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This is a continuing work and fir now this is just a constructing ground fir later articles. If it needs to be moved then please inform me and I hope the admins will do so

Military Ranks by OrionTheMuseOrionTheMuse, 07 Jan 2010 09:19

We all never have enough time in our days what with work, school, rocket boarding… well maybe not that last one, but we all have those times where we can't rp in the room because we don't have the time or the endurance to rp for hours on end in the room and stay up until Lord knows how long.

A simple solution ,one that has been advertised but never fully utilized, forum based rp right here on The Great Holocron. Just set up an rp with someone that you have a hard time getting together with on a regular basis over at JediOrder, start a thread, and post back and forth at your own paces. With this you can progress plots and stories that would otherswise lay dead in the road because you can't find time.

Great for Masters training apprentices, Events and stories that need more thought and time then what the room will allow, rps that involve more then one person and make it easier to keep track of the order and posts, or just simply a hang out for talk about the events of the room or characters lives in general.

These forums were set up for these very purposes in mind and why not use them to there greatest potential.

So get going and have fun. ;)


Just a Place to Start Up by OrionTheMuseOrionTheMuse, 31 Dec 2009 09:23

Forum's are now go! The top navigation has been updated with vehicle listings, and a new template for ship profiles has been provided with special help from Drake-Rylan. The rank listings are still currently underway, but the site is slowly taking shape. Be sure that if you're new here that you note me (FierceOmen)or Lord-FSan after you create a character bio so we can place them appropriately!

Update! 9/28/09 by FierceOmenFierceOmen, 28 Sep 2009 08:43
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