Garrison McArthur
Homeworld "Tatooine"
Born "310ABY"
Died "NA"
Alternate Names "Trick Shot"
Physical Description
Species "Human"
Gender "Male"
Height "6', 3""
Hair Color "Dark Brown"
Eye Color "Pale Blue"
Skin Color "Tanned"
Historical Information
Rank "Mercenary"
Affiliations "NA"
Known Masters "NA"
Known Apprentices "NA"

Name: Garrison McArthur
Pronunciation: Self Expanatory
Alias': Trick Shot
Era: 330ABY


Father: Unknown
Mother: Uknown
Siblings: Unknown
Profession: Mercenary

Created,illustrated, and played by:


Garrison McArthur was born just outside of Mos Eisley, the details of his upbringing are scarce, let alone who was held responsible. His life was relatively standard however. Grown as a healthy individual who had valued the simple things in life. At the age of 18 McArthur left his normal life for a chance to serve under the Republic Military. Having grown attached to the system, and having served admirably for a 5 year term. His discharge left him jobless, and so he took on a contract with a sub-military division which worked for the highest bidder, and thus began his life as a Mercenary.


-Born 310ABY; raised on Tatooine
-At the Age of 18, joins he Republic Military Regime
-Takes part in various skirmishes within the outer rim territories; patrols planetary locations, deterring criminal activity and enforcing Republic laws and regulations by policing suspects and individuals with standing convictions
-Takes part in the warfront against Robert Skywalker
-Signs a Contract with Dark Heart; becomes a member of their organizations and serves military divisions from different Republic Sectors.

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