Jordan Maria Lightfield
Jordan Maria Lightfield
Homeworld Coruscant
Born 312 ABY
Died N/A
Alternate Names N/A
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5' 5"
Hair Color Burgundy
Eye Color Emerald
Skin Color Golden Brown
Historical Information
Rank Force Healer/ Head Mechanic
Affiliations Jedi Order
Known Masters N/A
Known Apprentices N/A

Name: Jordan Maria Lightfield
Alias': Angel of the Stars
Era: 335 ABY


Father: Andrew Darklighter (Adopted by him)
Mother: Ariana Lightfield
Siblings: Benjamin Matthew Lightfield (Twin)
Profession: Force Healer/ Head Mechanic

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Jordan Lightfield was born on October 4th, to Ariana Lightfield. She has a twin brother, Benjamin Matthew Lightfield. They both have deep burgundy hair, but their eyes are the only thing different between the twins. Jordan's eyes are emerald green while Benjamin's eyes are deep blue. Her brother had become a Jedi Master and a Force Healer; Jordan had become a Force Healer as well, but she ended up becoming a mechanic. She loved working with machinery and helping others out that need it. She and her brother have a very strong connection to the Force. They both receive visions that are intense and they always predict the correct outcomes from their visions that they receive. When they are in the same proximity of each other, they both enter into the same vision and they are always holding hands whenever they are pulled into the same visions.


"Jordan and Benjamin should not have gone through with what they endured with their mother. It was her own fault that she ruined the relationship with the twins. Jordan and Ben are my children in everything but blood. They are smart, intelligent, caring, gentle and patient. I love them for becoming strong individuals." - Andrew Darklighter speaking with his mother.

Jordan's childhood was somewhat decent in the beginning, but it declined as she and her brother grew older. Their mother blamed the both of them for ruining her life by being born, especially Jordan. Her emerald eyes came from the man that her mother drunkenly slept with and then left behind. She did not want to deal with her mother anymore, so when the man that her mother married divorced, Jordan, along with her brother, left with Andrew Darklighter and lived with him for the rest of their childhood. He was more of a father to the both of them and they loved him for it. They enjoyed living with the older man and they made sure to go and visit him together whenever they had time to spare and travel to Abregado-Rae to see him.


"Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down. It's a way of life." - From Jordan Lightfield's journal.

Jordan had been involved in numerous relationships, but none of them lasted until she met Commander Alex Firestar. She had been working in the mechanics bay when the commander had walked in through the door. He needed his coms fixed. At the time, Jordan did not knew that she was pregnant with her last boyfriend's child. Jordan and Alex started to talk and everything changed between. She discovered that she was carrying Thad's child and she could not abort it because it was a part of her. Thad tried to get her to miscarry by coming to the place where she worked at and mess with her. Even though their relationship did not work out, they remained very good friends and he has been taking care of her throughout the pregnancy.

Personality and Traits

Jordan is kind, caring, loving, fiercely protective of her family, patient, gentle, very loyal to those who need her help with things. She is also a shy person when it comes to meeting new people.

Powers and Abilities

Jordan has a very strong connection to the Force and all of the things that surrounds it. She is still studying the intent of the Force and how far it stretches. She also wonders how Force-sensitive children were born if the parents were from a different planet. She may have not become a Jedi, but she was a very strong Force-Sensitive and her brother would bring her to the Council meetings sometimes because the both of them would have the same visions and they were to interpret it to the Jedi Council.

Health Issues/Weaknesses

Jordan has been known to suffer from extreme bouts of depression because of her mother telling her repeatedly how she would never amount to anything in her life. She was hurt by everything that her mother told her and she never forgot it, but she did not let it run her life.

Appearance and Clothing

Jordan wears her hair down to her waist or keeps it in a bun; she is slightly muscular around her legs and arms; she has a birthmark on her shoulder; has two piercings in each ear. She an emerald green and dark brown tunic with brown leggings underneath it and knee-high dark brown boots when working in the med ward. Normally she is dressed in an emerald green sleeveless shirt, black low-rise trousers, and black combat boots. She sometimes wears a black skull cap over her head whenever she is working in the mechanics bay

Weapons and Vehicles

Jordan owns an Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor. She had received it from her adopted father, Andrew Darklighter. She refurbished it and upgraded the entire mainframe of the ship. She made sure that nothing was still out of commission before she flew it.


312 ABY- Jordan Lightfield was born to Ariana Lightfield
320 ABY- Found out she and her twin brother were both highly Force-Sensitive
326 ABY- Left her mother's home and lived with her adopted father, Andrew Darklighter
332 ABY- Became a Force Healer after training for six years and became a head mechanic as well
334 ABY- Met Commander Alex Firestar

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