Source: Wookiepedia
Occupation Jedi or Sith in exile
Organization Neutral Organization
Relevance Almost none


Exile is term used to describe a Jedi or Sith, who left their Masters, gone to self-imposed exile or have been cut off from the Force. Usually, those cut off try to live on their own, as normal people. Those, who gone in exile willingly, use their powers for their own purposes.
Notable exiles are Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Shaak Ti and Jedi Exile

What the rank Entitles

Exiled Jedi or Sith are trying to find their way back to the Force, their former allies and organizations. Depending on the reason, why they were exiled or gone into exile, it takes more or less time to return.


To become Exile, character must commit a treason against their organization(Jedi or Sith), to be banished, or go to exile by themselves, hiding from their enemies.

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