Ithan Callaway
Homeworld Corellia
Born 280 ABY
Died -
Alternate Names Commander Callaway, Military Director of the Old Remnant
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5' 10"
Hair Color Grey/ White
Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color Caucasian
Historical Information
Rank Military Director of the Old Remnant, Field Commander
Affiliations Old Remnant, Imperial Military (Formerly)
Known Masters Moff Tyvil (deceased)
Known Apprentices None

Name: Ithan Callaway
Pronunciation: I-th-Anne Call-i-way
Alias': None
Era: Post Legacy


Father: Korbin Callaway
Mother: Sammila Rona Callaway
Siblings: —-
Profession: Former Imperial Field Commander, Military Director of the Old Remnant

Created,illustrated, and played by: OrionTheMuse


A military brat and black sheep of the family, Callway became a commander of the Imperial Forces on Bastion after many years working in lower positions until he proved he was a worthy enough officer for the post. He ended up, through several shady dealings with a Sith Lord, becoming the ruling director of the entire "Northern" Imperial territories, or at least what had once been the Old Imperial Remnant. As tides changed and leadership shifted, Callaway found himself in the service of the new Emperor Regel Fel and then the Former Jedi master Robert Skywalker. When the proclamation that all Force Users in the Galaxy would be hunted down and imprisoned without just cause, Callaway saw just cause for secession and made a public universal announcement to the Galaxy at large for the resistance against the new regime and promptly declared The Northern Territories under his military command now The Old Remnant and at war with Fel and Skywalker's Tyrannical Empire. After the war was over, Callaway declared the sector under his control neutral and opened up controlled trade along the sectors routes such as the Hydian Way.


"You know if it weren't for your Mother I would have disowned you as soon as you came out of the womb."

Born into privilege, Callaway for much of his life was an insufferable, haughty slime-devil of a man who had mooched off of his families wealth and connections to become an officer in the Imperial army and was expecting to be a commanding overseer of some out of the way outpost where he could live until pension.



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Personality and Traits

Callaway as a commander, has been known to be a fair man reasonable and willing to listen to someone's argument. Conversely, he is also stubborn, ruthless, and willing to do whatever is necessary to get something done. This in his youth got him into trouble as a young officer and made him have to soften them as he became a better officer.

Powers and Abilities

Command Skills, Negotiator skills (Will add to.)

Health Issues/Weaknesses

Callaway, during a police raid, was caught in an explosion that lodged several pieces of shrapnel into his chest near his heart. Though it was not fatal, Callaway had to have several surgeries to remove the pieces leaving his heart not as strong as it once was leading him to have an artificial one put into in its place. Though he does not comment on it he is ashamed of the wound and does not talk of it publicly.

Also when he was a young officer he acquired a vertical scar under his left eye when his unit was attacked by wild beasts. He could have had it removed sometime ago but he found the scar reminded him of his trial on the world where he first lead men to safety and trusted them.

Appearance and Clothing

Being into the latter half of his Human Middle age, Callaway's hair is an interesting gray mixed with a crown of white. He often keeps it combed back or cut into a military trim.

He wears a Commanders' Grey Imperial Uniform with rank insignia with black gloves and boots.

Weapons and Vehicles

As a State Transport, Callaway uses a small cloaked freighter to ferry himself from sector to sector unnoticed and safely.

Though Callaway does not carry many weapons on his person, being an Career Imperial Officer he has trained in many forms of combat including blaster training, heavy weapons, explosives, hand-to-hand combat ,and sword play with various fencing styles and the basics of the Shii-Coo lightsaber style.


334 ABY Appointed the Military Director of the Northern Imperial Territories.
335 ABY Made the public announcement of his secession from and war against the Skywalker/ Fel Empire. Forming the Grand Old Remnant of the Empire (Old Remnant)
336 ABY The war ends. Callaway announces that the Remnant shall not reintegrate with the Alliance and isolate themselves from outside influences.
337 ABY Callaway allows trade to resume on Hydian Way and surrounding sectors and limited trade into the Remnant itself

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