Force Sensitives
Occupation Force Sensitive
Organization NA
Relevance One indited with the force


A Force Sensitive was anyone with the ability, or capability of using the force to their advantage. Jedi and Sith were considered Force sensitives at one point, until their training and rank replaced the typical title. Force Sensitives were often taken in by either side, utilizing their abilities for the sake of good or bad, depending on who got to them first, although in many cases they were in most respects, neutral.

What the rank Entitles

A Force Sensitive is a neutral entity that does not side with the beliefs of the Jedi or the Sith, but may pertain common values that could be seen with either side, if not both. They were commonly not found by the Order of the Sith Organization, and may have grown to learn their skills on their own. They were never more powerful than the rank of a Jedi or Sith Lord, as much of their knowledge was self taught at best, although there have been rare occasions where a Force Sensitive would have been taught the ways of the force, and went their separate was, deciding not to follow the intended path.


Force Sensitive is another promotion one could attain if Jedi or Sith wasn't of interest. Although about as powerful as a Sith Apprentice or Jedi Padawan, they had always had the ability to take on the task of becoming a Jedi or Sith later on. Rarely were they ever more powerful than a Sith Lord or Jedi Knight. to achieve this rank, you just have to ask.

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