Kage Okami

Name: Kage Okami
Pronunciation: Kah-geh Oh-kah-mee
Blood Relatives: Valandil

Profession: Force Sage

Created, illustrated, and played by Takanahara


The history of Kage Okami was a very mysterious one when inspected closely. Little to no records show of his whereabouts when growing up and into adolescence. Most holocrons of his early life are either destroyed or damaged beyond recognition, the vandal still unknown to this day. Suspicions point to either Kage himself or someone of even darker matter.

The first record of Kage is not of him being a Jedi, but actually a Sith. First encounter was recorded with Sendo Okami, when the Jedi Knight was moseying around the Jedi Temple. Sendo found Kage in a beaten state, beaten and bruised beyond recognition from what appeared to be a fierce battle of some sort. The Knight quickly took the stranger in, feeding the unknown person waffles (yes waffles) and attempted to nourish him back to health. It was revealed at this time that this unknown person was called Darth Ulterion, a powerful Sith Lord in the Outer Rim territories, and had no recognition of his real name. After long, bonding, deep conversations, Sendo discovered that there was still some Light left in this poor soul, enough worth saving. The Knight eventually convinced the Sith to revoke his Dark name, to which he replaced with the name "Kage". After spending more and more time with the Knight, Kage felt oddly connected with him to a point where they were like brothers. Eventually the lack of a last name became an issue, to which Sendo solved by giving him his. After that the two were like brothers moreso than ever before, a Jedi and a Force Sensitive.

Kage eventually began to pop up on random occurrences, mostly on Jedi grounds. It'd been recorded that upon several occasions he'd had a few negative run-ins with both Jedi and Sith alike, but usually ending upon peaceful terms.

Force Sensitive Kage Okami eventually found himself tarrying around Jedi Temples the most during his young adult years, eventually running in to the Jedi Grand Master Robert Skywalker. Robert and Kage quickly became acquaintances. After exchanging a few words, Robert soon took to explaining to Kage the ways of the Jedi. Ears perked with interest, Okami gave his word to Robert of contemplation of the Jedi Way. After more and more encounters with the Jedi Master, before his downfall, Kage soon joined the Jedi Order and quickly made his name known throughout many. Many duels with Robert later on, the aspiring Jedi gave his soul word to the Grand Master to serve the Jedi in any way possible and to never stray down the paths of Darkness, binding him into service to whomever leads the Jedi Council.

Okami never truly had a set Master, learning what he could through small sessions with various Masters as well as the Jedi Archives, and not to mention the personal meditation sessions. When it came to learning and training, Kage was a bit of a loner. He learned best by either dueling or watching duels and battles as they took place, figuring out tactics and maneuvers very quickly on his own private sessions. Being a heavy thinker and analyst, it doesn't take long for Kage to figure out how to do something after he'd seen it

Just before Kage's death, it was revealed that he had a son he'd kept hidden for years, long before he even joined the Order. The Jedi Sage directed his revealed son, Valandil, to search out his personal archives to find out his history of creation. The archives revealed that just a year before his introduction to the Jedi Order, he'd paid a secret visit to Kamino. His purpose, a chance to create a bloodline. Due to Kage's sexual orientation, homosexual to be specific, he had no intentions mating with another female to make a bloodline possible. However, after hearing about Kamino's reputation of cloning he decided to take another route. Kage, under the name of Darth Ulterion at the time, eventually worked a deal out with the Kaminoans, giving them his DNA and setting off to do other Sith business he had to do at the time. Later he returned to check on the progress of his possible child. After finding out that the first cloning attempt had failed, he'd decided to take one last possible route. He decided to donate his male reproductive organisms to the Kaminoans, directing them to find any female human that'd be willing to carry his child.

Darth Ulterion never discovered the name of the woman who volunteered to carry and birth his child. Deciding that he'd at least want to know the name of his child, he went after the Kaminoans for more information. Due to their privacy laws, they refused to reveal any information about the mother at all. In a fit of rage and with the burning desire to ensure that he even had a son, Darth Ulterion began to wreak havoc on the Kaminoans. After putting up a very good fight, the Kaminoans revealed only the name of his child, Valandil. Beaten and bruised, now filled with the knowledge that he did have a child somewhere out there in the universe, Ulterion decided it was time to change. After much thought and deliberation, the Sith Lord decided the best thing to do was a practically complete memory wipe. It was after the memory wipe that he was found around a Jedi Temple, in which he stumbled upon Sendo Okami and ended his journey of a Sith to begin his journey as a Jedi.


Homeworld unknown
Born ≈175ABY
Died ≈500ABY
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 7'11"
Hair Colour Pure White
Eye Color Dark Blue
Skin Color Flax
Historical Information
Affiliations Jedi Order
Known Masters N/A
Known Apprentices Maxun Izak Orion, Tasian Nosax
Known Aliases Darth Ulterion, Force Sage
Force Abilities
Force Push/Pull Mastered
Alchaka Mastered
Force Maelstrom Mastered
Art of the Small Mastered
Force Meld Exceptional
Force Concealment/Cloak Mastered
Force Clone/Dopplegänger Mastered
Crucitorn Exceptional
Kenitite/Force Destruction Exceptional
Deflection Exceptional
Malacia Mastered
Morichro Mastered
Force Storm Proficient
Sever Force Satisfactory
Force Barrier/Protection Bubble Mastered
Force Light/Wall of Light Mastered
Kage Okami as the Sith Lord, Darth Ulterion
-First record

Personality and Traits

Nonchalant and often times strict. One rarely came across a smile on his face, yet he rarely frowned either. He stood firm on the title of Jedi, yet appeared to not always follow the path. Due to his exploration with knowledge of the Force, his opinions on what is classically "good" or "evil" often differ from most Jedi and most Sith. To some he was a being to be reckoned with, but to most a pillar of knowledge and wisdom. Most went to Kage Okami for knowledge, training, and counseling, usually in the areas of the Force.

—"No one can choose your mountain, or tell you when to climb. It's yours alone to challenge, at your own pace and time. Control not others' destiny, for in the end there is only failure. Seek to travel and command your own path." - Musing of Kage Okami —

Weapons and Vehicles

Known to carry around more than one lightsaber on hand, usually numbering three or more due to his unusual style of saber techniques. Thanks to his abnormally tall physique, both his main and secondary sabers were classic long sabers (one sapphire and the other usually emerald). At one point he use to sport a highly modified lightsaber, originally belonging to Marx Amalie and before him Master Takata, of which he bestowed upon his padawan Maxun as a sign of great trust and faith; the saber was called Jennu Vers. Due to his nature of exploring the Force, he'd also discovered how to cast Force Lightning and constrain it into a blade-like form creating what he calls a Force Saber; however, due to its requirement of great strength and stamina to upkeep the Force Saber he rarely used it unless on occasion he became saberless.

Kage had no vehicles or ships to call his own. He considered them too high-tech and complicated, usually hitching a ride with someone as a mode of transport.

Jennu Vers


The history of this legendary saber begins not with Kage Okami, but Jedi Master Takata long before his time. Master Takata was secretly a powerful practitioner of alchemy, which is how he made this saber possible. Upon creation of this saber, the Jedi called it Jennu Vers (this information was retrieved shortly after Kage Okami's death). After Master Takata's death, it was 'bestowed' upon his son, Marx Amalie. This is the first sign of one of many of the saber's hidden abilities. Marx had spent many years during his personal exile trying to discover what this saber could do, and eventually made a replica of his own, secretly. Eventually, Marx had learned everything he could about this unique relic, before secretly bestowing it upon Kage Okami, whom he ran into before his supposed execution. The blade had been under Okami's care for several decades, before passing it down to Maxun Izak Orion.

The immediate, noticeable details of the saber number few. The metal of the hilt is of a mandalorian-cortosis alloy. Thus, it is virtually indestructible against other sabers and most general blasters. The Primary "Crystal" is Durindfire, which was fused with Eralam and a small amount of Bnar's Sacrifice. Durindfire creates the outer major silver hue of the blade itself, Eralam gives it the "superior beam" effect, and Bnar's Sacrifice makes the whole "bestowal" ability possible. Focusing Crystals are Sunrider's Destiny, Dragite, Damind, Hurrikaine (inner purple hue), and Permafrost (outer minor sapphire hue), all of which are fused together to make one, sophisticated crystal.

It has been discovered that it has the ability to transform from a four meter blade into a lavish light whip at he flick of a switch near the top of the pommel. This ability is made possible by the Damind crystal.

This blade is also known to negate force abilities while in the heat of battle, some research shows that this is due to a hydrolic system carrying Ysalamiri DNA that runs through the hilt. The activation of this ability has been noted towards a small button at the bottom of the hilt.

The blade cannot be wielded by none other than the person it was willingly given to, making it an extremely difficult weapon to acquire without the acknowledgment of the initial owner. This is due to one of the many crystals that give the saber the ability to "recognize" the wielder via DNA. However, further studies have shown that those of the same bloodline as the previous owner can also wield it. The crystals that make this possible are Sunrider's Destiny and Bnar's Sacrifice.

This relic also has a "blaster" ability, thanks to the Dragite (sonic damage). Gyroscopic energy is shorted out at the end of the "pulse", creating a boomerang-like wave of energy that projects itself towards the target.

Another intricate hydrolic system exists within the hilt of this relic. Though rarely ever used, it injects a short burst of highly concentrated Vitamin B into the wielder's blood system. Thus, the similar affect to "Force Valor" is achieved, granting an extreme amount of adrenaline rush.

Jennu Vers is extremely lightweight, contradictory to its gaudy length. Another unique ability is that all of the above mentioned abilities are possible to any type of wielder, even a non Force Sensitive.

Powers and Abilities

His knowledge of the Force was quite larger than most of the similar title of Jedi Master due to his countless hours and months of personal meditation, exploration, as well as experimentation. Kage would rather use the Force first before whipping out one of many sabers in combat. When it comes to the actual battle, he would much rather render the opponent defenseless and useless than finish them off. He had never successfully forced himself to end another's life up until the encounter with an old nemesis, Loreli Maronei.

Shii-Cho Mastered
Makashi Mastered
Soresu Exceptionally Proficient
Ataru Accomplished Master
Shien/Djem-So Exceptionally Proficient
Niman Exceptionally Proficient
Vaapad Exceptional

Kage prefered to use Ataru out of all the seven basic forms of saber technique. However, he had mastered the utilization of all as displayed in his "final" confrontation with the Sith Mistress Loreli Maronei (see events below for more info).

Often referred to as Sage, Kage had acquired a very large amount of knowledge over his many years of being alive (I mean come on he was over 15 decades old!). Thus he was a great foe among many battles, or often sought after for guidance and training. Rarely was he seen in battle, but when they arise truly they are an eyesight as only those of much experience on many levels even dared challenge him. Many times others would call him a "Battle Tactician" or a "Strategist", which made it difficult to catch him off guard.

Towards the last few years of his life, though he used the Force to slow down the process, Kage was no longer the fighter he once proudly was: a Jedi with honed Force, Saber, and Physical Combat abilities. He'd turned to favoring attacking from afar via Force-based maneuvers, trying to keep the physical combat to a minimal on his end. He favored Ataru and Jubis Orbis more than ever, physically unable to fully carry out the tactics of the other forms of saber combat.

Upon battles of dire need, Kage had displayed only three times what one would call a "finishing move", to which he calls "Thousand Saber" attack. In lieu of his own saber technique, Kage had always been known to carry numerous numbers of lightsabers. When uncloaked, it was revealed the many belts and holsters that line not just his waist, but his chest, arms, and legs, each holding sabers of various size and color. Utilizing the technique of Force Wielding, Okami hurled each saber at his opponent at lightning speeds, usually from every possible angle. Considering his strength and affiliation with the Force, one was not able to simply Force Push the sabers aside in almost every case unless they are stronger than him. In every case, however, his opponent never walked away unscathed. Due to the amount of concentration and draining strength it took to carry out this technique, Kage was either left unconscious or unable to carry on the duel or battle afterwards, hence why it was called his "finishing move".

Jubis Orbis

Okami also often employed his own saber technique, which requires wielding three or more sabers. Personally named as Jubis Orbis, this saber form requires the user to literally spin their ternary, or more, saber(s) around their primary and secondary (alternating back and forth). Doing so causes a wide variety of distraction and confusion to the opponent. Rarely was he seen using more than three sabers in Jubis Orbis form, as it requires great skill to use simply three. It had been noted that Kage activates and wields more sabers when his opponent seems to handle the current number too easily. Aside from his "Thousand Saber" maneuver, records state that the most number of sabers Kage has ever wielded in battle at one point was nine.

Events After R. Skywalker's Death

*~Kage happens upon a newer Jedi of the Order, Maxun Izak Orion. Something about this young man peaks Kage's interest, compelling him to duel the young lad and test where his opportunities lie. After the duel, Okami decides to bestow upon Maxun his most prized possession, his severely customized lightsaber. He then vows a re-encounter and takes leave.

*~Once again Okami encounters Maxun, but on different terms. During his seemingly moments of solitude he begins contemplating his past lives, which then leads him to begin falling to the Dark Side. Orion happens to step in at the last moment to intervene and stop the legendary Jedi Knight's demise. In a battle of epic proportions Maxun barely holds up his end, his life almost ending in the process. But Orion's efforts were awarded with Kage's full-fledged return to the Light side. This event seemed to have drawn both padawan and knight closer together, strengthening their bond.

*~Jedi Knight Kage Okami takes Maxun Izak Orion under his teachings as apprentice, beginning the padawan's road to greater knowledge than that of most Jedi.

*~Kage encounters his padawan in a fierce duel, testing him to his utmost knowledge and training preceeding up to this point. After many hours of dueling, knowledge of the Force and saber combat, as well as life and Jedi values, the duel ends. However, both receive heavy wounds, Kage specifically brushing it close with Death. It is unknown how the Jedi Knight will fare with the struggles to come when it comes to recuperation. Read the archive of the event here: Part 1 | Part 2

*~Pulls himself out of the Halls of Healing far too early, sensing that his old Padawan is in trouble with a new, yet not so new, threat. He uses Force Storm, usually an offensive and uncontrollable attack, as a mode of transportation; using the worm-hole essence of the Force Power to transport him to Saleucami and releasing the ability in to space as he is still yet unable to fully control such a tactic. After discovering his greatest nemesis' return, the great Sage of a Jedi is overcome by Loreli Maronei's power and Transfer Essence. As of current, Kage Okami is being completely controlled by the Sith Witch and her intentions of the Fall of the Jedi. Read the archive of the event here: Part 1 | Part 2

*~Kage, still under the control of Loreli Maronei, begins his onslaught of Jedi. He attacks various smaller parts of the galaxies in hopes that eventually enough attention will be drawn.

*~Failing to capture the eye of the Order, Loreli taps into Kage's memory and connections. She'd eventually tapped into Kage's memory of Robert's death, as well as Robert's son, Ren, and his slow rise in reputation. Figuring it would be a good idea to take out what she labeled a "keystone" to the Order, she soon tracked down the young lad to a remote place known as Dxun. It didn't take long until the two burst into a fierce battle, only with a momentary intrusion of Ren's Padawan, Lann. With Loreli's attack upon Lann, Ren quickly turned the tide on the Sith Witch, truly giving her a run for her money. The battle ended with Ren seeming to beat some sense into Loreli, seeming to release her from his body. But those who know Loreli know all too well she is yet to be finished, as stated in Kage's words to Ren before their departure. Read the archive of the event here.

*~In the wake of her encounter with Ren, Loreli sets out to find ways to make up for what Kage now lacks. She happens upon an infamous assassin known as Valandil Numenesse. The man boasted of his skills with any weapon, not including blaster-type weapons, and she tested his words in a fierce battle that left Valandil bending to her will. Utilizing her own knowledge and skills of the Force alongside Kage's, she even discovered that Valandil had virtually no affiliation with the Force ability and relied entirely on his weapons-mastery alone. To this she saw as a weakness, and implied her knowledge of Sith alchemy once again like she did with her son/grandson Acrer. She bestowed upon Valandil a device that nullified the Force within three feet of Valandil, the location of where on/in the man's body is still yet unknown.

*~Loreli/Kage encounters Jedi Master Seth during one of her escapades to destroy the Jedi on Tattoine, with the assistance of Valandil. Valandil is the first to encounter both Seth, but also Marx as well. Marx takes to a fierce battle with Valandil off in the distance, whilst Seth encounters Loreli/Kage. The Jedi reveals to Loreli that his purpose is to bring her back to the Jedi Order to answer for her crimes. She soon takes to belittling the Jedi, trying to make him back down considering her strength versus his, which then of course leads to an intense battle. Jedi Seth seems to at first take the advantage, only to realize that distance mattered in this battle and quickly lost control of the situation. Seth attempts to finish off Kage/Loreli with an Elementally-based Force Storm attack, to which he/she retaliates with a Force Storm of his/her own. The collision slams Seth weak, to which Loreli/Kage attempts to take advantage of and finish the Jedi off. Marx intervenes, barely saving the Jedi's life. Loreli is taken back in utter shock and dismay, believing for years that Marx was killed by the Jedi just like her husband. Marx sends Loreli off with a retaliated Force Push, and Loreli seemed to disappear without a trace.

*~After receiving a summons from her son, Marx, Loreli forces Kage to go to Tatooine. Soon after he arrives, Marx sends out a distress signal through the Force for assistance from any Jedi. Jedi Master Ileeandra answers to Marx's call, arriving shortly and assisting Marx in literally ripping Loreli from Kage's body. After succeeding, Marx finishes Loreli off, but the damage to Kage's body was too great. After revealing his son that he'd kept a secret for so long, Kage passes on into the Force. Read the archive of the event here.

*~Many, many years after having passed on into the Force, Xeo seeks out Kage's deathbed and brings his soul back to his body. Times are harsh for the Jedi, so the Jedi, as a collective, decided to call upon Kage's help and bring him back from the dead.

*~After having been brought back to life, Kage stayed relatively near most Jedi Temples. Offering help, guidance, and knowledge once again he found himself back in the same life he'd left. He took to taking down various minor Sith leaders, but not making much of an impact.

*~Kage discovers the existence of his dark counterpart, Darth Ulterion, who was brought to life and given a "body" thanks to his biggest nemesis, Loreli Maronei. This begins his hellbent journey to end the wraith, following his tracks all over the galaxies. Many times he had come close with Ulterion, but the wraith had slipped away just in time each and every time.

The End of the Okami Chronicles

Eventually, Kage had become so hellbent on his desires to catch and put an end to his dark counterpart that he had forgotten what it was to be a Jedi altogether. Even when he had come across the ghostly image of his mother, who tried her best to quell his destructive desires, he struggled with keeping himself under control. So long did he fight the thought of why he couldn't finish off Ulterion, even when they'd chanced running into one another.

His frustration led him to, of all places, the deserts of Saleucami. There, he spent many, many months continuously meditating. Not only was he gathering his strength, but he pieced together the answers to the question, "Why can't I beat him?" The answer: Darth Ulterion was his exact equal. The wraith was everything he wasn't, yet everything he is at the same time. The yang to his yin, the Dark to his Light.

After having learned of this piece of information, Okami knew what to do. He located his old Padawan, Maxun Izak Orion, and utilized his knowledge of Force Storm and its worm hole abilities to transfer himself to Daxun. Master and old Padawan had only moments to enjoy one another's presence before the wraith, predictably, showed himself. A battle of truly epic proportions then ensued, pushing not just Ulterion, but Kage and Maxun to their limits. The RP can be located here Part 1 | Part 2.

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