Grey Jedi
Source: Uncyclopedia
Occupation Jedi
Organization Independent Jedi
Relevance Ligh Side practicioners


Gray Jedi are frequently figting with Jedi High Council about their actions. They do not follow Jedi Code, as other Jedi do. Although their actions are helping Jedi Order and Republic against the Sith, Jedi Council often deems them inappropriate to the Code.
Notable Gray Jedi are Qui-Gon Jinn and Jolee Bindo.

What the rank Entitles

Gray Jedi are independent Jedi, sometimes in self-exposed exile, who do not follow the Jedi Code, oftenly rebel against Jedi Council and support the Republic. They are not supporting the Sith, as some may think. Their title and power is much like Dark Jedi, Fallen and Jedi Knights.


To get the Gray Jedi class, you just have to ask for it, or your Jedi character must act against the Code several times.

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