Jar'an Tanner
Jar'an Tanner
Homeworld Unknown (Mostly likely Mid-rim)
Born 310
Died —-
Alternate Names Various
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6’
Hair Color Red-Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color Caucasian
Historical Information
Rank Grand (Supreme) Commander of the Republic Armed Forces
Affiliations Alliance Military, Alliance Expeditionary Force,Rouge Army, Republic Military
Known Masters The Commander (real name unknown)
Known Apprentices Jip

Name: Jar'an Tanner
Pronunciation:Ju ran tanner
Era: Post Legacy


Father: Corban Tanner (Deceased)
Mother: Onda Lyuds Tanner (Deceased)
Siblings: Airul Lyuds (younger step-brother)
Profession: Military

Created,illustrated, and played by: OrionTheMuse


Jar'an Tanner was the son of Military Captain of the Republic and a Space Trader.


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Jar’an Tanner’s life started out as of that of all those who were citizens of the republic living in the outer mid-rim. Born into a farming community as the son of a former war veteran and trader. His parents unfortunately were killed as the planet he had made his life on was made the battleground of one of the numerous wars over the history of the galaxy leaving Jar’an and his younger half brother Airul orphans. Not to be thrown to the wolves of war as a slaves or child soldiers the two were quickly adopted to old friend of he family, a fellow trader and former war buddy of his Father. From then on Jar’an and his brother were citizens of the star lanes and grew up there.


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Jar’an inevitably learned of his father’s military record and the nature of his death and joined the military as a career officer in the Republic Army as a private. He was stationed on Coruscant as a patrol officer for much of his first few months but was then sent into active duty was soon as first renewed attacks by the Sith began sending Jar’an out into the field. He toured the outer the outer rim and the subsequent territories not seeing major combat until near the end were he saw the death of so many friends and fellow soldiers. Through his own skill and determination, and a little luck as well, Jar’an survived the war enough to be appointed to the infamous garrison of Republic Special Forces known as The Alliance Expeditionary Force. He remained with them until the end of the war were the Force was garrisoned on Hoth for training exercise. When the message of the creation of the Praetor Empire was made (headed by both the Jedi and Sith) Jar’an and the members of the AEF were outraged that they rejected the recall back to Coruscant for redeployment and went AWHAL with three ships and a 800 highly trained ex-Special Operative soldiers in toe.

During this time the defector army elected a commander lead them and the vote surprisingly enough came down to Jar’an by unanimous decision. Jar;an was made field commander of the entire group with a circle of colonels as his concuil to keep the peace, chief among them was one Echani named Quill who quickly became his liaison to the others and confidant/ mentor. Soon the AEF became a semi-mercenary army working for the Rebellion against the Praetor Empire and fought in several battles to dethrone the newly appointed government. After this new war, Jar’an and the troops did not return to the government but remained a separate entity outside of it. Soon Jar’an ,with the help of Quill and his men, had set up a network of intelligence and recruiting stations on the rim of the galaxy as well as place ravaged or indirectly affected by the wars. Slowly they built up a new army and even took control of the world of Yaga Minor and smaller places across the galaxy. It was all orchestrated in direct defiance of the Jedi Order as well as the Sith and the governments that they represented that had thrown away so many lives on their wars. The group wanted to create a nation for those not blessed by random chance and given power and influence as some sort of aristocracy but one that was governed by those who had earned the land with their blood and tears and sweat.

Unfortunately, Jar’an and Quill did not see eye to eye on this and as Jar’an began to show second thoughts (with him showing sympathy to the Jedi and even outright aiding them in small endeavors) his second in command betrayed him. He was locked up and turned into a prisoner of his own men. He was not captured for long, as those still loyal to him rescued him from his captivity and set off into a galaxy that had become a whole lot more unfriendly.

Since the betrayal Jar'an and his forces have been bouncing

Personality and Traits

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Powers and Abilities

Being a Trooper and Commander Jar'an has learned a variety of skills from

Health Issues/Weaknesses


Appearance and Clothing

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Weapons and Vehicles

A Force Sword giving him the power and abilities of a Force-Sensitive as long as it remains on his person, Regular firearms, side blaster


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