Kai Wag Fei
Kai Wang Fei
Homeworld Maridun
Born 455 ABY
Died N/A
Alternate Names Kai, Squirt, Fuzz Ball
Physical Description
Species Lurman
Gender Female
Height 3ft 5
Hair Color Copper w/ Grey tips
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Copper Fur
Historical Information
Rank Jedi Initiate
Affiliations Jedi Order
Known Masters N/A
Known Apprentices N/A

Name: Kai Wag Fei
Pronunciation: Kay Wag Fae
Alias': N/A


Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
Siblings: None
Profession: ???

Created,illustrated, and played by:



"Fight a War that doesn't need death"

Being a Lurman, Kai was born on Maridun and had to be mindful of her surroundings. At a young age she showed signs of force powers when a mastiff phalone tried to attack her and she made it levitate using the force. She had heard of stories about force users coming to her planet and saving her species. When a smuggling ship made an emergency landing on Maridun she stowed away on it. The ship traveled to Coruscant where Kai departed and found herself in a world she did not understand. Many other races looked at her weirdly due to the fact that they had never seen a Lurman before. She yet again used her force powers by accident when an out of control speeder crashed, she held out her hands to stop the speeder from hitting her and 3 other people. She was cheered on by the crowed and she was shown the way to the Jedi temple where her force abilities were increased and she was trained in lightsaber use.


"Sometimes the best way to avoid bloodshed, is to fight for it"

Since being on Yavin Kai has had little to do but meditate and grow with her connection to the force. She still has yet to get a master and continues her training with a lightsaber.

Personality and Traits

As a Lurman she is a pacifist in nature and she doesn't like to fight, sometimes she will disobey an order due to her beliefs.

Powers and Abilities

Because she is a pacifist in nature her force powers are stronger then her ability to wield a lightsaber. That doesn't mean however that she isn't good at wielding one but rather than go on the offensive she uses a Shien stance that gives for a better defense. Her force powers are her strong point allowing her to try and defuse a situation without the need of a lightsaber battle. She will always attempted to use a Jedi mind trick to make her enemies passive and stop fighting. As a Lurman she has the ability to curl up and roll around like a droiddeka, this increases her speed and allows her to keep up with anyone that is running.

Health Issues/Weaknesses

She is short and that could be a weakness, sometimes she will disobey an order due to her beliefs.

Appearance and Clothing

Her hair is sweeped back with a red bandana holding it back, her fur is all copper in color with her tail tip being a shade of grey. Her clothes consist of typical female Lurman clothing although this provides with added mobility.

Weapons and Vehicles

She has a Shoto Lightsaber, held in a Shien stance. It holds a blue crystal. She has no Vehicles


Nothing so far.

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