Dark Jedi
Source: Wookiepedia
Occupation Dark Jedi
Organization The Fallen
Relevance Dark Side practicioners


Dark Jedi is term used for Jedi, or Force sensitives who fell to the Dark Side of the Force. They are not Sith however. They use their powers only for their own sake, using any means necessary to reach their goal. They do not respect the Rule of Two nor the Rule of One, as they are usually grouped.
Notable Dark Jedi are Asajj Ventress, Galen Marek, Desann, Tavion Axmis, Jerec and Xanatos.

What the rank Entitles

The Dark Jedi are trying to gain more power, lusting for more influence. Only strong Dark Jedi or Sith can subdue them to his/her will. They often fight each other, proving themselves. The last, who remains, is the best.


To gain Dark Jedi class, your character must fall to the Dark Side of the Force and should not be grouped with Sith.

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