Homeworld Devaron
Born 283
Alternate Names Various, Colonel Horns, Split Lip
Physical Description
Species Devaronian
Gender Male"
Height 5'10"
Hair Color None
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Brownish-Red
Historical Information
Rank Colonel
Affiliations Republic Army, Alliance Expeditionary Force
Known Masters Unknown
Known Apprentices Corporal Jip Lowlander, Sergeant Zeeith Gethril, Others

Name: Dern
Pronunciation: Der-earn
Alias': Various
Era: Post-legacy


Profession: Soldier

Created,illustrated, and played by: OrionTheMuse


Dern was a Devaronian and much like a many a male of his race he was a hot-blooded man with a want to wander the galaxy. He fought many wars in his youth, returning to his only center: his love and wife on Devaron. It was not until he came home one last time did his life change forever. She had been diagnosed with Thorn Fever and as she spent her few days dieing from deep cough from the contagious disease, Dern stood at the other side of the glass unable to comfort her as she slipped from life. From that day on Dern joined the military for life, his wanderlust now coupled with his need to get away the death of his life mate he put his work first and his men never to think of anything else his happy, hot-blooded days gone.

He fought for the Jedi in the great 7 year war and later against Sith, Imperial and even fallen Jedi as he stayed faithful to his work reaching the title of Colonel in the Republic ranks under the flag of the special operations group The Alliance Expeditionary Force. When one day the Republic formed a new co-governance with the Jedi and Sith into the Praetor Empire, he joined Jar’an Tanner and the rest of the Force in recruiting men from around the Galaxy to help over throw it. Soon he saw that there had come a division of ideals between the AEF and a group grown from the groups recruiting and more fanatical members lead by the other Colonel in the group Quill, an Echani commando and swordsmen. When the schism finally happened imprisoning the Commander, it was Dern’s loyalty towards Jar’an and that of his men that caused Dern to save the young man and go on the run from both the Republic and their own kind. Aimless now, Dern was now Jar’an’s only adviser and he lead the young human to contact the Republic and see if they could once again serve as soldiers of a good cause as the way they were was but that of a self serving mercenary gang without purpose. Jar’an agreed with him and they made contact with the Jedi Mayu to see if they could be assistance in the future. After gaining much trust the men ended up becoming apart of the Republic military and having their former ranks and achievements restored. With the new threat of Sith Invasion, Dern was sent to the front with the rest of his men ready to do good for the Galaxy once again.


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Personality and Traits

Once hot-blooded and head strong, personal tragedy and years of service has steadied his demeanor and leveled his head making him shrew and observant while still cunning and deceitful when necessary.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Colonel in the Republic and a decorated war hero, Dern is a man of survival and tactics and interpersonal interaction with not only his men but others making him a solid negotiator, an oddity among his hot blooded species. He is also a great hand to hand fighter knowing several forms of Echani and Mandalorian melee combat. He is well versed in ranged weapons and has an advantage of weight as his race is quite dense.

Health Issues/Weaknesses

Being an older Devaronian, Dern is quite heavy though he does not look it but he also aligned by some old wounds that give him trouble now and then. Also he sports a slice a crossed his lip and his right horn cut in half from the midpoint up.

Appearance and Clothing

Dern, in his older age and extensive experience shows every bit of his years on his face. A cracked and sun dried clay of a face he sports a sizable slice on his lip ranging from just next to his left nostril diagonally crossed his lips to his chin. Also he has had one of his adult horns cut at the center up from a long battle ago. It is unknown at this time on how it happened.

Weapons and Vehicles

With his high rank in Republic Military in the field, Dern's equipment can change from day to and from month to month so as a standard he keeps at all times an small blaster pistol fr defensive purposes as well as a decorative Officers Sword that is sharpened though for show. Being in the field for so long he has preference himself with a medium range assault rifle on the ground, mainly a modified A280.

Again being a Colonel , Dern works in the field in many terrains making it important for him to be knowledge on how to drive every type of ground and air vehicle that the Republic military has to offer along with a few non-military or republic specific craft as well. If he doesn't know how to drive, fly, or float it then he can find out soon enough after a few tries.


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