Jedi Knight
Source: Photobucket
Occupation Jedi Knight
Organization Jedi Order
Relevance The initial rank to be achieved by Jedi Padawans


The Jedi Knight is the second title given after a Padawan was approved by their master to take on the trials, and the trials were ultimately passed. They were the most common advocates of the Order and played a vital role in sustaining peace throughout the galaxy. On many occasions they have acted as liaisons for small oriented republic fleets and were often substitute Captains and or leaders to ensure the reason for their collaboration had been met, and the mission altogether was a success.

What the rank Entitles

As a Jedi Knight, their responsibilities were in aiding in the training of newly indited Padawans and in keeping peace throughout the galaxy at the heed and mainstay of the Jedi Grand Master, Jedi High Master, and appropriate Jedi Council members. Jedi Knights had to have the approval of the Council if something needed approving before a Knight could act.


In order for you to become a Jedi Knight, you must role play often, be on frequently, and show a good moral attitude and respect toward others. Also, you will have to pass the trials after the approval in taking them has been acknowledged by your Jedi Knight/Master and the members of the Council.

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