Grease Warden

Name: Grease Warden
Age: 62


Father: Greygro Warden
Mother: Yoga Warden


Brother(s): Farlic McGee Warden, Vedric Warden, Joshrog Warden
Sisters(s): Marylu Warden, Bogra Warden, Angelara Warden

Occupation: Jedi Civilian Personnel/mess hall cook for the Jedi Order on Coruscant

NOTE: This is a non-playable character and/or NPC

Created By: FierceOmen


—"I never cared much for politics… All I ever cared about was food, and it hasn't let me down in 50 years!" - Grease to Maxun during his daily session at the Mess Hall —

Unlike most derivatives of his race, Grease Warden was born on Mon Calmari 268ABY during a vacation his parents had taken. Inconspicuously enough, the two were avid travelers, forgoing the typical Besalisk nature of staying on their homeland in turn for sight seeing Republic oriented systems. It was this, along with his natural fondness for eating, that would soon make him a valuable chef, and an even more socially prominent individual. Having served many of the restaurant lines during his adolescence on Mon Calamari, he had a natural hand in serving up the most extravagant, albeit, uncanny platters on the planet itself. Having played a key role in a number of mainstream restaurants successes. Needless to say, Grease loved his food as much as he loved cooking it, and made it a journey to travel across the galaxy, much like his parents had, with the ultimate goal of tasting the culturally diverse delicacies among the stars. Much of his life had been adventurous, disappointing, dangerous, but nevertheless inspiring. Having made his name known among many individuals as a devout and legendary cook. It was toward the end of his prime that he settled down among Coruscant, opening up a line of his own restaurants before finally settling down at the mess hall at the Jedi Order to serve those who had worked so hard to maintain peace within the Galaxy he had come to love. He is an invaluable friend to Maxun Izak Orion and Darvus Pasvel, and often cooks up their platters for discount prices (as he does most of the personnel within the Temple).]

Personality and Traits

Grease is a loud and hearty soul. Everything that comes out of his mouth is rarely ever said without good-intentions. He seeks out friendship with any one he may come across, however, his stout demeanor and boisterous tone often may be mistaken for intimidating, nonetheless his stout fellowship and social prowess are bound to make one realize his good nature.

Powers and Abilities

can be simply described as: "A damn fine cook"

Homeworld "Ojom"
Born "268ABY"
Died "year"
Physical Description
Species "Besalisk"
Gender "Male"
Height "6' 8""
Hair Color "NA"
Eye Color "Hazel"
Skin Color "Mix of dark green and grays"
Historical Information
Affiliations "Affiliated with the Jedi Order/Mess Hall Cook"
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