having her trained by none other than the Grand Master Robert Skywalker. Karis was easily trusted equally detested for her ability to deceived as well befriend. In her later years, Promoted to Master. Karis Selus Amalia was granted to be one of the council where was one of the only council members that held the Jedi together during the 7 year war. Some years later, due to her inability to be faithful to the Jedi, she was killed and later somehow brought back, where she chose the path she started with. Sith.


Sometime years after her initial death, she woke up where she was laid to rest, in the ruins of her home planet. Haven't been granted life with her adopted child Ileeandra. She set off, keeping herself unknown secretly setting a dark plan against Joga Skywalker manipulating her own creation Eonis Fanir. Karis with Ileeandra at her side, made way to heal a mutilated Robert Skywalker, saving him once more from death. Karis hadn't changed at all in a physically appearance, though her mind was stable and slowly brewing something dark. Her love for Joga Skywalker still range strong, but it turned out it wasn't enough to keep her from going away. Being reunited with Joga Skywalker, Karis Amalia started to question her life, and her ways. She had retained her healing and force abilities, but held no skills with a sword.She broke her relationship with the Skywalker, and left committing herself to Exile she made he way to Hoth, a planet she called home for many years during her Jedi Days.

—""Death was only the key, I have been unleashed my time has came once more. My reason to go on is here, my home is here. How I love the cold. Here I breath, Here I die. My answer is found here in the snow."" —

Hoping death would accept her once more, a weak Karis had crash landed into Hoth, barely making it past the ships that gaurded the planet. She was oblivious to what had been circulating about the galaxy. She stayed in her ship, before she was met with a voice and a godlike figure. A man whom showed her the way, the way she had desired long ago to continue. Karis's future as a Sith was set in stone. Making her way with her who she called her Savior , as was accepted into the Sith Temple that was held on Hoth.

—""I have lost the knowledge of using the saber, I’m afraid. I have tried to regain it, and I am slowly failing on my own. The lessons around here will come in handy. And I’ll be sure to attend them when I can. "" —

Karis stayed stationed on Hoth for many months, finding solace in her newly acquired home. She encountered many high status Sith, as well apprentices such as Shi'Ari and Inguentias. She welcomed and gave sleeping quarters occasionally giving her own room up to newcomers such as Shi'Ari and Z'Gil. Just as she welcomed others, she spent most of her time, regaining her strength and training to become what she once was. Always looking to gain praise from her Savior, she encountered many journeys in and out of Hoth as well designing a ship for herself that held a MedBay.

Gaining word of Joga Skywalker her ex-husband and enemy. She gathered and ignorant plan to get back at the Jedi. Tauting and persuading his Padawan. She seduced him, taking him under her wing. Her plan back firing, the woman was rendered pregnant shortly after. Panicking with what he emotions were telling her, she was once more torn at where she stood. Sometime days/weeks later Ileeandra remodeled Karis's face, while stabilizing the weak woman. Further more, Karis choosing her loyalty to her Savior, sometime after she aborted the Pregnancy.
After receiving word, that this Sith Temple on Hoth was to be evacuated and abandoned. Karis did what she could, leading whom would follow her out. Alone without her Savior, Karis did her duty and wandered through out he Galaxy. Being a wanted woman, she wandered to Dantooine to gather herbs, and for other plans that were yet to be discovered. Much to her distaste, she was met with a young Jedi Maxun. Holding no ill will to harm the lad, she taunted him giving him the choice to live or die. Moments later, she let the man leave as she guided her ship out of the Dantooine Atmosphere and made way to Naboo.

—""Stage..two complete. My garden is growing. My precious plants…the seeds I sprout will grow strong"" —

"Under the New Archon"


As Time has gone by, Karis Amalia settled herself away from Imogen. Refusing to submit to the Archon's orders out of her own selfishness. Not commiting Exile, merely going against the Archon's words. Karis Amalia settled herself withing a set of Sith ruins. During her time there, injured mentally from the broke force bond that she had with stood with the former Archon Animus. Karis dwelled there for days, weeks and perhaps months. No contact with anyone not even her precious Niamh, whom she considered a great counterpart to herself like a daughter.
During her time there, she felt something felt someone strong, almost pure. Ren Skywalker had come looking for clues about the fall of Thridi now Darth Imogen, and the call of Celia who was knowns as Darth Cealia (?). Karis now taking the appearence of a rogue, dressing in lucious Reds, covering her face and mouth. Reached out to the boy, leading him to her. At the time she didn't know who Ren was in appearence, she knew of him by name. Soon the two were confronted, Karis hiding the inner turmoil she was healing from, Ren searching for the truth. Two cut paths. Ren had heard of Karis from the holocrons left by his late father Robert Skywalker. The two exchanging words as well bashing Sabers. Karis lost in the end both sabers destroyed while only managing to poison the Skywalker. She laid against a tree, beaten and broken. But, within that time Karis grew to respect Ren for what he did. He reached out to others and made them understand unlike the fool Karis was. Meaninglessly following orders searching for a purpose. Ren's words of 'love', something he said that a sith could never understand it, made her rethink her ways. Giving ren the antidote to the poison she laced in her weapon that scratched the boy. She spoke that they would meet again, a silent message of something plasent. Perhaps they would meet on good terms and not bad. And so the start of the Redemption of Karis Amalia was started.

"Ren Skywalker 's Jedi Council"

Accepting Redemption since her past interaction with Ren Skywalker, as well becoming aware of his promotion to Grand Master. Her reached out to her, as she sat in her ship getting ready to sell it. To rid of what was on it. Reaching out to her, Karis was to come to the temple. A newly redeemed Sith Mistress now Jedi Master. Karis went to the temple, and that is where Ren Skywalker asked her to become part of the council. A newly established one. Her loyalty being Ren Skywalker and the Jedi, she accepted the proposal but no doubt warned them there had to be hunters out there after her. She would do her job, and remain loyal. But little did she know, her complete redemption would occur sooner than she thought. Forging herself in stone, forever loyal to the Jedi.

"With Redemption comes Love"

"With Redemption comes Fear"

"With Redemption comes Truth"

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Homeworld "N/A"
Born "N/A"
Alternate Names Selus
Physical Description
Species Assumed Human
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Hair Color (Brown)/ Black
Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color Lightly tanned
Historical Information
Rank Former Sith Mistress,Current Jedi Master
Affiliations Sith Order Jedi Order
Known Masters (Jedi) Joga Skywalker
Known Apprentices (Jedi) Collison Montross, (Sith) Ingenuitas
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