Jedi Grand Master
Occupation Jedi Grand Master
Organization Jedi Order
Relevance Overseer of the Chat


The Jedi Grand Master is a title held by the greatest and wisest of Jedi Masters. Albeit, being the highest rank a Jedi could achieve, they were very often overruled by the Jedi Council, as the Council was the ultimate means of making a decision through vote. Nonetheless, Jedi Grand Masters typically played a most vital leadership role within the Jedi Order. And were often correct in their presumptions and decisions regarding situations that conflicted with the ultimate goal of peace.

What the rank Entitles

In this chat room, only one person holds this rank, and that is SanguineAngel. He is the creator of the Jedi Order Damn chat and upholds the rules and regulations that inevitably suit his initiative. The general initiative is for everyone to have fun. And to do that, one must have a sense of responsibility and respect. If that isn't seen. SanguineAngel and the Jedi Order will exercise their rights, and you may be kicked, restrained, or inevitably banned.


This is the highest rank within the Jedi Order, and is not obtainable by any means.

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