Jedi Council
Occupation Jedi High Council
Organization Jedi Order
Relevance Moderators and frequenters of JO


The Council members aid in helping the Jedi Grand Master and Jedi High Master maintain the chat-room, and are associate members of the Jedi Order Team which attend private meetings regarding intentions for the chat. It is currently unknown as to how they go about making decision. But one could only assume vote and discussion is involved in determining various situations, most of which would involve you, as a new member of the Order, in whether or not you are entitled a promotion depending on which rank you choose (Jedi, Sith, etc.).

What the rank Entitles

This rank works much in the same way as would the Jedi Grand and High Masters would. The council members act as moderators of the chat-room and report to the Jedi Grand and High Master on situations that may go down within the Order. They possess many of the abilities the initial member of the chat would, and go about regulating you as well as other various members of the chat.


It is possible to be promoted into the Jedi Council, but requires a significant display of responsibility, social outlook, and obligation to attend JO as frequently as possible in order to be involved with the Jedi Order Team's ideas for extending or progressing the chat-room. This promotion is given without notice, so don't beg for the position as it comes down to the Team deciding in ultimatum if you are the person for the job.

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