Jedi Master
Source: Photobucket
Occupation Jedi Master
Organization Jedi Order
Relevance Highest Rank of the Jedi


A Jedi Master is probably considered the highest and most common rank given to a member who joined as a Padawan, and represents your devotion, number of times you rp'd, and overall character development during your stay here within the Jedi Order. Jedi Masters are often capable of becoming members of the Council, as would be canon. But for the consensus of the chat there have been exceptions. If anything, this is the ultimate rank a Jedi Padawan and a Jedi Knight would be pushing for.

What the Rank entitles

Members that have successfully achieved this rank are capable of taking on a Padawan learner, much like the Jedi Knight. The only difference between a Knight and a Master is the fact that a Master is much more experienced and skilled in the ways of the force, and are on equal grounds with that of a Sith Master/Mistress, and perhaps even more. Other than that. Their responsibilities are in kind to that of Jedi Knight, although they may have more lee-way on what goes on in the chat.


In order to become a Jedi Master, you must train and promote a Jedi Padawan to the rank of Jedi Knight, and successfully pass the trials.

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