Duo Strife

Name: Duo Strife
Alias': Has many false names a common one used is Bondo Solarflame
Era:330 ABY


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Dareel Strife, Sarith Strife
Profession: Jedi Master/ Freighter Captian

Created,illustrated, and played by: Created/ Played by DuoStrife, Illustrated by Unknown


An ex-slave turned smuggler. As his travels lengthened he was found by the jedi. At first he would just help them in there missions. Then a Sith Lord started hiring him as a Bounty Hunter. During this Time he Joined the Jedi Order and started his Padawan Training as a spy. After he was promoted to the rank of knight. Then for his understanding of non-force sensitives he was given the rank of master. Soon after he started traveling the universe gathering information and stopping the Sith where he found them. During recent years he has started being scene with in the temple walls once again.


"[You want to take me with you? Your a strange Bounty Hunter to want a kid with you.]"

Raised as a slave on Hraki. His life was dull and hard. He had no idea where he had come from. His only link to his family was His brother and sister. Each of them were forced to work day in day out by there master. Duo started to despise anything called a master seeing as all those he met during this time that were called master were cruel to his friends and family.

During the worst summer of his slavery life many of his friends died from starvation or being over worked by there master. Things seemed to becoming bleak for he and his people, till a bounty hunter came to his masters home. Duo being there at the time watch what was happening. The bounty hunter using droids to capture his mark made quick work of many of the masters body guards. Once all the guards were taken out the Twielik bounty hunter stepped on to the land from his ship, too confront his mark (the master of the house). As things started to look more like the bounty hunter would caught the master. The master took a human shield, Duo. When the Bounty hunter ordered his droids not to fire the master slipped out a hold out blaster. Duo however took this as his chance and bit his masters arm stopping his shot from hitting it's mark. As Duo moved away the droids opened fire upon the master, freeing his slaves from there captivity.

The bounty hunter seeing the bravery of the child decided to take Duo along. His reason told Duo was because he wanted to some company on his journeys. After a few years Duo started trying to learn how to help his strange Tweilik friend. Taking up the blaster he slowly became a great asset on there jobs. Once he had become 18 years old he had made enough to go his own way. He bought his own ship and became a smuggler taking on a bounty hunt from time to time. Keeping in touch with his old friend they kept working closely with each other.


Traveling the verse as he took many jobs from simple delivery to bounty hunting. Most the time he made his way as a smuggler. Eventually he came to the Jedi Temple as a merchant there he met many people that would eventually lead to his joining the order. It became apparent very quickly that he himself held a strong connection to the force from the repeated attempts of a Sith lord trying to take him on as there apprentice. Always remembering how he grew up he resisted the attempts and promises of power. finally he came back to the Jedi temple and asked the council to allow him to be trained. His training was a hasten process. As he learned more of what the force could do he studied a power called stealth. His knowledge of the power grew and his ability to use it had became quite powerful. See what he could do with the power and also knowing that few other Jedi and none of the Sith knew he and joined the order he came to the council with a mission. The mission was a dangerous one, one that few Jedi could do or would be willing to do. The council accepted the idea. The next day he set out to become a spy for the Jedi Order. Posing as his once profession as a freelance smuggler he let himself become higher by the Sith as a mercenary. While working in this position his superior skills with a blaster and the Sith lord's thirst for his power. moved him through the rakes with in a few months. Soon the Sith came up with a plan. An attack on the Jedi temple it's self all the Sith under there control would arrive at one time. During the planning Duo leaked many vital details back to the order all the while hiding his alignment to the force. His job as a decoy would fail and he would intentionally let himself get captured by the Jedi Order. These acts saved many lives with in the temple. Once captured He shared the rest of his knowledge with order helping bring down many hidden Sith bases. Soon he was broken out by the Sith. While out among the worlds The Sith Lord that had many times came to him offering power gave in a choice. To become her apprentice or die. Upon his refusal she attacked. A battle flared across the area, till finally he was forced to reveal his training. He survived using his powers in tandem with his skills, but his betrayal of the Sith was now brought to light. He was made a knight on his return to the temple. After a few months he had proven himself and was made a Jedi Master It was soon after this he stepped among the stars once again and set out hiding his powers within the force and started protecting the verse from the background.

—"Yes I know I'm a little odd for a master but who else is going to get the information the order needs." —

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Personality and Traits

He is friendly and fun loving. He is kinda crude in his speak and the only good way to tell he is even a master is to talk to him about becoming more in tune to the force or asking him why he protects others like he does. Preferring not to rely on force powers he hides his sensitivity with the first force power he trained alone to learn.

Powers and Abilities

Force Cloak
Force Stealth
Force Sense
Art of Movement
Battle Precognition

Health Issues/Weaknesses

His saber offensive prowess is that of a padawan.

Appearance and Clothing

Duo's apprentice is that of a 25 year old human. His skin is tanned and his hair is black. From time to time he dyes it to silver. Commonly he is seen wearing a custom mesh jacket and vikkon dye khakis. He easily blends in to the crowds while wearing any of his attire. A jedi's robes are never found in his wardrobe.

He dresses like most freighter captains.

Weapons and Vehicles

2x MSD-32 disruptor pistol, 1x sawed off double barrel shotgun, 1x saber built in to the left barrel of the shotgun. Color veridian.
Commonly Duo will carry a backpack of granades of varying types. (Most the time it will consist of 30% stun 30% flash bangs 30% smoke 10% explosives.)
Ship Class: Light Freighter Name: Light's Retreat Type: Deep Water
Snub Fighter Attached to the Light's Retreat. Name Hidden Light


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Homeworld "Hraki"
Born "330 ABY"
Alternate Names "A usual name for Duo to go by is Bondo Solarflame"
Physical Description
Species "Firrerreo"
Gender "Male"
Height "1.8 meters"
Hair Color "Black"
Eye Color "Left: blue Right: Green"
Skin Color "Tanned"
Historical Information
Rank "Jedi Master"
Affiliations "Republic/Jedi Order"
Known Masters "Grand Master Robert"
Known Apprentices ""
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