Force Powers

This is a list of the majority of force powers that exist within the known Universe of Star Wars. For the consensus of the chat-room, Jedi Order. Some of these techniques may or may not be utilized, as some may tug at the edge of god modding (see New to Role Playing).

As such, each technique has been given a level cap, each level cap has a purpose, as will be explained now:

Core Ability -

The term references to the fact that this technique was typically learned during a Jedi or Sith's initial training, before they were taken under the instruction of a Master.

Level 1 -

Level 1 considers that a Padawan/Apprentice, and even a force sensitive is capable of using such a technique, only through the teaching of an appropriate master, or one knowledgeable with the technique.

Level 2 -

Level 2 considers the appropriate technique viable to be learned after a Jedi or Sith has attained the rank of Knight or Lord Status. Grey's and Dark's are capable of learning such techniques through Jedi Knights and/or Sith Lords.

Level 3 -

Level 3 considers the appropriate technique viable to be learned after the appropriate Jedi or Sith has attained the rank of Jedi or Sith Master. Grey and dark Jedi rarely ever learn such techniques.

Level 4 -

Level 4 considers the appropriate technique on the verge of god modding. users considering knowledge of this ability should consider discussing it with an appropriate Jedi Order Team member of the Council or myself (fierceomen).

Power Affiliation Requirements Definition
Alchaka Jedi Level 1 A force technique used during meditation, which involved rigorous movements while maintaining a designated focus. Used to enhance severe levels of concentration.
Force Speed Universal Core Ability A very useful technique that augments an individuals speed, inevitably allowing the user to see the world around them in slow-motion.
Force Cloak Universal Level 1 Using the force, a user of this technique would bend light around his body in order to conceal his physical presence.
Force Concealment Universal Core Ability With this technique, one could conceal their affiliation and presence within the force down to a minuscule if not completely. Rendering them impossible to be sensed by other force sensitives.
Meditation Universal Core Ability A basic training technique used to attune one's mind to the force.
Floating Meditation Universal Level 1 An alternative to basic meditation and a beneficial exercise that could enhance one's ability in many era's of the force. Most notably Levitation. Must be learned for Levitation to apply.
Levitation Universal Level 3 Allowed for brief periods of extended flight, and required a fundamental amount of focus. A technique reserved for Jedi Masters.
Battle mind Jedi Level 2 Augments the user's morale and fighting spirit through concentration.
Battle meditation Universal Level 4 A much more powerful and expanded version of battle mind, increasing the morale and fighting spirit of allies while instilling unease in the opposition. It was possible to use this force ability to exercise it's influence on entire fleets. A very powerful, and very useful technique.
Force Meld Jedi Level 4 A more refined version of Battle Meditation and a riskier technique to use, this ability concentrated on improving the abilities of affiliated members, particularly one's who had placed faith in the light side of the force.
Force Body Universal Level 2 Allowed one to push one's endurance past a safe limit, sacrificing health and well being in order to sustain their connection to the force. A useful, but reckless technique.
Force Enlightenment Jedi Level 3 Used to enhance a defensive ability to it's highest degree, even after the routine training to master said ability. The result ending in an enlighten Jedi, fully having embraced the light side of the force.
Force Valor Jedi Level 2 Increased accuracy, speed, and resolve of the user's abilities. Tapping into the force one could augment their body's capacity, enhancing speed, accuracy, power, and emotional standpoint in the wake of battle.
Force Shield/Protection Bubble Jedi Level 2 Used to protect against a volley of attacks, including blaster bolts and various forms of the force. Because of the concentration required to maintain such an ability, the user was required to remain stationary when it was in use.
Electric Judgment Jedi Level 3 Known also as "emerald lightning". This technique had many qualities present when comparing to force lightning. Only instead of inflicting pain and death, the technique merely sapped the inflicted of strength and willpower, and was not lethal.
Force Lightning Sith Level 1 An electric based attack that inflicted pain and death upon the enemy through the use of the force.
Chain Lightning Sith Level 2 An electric based attack capable of bouncing through multiple targets, causing pain and death upon the target.
Ray Universal Level 1 Able to take surrounding matter and transfer it into energy, effectively utilizing this control in order to deflect blaster bolts. It was possible to stop a lightsaber attack, however was unlikely due to it's close range and swift movements, and preforming such an attempt would most likely be fatal.
Force Deflection Universal Level 1 A technique used by Jedi who did not use a lightsaber. This attack was commonly used to deflect blaster bolts with the adaptation of the force. Such a technique required great affiliation with the force, and was not common among Jedi ranks, as the typical lightsaber could easily produce the same results without draining the user of energy.
Tapas Universal Level 1 A power used to maintain warmth in cold environments, using the force as a coating.
Force Protection Jedi Level 3 A high class technique that involved immeasurable amounts of concentration and force energy in order to maintain a temporary shield of invincibility against any and all attacks. The technique is rare, and is seen to be retained by only those who have reached Jedi Master status. The technique itself lasts for a very short amount of time.
Force Trance Universal Level 3 A hibernation ability used to slow one's own body workings to near a standstill, causing 1/10th of oxygen consumption. Proficient users in this technique could maintain this type of stasis for a week before dying from lack of hydration. It is rumored that this ties closely to the power of Morichro.
Doppelganger Universal Level 3 An ability that allowed the user to procure a perfect illusion of his or her being.
Flash Burn Jedi Level 1 A self inflicted technique that inevitably shuts down a specific re-occurrence of a memory thought to have caused significant trauma in the past.
Sever Force Jedi Level 4 One of the most powerful techniques used by the light side of the force, such an ability was capable of blocking the target's capability of implementing the force altogether by casting a wall of light.
Transfer essence Sith Level 4 A radical dark side technique that allowed the user to inhabit alternate bodies and take control of them using their own conscience.
Breath Control Universal Level 1 Allowed the caster to maintain functionality for long periods of time without the necessity of oxygen.
Power Affiliation requirements Definition
Force Sight Universal Core Ability It enhanced one's visual perception through the force, instead of relying on eyes alone. It enabled one to determine force alignments, life force energies, and allowed a full spectrum view of the user's surroundings.
Farseeing Universal Core Ability Allowed the user to detect when friends and allies were in danger.
Force Empathy Jedi Core Ability Senses emotional insecurities within or between individuals, sometimes even far off from the situation when used by more attuned force users.
Telepathy Universal Core Ability Used to communicate with other individuals over short or vast distances. Depending on the level of connection to the force.
Psychometry Universal Level 1 Allowed a user of this technique to retain information of the past regarding a particular item or token of interest, inevitably discovering the events that occurred before the item or token was ditched.
Battle Precognition Universal Level 2 Allowed for increased reaction time due to the user's ability to anticipate an opponent's movements.
Power Affiliation Requirements Definition
Force Jump/Leap Universal Core Ability Augments one's natural jumping ability to extremes.
Telekinesis Universal Core Ability Through meditation and force tuning, Jedi Knights gained the ability of telekinesis, a necessary tool to utilize the following force abilities.
Force Push/Pull Universal Core Ability Uses the user's ability of telekenisis, amplified to use by the forefront of the force, to push, pull, and/or grip objects with the force, suspending them in mid air, and manuevering them in kind.
Force Wave Universal Level 2 A more powerful version of force push.
Force Repulse - Universal Level 3 The most powerful of force impulses, capable of devastating results as it's capabilities allowed for any object in it's path to be break away at sheering velocities.
Art of the Small Universal level 1 A radical force technique that required an immense amount of concentration. The user shrunk their presence within the force to a microscopic size, allowing the ability to rearrange molecules to their fitting. This was a technique that allowed easy access into other abilities of the force, most commonly the art of healing.
Force Healing Jedi Level 1 A technique used to accelerate the natural healing process.
Force Stun Jedi Level 1 A technique used to stun an individual, deadening their senses and preceptions long enough for apprehension or in order to safely flee.
Force Stasis Jedi Level 2 Was a more advanced version of force stun, inevitably freezing the inflicted period completely for a short period of time.
Force Stasis Field Jedi Level 3 Was a highly useful technique, more powerful than force stasis, which ensnared multiple numbers and hindered their perceptions in order to avoid incapacitating numbers or to sneak by them without risking confrontation.
Alter Environment Universal Level 3 A radical technique used to manipulate nature, bringing about natural climate changes and even so far as to cause storms.
Mind Trick Universal Level 1 used to influence a persons way of thinking through direct verbal manipulation.
Force Weapon Universal Level 2 A weapon in the hands of any Knight could be endowed with the force to the effect of greater damage, and the ability to deflect a lightsaber.
Shatter Point Jedi Level 2 A technique which required inert sensories and focus in order to determine an effective weakness within an inatimate yet powerful solid object. thust pouring the force into the weakness to completely abolish the intended object.
Force Absorb Universal Level 3 A technique that takes energy and transfers it into the force, redirecting the absorbed attack for retaliatory use.
Malacia Jedi Level 2 Used to induce powerful nausea and dizzyness by shaking the equilibrium of an individual, rendering them incapacitated, but unharmed.
Morichro Jedi Level 3 Suspended the bodily funtions of those inflicted by the ability, rendering them practically useless. If the user removed his focus for an instant the user could be rendered unconscious or in most cases die. Use of this technique required an immense amount of concentration, and was often frowned upon by the Jedi Order.
Combustion Jedi Level 3 A devastating technique that caused the object to explode by will of the force. It was hardly ever used on people. And is questioned whether it's ability, if used on someone or something, could be altered by preventing it from exploding after the ability was initiated.
Droid Disable/Ionize Jedi Level 2 Was an ionic attack directed for the sole purpose of overloading electronic systems commonly found in droids. While effective, it is inaffective against organics.
Alter Image Universal Level 3 used to alter ones appearance.
Crucitorn Sith Level 3 a technique used to influence and inflict pain at extreme levels.
Deadly Sight Sith Level 4 A powerful Sith technique used to eliminate an individual, or groups of individuals, merely by looking them. Transferring emotions of hate and anger into a viable source of energy, and inflicting it upon victims with no more than a blink of an eye.
Drain Knowledge Sith Level 3 A dark side technique used to extract knowledge from a victim without their consent, potentially causing psychological trauma.
Force Destruction Sith Level 3 A dark side technique that was very powerful, and could vaporize any caught in it's wake, if not be tossed back at high velocity if too near.
Force Resuscitation Jedi Level 3 A rare healing ability that had allowed the user to bring individuals mortally wounded back from the brink of death.
Force Slow Sith Level 1 A dark side technique that clouded the victims mind, slowing them physically and mentally.
Force Affliction Sith Level 2 A dark side technique that clouded the victims mind, slowing them physically and mentally, debilitating a victim completely and worsening over time.
Force Plague Sith Level 3 A dark side technique that was a much more potent and lethal version of Force Affliction, and poisoned targets swiftly and painfully.
Force Storm Sith Level 4 A dark side technique and one of the most powerful force abilities, Force storm conjurred up an energy like hyper space storm that could wipe out entire fleets. Control was inevitable after it's release.
Force Suppression Universal Level 4 A technique that surpressed a target's ability to initiate a force based attack.
Force Breach Universal Level 4 A more potent version of Force Supression. Force Breached surpressed a targets ability to initiate a force based attack, and was not widely known amongst Jedi and Sith.
Force Travel Sith Level 3 allowed the caster to travel vast distance throughout the galaxy. And immediately cast them into the dark side, as it required that the caster tear a rift in the force in order to procure a result.
Revitalize Jedi Level 2 Allowed the capability of reviving an exhausted or wounded target.
Memory Walk Sith Level 3 A dark side power used to force an individual to relive the horrors of his past over and over again to infinity, until the mind snapped and the user died.
Force Barrier Jedi Level 3 A basic offensive and defensive technique that could repel a number of attacks before collapsing.
Phase Universal Level 2 Allowed the caster to transcend through solid objects as if they were a ghost.
Thought Bomb Sith Level 3 A radical dark side power capable of destroying anything within it's path. it was capable of sucking the life force out of individuals and trapping them within the spherical dark energy infinitely and until the end of time.
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