Darth Ingenuitas

Name: Darth Ingenuitas (Formerly Jaedan)
Pronunciation: "Inn" "Jen" "Yooe" "Tass"
Aliases: Kultus, Jaedari, Jaedan.
Father: Codus (Deceased)
Mother: Jasmina (Deceased)
Sister: Ember (Deceased)
Title: Sith Lord of the New Sith Order, Brigadier General in the New Sith Army.
Era: 330ABY


Ingenuitas is a Bpfasshi male, born in 309ABY to parents Codus and Jasmina, on the planet of Bpfassh. Four years after his birth, a sister was born, named Ember. For the first portion of his life he was happy, living with his parents and sister, until his village was set on by a warband of Bpfasshi rebels. He escaped, but saw his parents murdered. He fled to the forests situated near his village, presuming that his sister was dead. He lived in those forests as a savage until the age of 12 when he was caught by a Woodsman, and sold to a slave ship. Soon after he was taken in by a Sith Mistress (Name Unknown) Who taught him the basics of the Sith Code, and the basics of how to manipulate the force, before she left him stranded on an unknown planet to fend for himself.

Events After Being Stranded

-Finds his way off of the planet.
-Is adopted into Animus' New Sith Order.
-Is trialed and trained by Animus several times.
-Returns home to Bpfassh with Karis Amalia, Where he finds his sister Ember.
-He adopts Ember into the Sith Order, taking her wherever he goes, for several months.
-During a training session with Animus he is treated like a fool in front of his sister, which enrages him.
-He returns to challenge Animus, after beign defeated once more Ember betrays him, decapitating him with his own saber.

—"You're a fool brother. You should've killed me when you had the chance." - Ember to Darth Ingenuitas.


-Ingenuitas is reborn, his body constructed of metals and organic organs, by the hand of Karis Amalia. She declares him as her apprentice and trains his for a few days, before he leaves her ship, his own intentions unclear.
-Encounters Jedi Padawan Leila Darklighter-Shota, who belittles him and aggravates him severely, reconnecting his body with the force. He throws a fallen tree at her, narrowly missing her, before he drops to his knees and sends a huge ripple through the force, as he screams in pain, terror and rage. He lets her escape, seeing she has done him a favor by helping him reconnect with the force once more.
-Encounters Jedi Knight Maxun Izak Orion, whom he talks with over the space of a half an hour, before he reveals himself as a robotic being, and escapes, after making his intentions clear.
-Is trialled by the Sith Archon, Darth Imogen. After a gruelling trial, he passes, his hands destroyed in the process. He leaves as a Sith Lord, beat but not broken.
-Has organic hands applied to his arms, to repair the ruined ones, as well as allow him to utilize force lightning.
-Takes various apprentices, none of these apprentices prove themselves worthy, apart from his current apprentice, Maylia.
-Has sith markings applied to his body in a gruelling 23 hour procedure, by Darth Imogen.
-Accompanies the Archon on her ship, where she gifts him with a holocron, containing the knowledge of Force Illusion, a form of Sith Sorcery. After the voyage, Imogen shows him the genetically altered beings of the Sith Army, and she then places him at the head of a batallion of approximately 1,500 men, as a Brigadier General.

Personality and Traits

Ingenuitas is heavily sarcastic and rude, often insulting anyone who talks to him. He feels almost no pain, due to the fact he has already died once, and feels all other feelings are pale imitations of what he once felt.

Powers and Abilities

-Telekinesis: Adept
-Force Pull/Push: Adept
-Force Speed: Adept
-Force Repulse: Adept
-Alchaka: Adept
-Levitation: Adept
-Force Concealment: Mastered
-Force Cloak: Mastered
-Force Sight: Mastered
-Force Lightning: Adept
-Force Illusion: Almost mastered, days of sitting in front of a mirror and warping his appearance, as well as various other experiments furthering his knowledge.

Darth Ingenuitas
Homeworld Bpfassh
Born 309ABY
Died Undefined
Physical Description
Species Bpfasshi
Gender Male
Height 7'1"
Hair Color Midnight Black with streaks of blood red.
Eye Color Vibrant Orange
Skin Color Snow White
Historical Information
Affiliations New Sith Order
Known Masters Darth Siscus(Previous), Karis Amalia (Previous)
Known Apprentices Maylia, Xar

Weapons and Vehicles

His vehicles change regularly, but his saber always stays the same. A dark single bladed saber, its activation stud is a glowing orange eye. The end of the saber has three vibrant orange crystals, the opposite end has three crystals placed around the saber emitter. The blade is of an orange color.

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