Cecilia Dradara Orion
Source: Illustration by: FierceOmen Coloring and inking by: general-grievous-luv
Homeworld "NA"
Born "312ABY"
Died "year"
Physical Description
Species "Human"
Gender "Female"
Height "5', 7""
Hair Colour "Brunette"
Eye Color "Gold"
Skin Color "Tan"
Historical Information
Affiliations "Sith Organization"
Known Masters "Darth Imogen"
Known Apprentices "TBA"

Name: Cecilia Dradara Orion
Pronunciation: "Ses" "illia" "Drae" "Dara" "Or" "Ion"
Alias: To be announced
Relatives: Father and mother Deceased, brother a member of the Jedi Order
Father: Garrot Hex; Darth Vice (Deceased)
Mother: Adrius Pru Orion (Deceased)
Brother: Maxun Izak Orion
Profession: Member of the Sith organization
Era: 330ABY
Created/Illustrated/Played by: http://fierceomen.deviantart.com


Cecilia was born on a ship orbiting the planet Korriban on 312ABY, no more than a year after her brother. She grew to know the full extent of the dark side of the force through the Sith Academy after being brought in by the Sith Lord Crucious, whom had raised her since the day of her birthing, her mother having died of complications. Henceforth, without parents and without a care, she grew into a rather independent and stubborn figure. Often shunning her superiors in favor of her own ambitions. Having delved into her past out of curiosity, she soon discovers that Maxun Izak Orion is still alive, and the only family member she has left. Finding out that he is a Jedi, she mauls over as to just why that is, and how he could've betrayed his family, believing that their lineage had long since descended through Allegiances with the Sith.

Timeline (Last Update 9/20/09)

-Born 312ABY; mother passes away
-Raised by Darth Crucious
-Enters Sith Academy on the Planet of Korriban
-Synthesizes her own crystal and forms her lightsaber
-Learns the basics of the Dark side
-Shows a profound liking to Form VII Vapaad
-Graduates from the Academy
-Ascends into adolescence
-Confronts Darth Imogen
-Battles Darth Imogen and after an unsteady truce joins Cecilia becomes her Apprentice
-The two make their way toward the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban
-Imogen attains an unknown ability within Darth Krayt's tomb.
-Imogen becomes the Sith Archon, and instills the Rule of One
-Cecilia is summoned into Imogen's quarters, where her master destroys her training blade. After a trade of words, Cecilia leaves on a mission to create her very own personalized blade. She has only one month to complete this task.

Powers and Abilities

Force Abilities

-Force Sight
-Force Lightning
(Subject to addition as character is rp'd out)

Light saber Forms/Styles

Form VII - Vapaad
Dun Moch

Personality And Traits

""With these two hands I will write the history of my existance in the blood of many, the galaxy will know the time of Cecilia Orion, the time in which true darkness blanketed over this pathetic Universe, when the hearts of society are torn from their chambers, taken by I, who will hold them dearly in my cradle of torment." - Cecilia to Darth Imogen during their travels into the valley of the Sith

Her stubborn attitude and poignant disregard for authority often extenuate her high aptitude for independence. Even so, she is a devout listener, and a swift and intelligent learner. Although often finding an easier time controlling her emotions than most Sith, most of them having fallen to the Dark Side of the force rather than grow from within it as she had, her ability to maintain a strategic mind even when her anger is at her extremes makes for an extremely lethal personality. Her care for anyone other than herself is often felt, and further augmented in how she enjoys walking a blood-hued path. She finds loyalty and honor traits of the Jedi, and will not adhere to her superiors… however she often holds a rather profound sense of respect for those who take the obligation to train her further in her own abilities. Most notably her respect can be seen when conversing along side her Sith Master.

Health Issues

Although relatively healthy, she is bipolar and prone to schizophrenic episodes on rare occasions. Albeit her mental instabilities however she has no real physical health issues as of yet.

Appearance and Clothing



Lightsaber Details
Focusing Crystals
Mineral Characteristics Location
Dragite Enhances blade focus, and is known to deal light sonic damage do to it's loud resonance M'haeli, among the D'lope Mountain Range
Barab Ore A mineral so unstable, it burns the blade to the point of losing its cohesion Barab I
Nextor Highly Volatile and powerful, makes for a highly unstable but deadly lightsaber M'haeli
Additional Components
2 medium sized Diatium power cell Units
High Grade Emitter Matrix
Ossus Dueling Lens
Personally customized Lightsaber hilt
Activation Stud Plate
Integrated Power Conduit
Studded Pommel Cap
Cecilia's lightsaber is composed of a personally modified lightsaber hilt design that was purposefully augmented to contain a total of two diatium power cell units. It's design had included a high grade emitter matrix, a standardized Activation Stud Plate, and a studded pommel cap, which was also where the additional power cell unit resided. 3 Crystals made up the heart of the blade, and the overall spectrum resulted in a blade so unstable that it would've been near impossible to wield had the characteristics of the Dragite crystal, in conjunction with the Ossus Dueling Lens, didn't retain their focusing qualities. The blades primary crystal was the Barab Ore, found among the red dwarven planet of Barab I. Cecilia went through grueling tasks to achieve this crystal, suffering an attack of durgolosks and surviving on a whim at the sudden ambush. Her final travel to M'haeli's regions, gifted her with the Nextor and Dragite Crystals, to which she used to further augment the Barab Ore mineral and yet at the same time focus it's uncharted energies. The Nextor Crystal had characteristics similar to that of the Barab Ore, and so combining the two made for an extremely chaotic energy beam. With the aid of the Dragite crystal, known for it's focusing characteristics and working in conjunction with the Ossus Dueling Lens. The two parts of the blade gave the user the ability of wielding such an uncharted weapon. Additional characteristics of the Dragite crystal enhanced sonic-like waves of energy to transcend out of any point of impact, due to the blade's ear-splitting cry while activated. In-casing all of the internals was a personally modified lightsaber hilt, further augmented by a studded pommel cap which jutted out of the end of the blade in the shape of a spear head, carrying the weight of the blade, as well as the additional power cell unit mentioned before. In retrospect, when complete, this weapon radiated a gyroscopic loop of kinetic energy that was so unstable that it wasn't even possible to retract. instead, it would explode into an array of blinding light when deactivated, red streams of energy bouncing outward at high velocities before dispersing after a 2 meter spread. Although, harmless, it nonetheless hinted at the blade's faucet-ed energy. With the Ossus Dueling Lens and the Dragite Crystal acting as the only stabilizing units to focus the other two volatile and unstable crystals, it was like an ocean being pushed through the eye of a needle. And if that didn't bear cause for worry, the sheer repetitious and looming cry of the blades sonnet while activated was so monstrously loud that it could bring any average being to their hands and knees in an instant.


FC-20 Speeder Bike

Much like the Blood Fin used by Darth Maul centuries ago, Cecilia uses an off-shoot of the stock FC-20 model, having forgone repulsorlift technology in favor of the more recent variants. The speeder is far faster than it's predecessor, and she often uses it to travel long terrains.

Vehicle History

-An outdated off-spring variant of the stock FC-20 model is acquired by Cecilia
-Modifications are made
-Uses it for extended traveling among planetary visits

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