Jedi High Master
3a65cc0c22bb484579bc875856ad1cca.jpgProperty of: Lord-FSan
Occupation Jedi High Master
Organization Jedi Order
Relevance Second in Command


Jedi High Master, although not specified as Canon, is pretty much the exact same rank as Jedi Grand Master, the only difference being that the position is held by a trusted member who was not the initial creator of the Jedi Order chat-room. Like the Jedi Grand Master, only one member holds this title. And as such Lord-FSan is the only known user to hold this rank.

What the rank Entitles

the title of Jedi High Master holds the same privileges withheld by the Jedi Grand Master, and in most respects withholds the same responsibilities. A member of this rank ensures the chat-room runs smoothly, and often plays a vital role in deciding major events, and coordinating with the Jedi Grandmaster and Council on various aspects regarding vital situations.


It is unknown as to whether or not one can be promoted to this rank or not. So for now, we're just going to say no.

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