Naydo Malesyn
Created by FierceOmen
Homeworld "Dantooine"
Born "TBA"
Died "TBA"
Alternate Names "NA"
Physical Description
Species "Arkanian"
Gender "Male"
Height "6'0""
Hair Color "Dark"
Eye Color "White"
Skin Color "Tanned"
Historical Information
Rank "Recruit Soldier of the Republic"
Affiliations "The Shield"
Known Masters "NA"
Known Apprentices "NA"

Name: Naydo Malesyn
Pronunciation: As written
Alias': NA
Era: Current


Father: Howland Malesyn
Mother: Maria Malesyn
Siblings: None
Profession: 273rd Special Forces Division

Created,illustrated, and played by:


A well rounded and rather unusual individual for an Arkanian human, Malesyn defies the common perception of his fellow race by denying his genetic altercations as a means of superiority over fellow alien species. Growing up a farmer with his mother and father, Malesyn decided that such a life was too nonchalant, and sought adventure by joining the Alliance's special operations division, even though his father didn't like the idea, his parents however gave him their full support.


"I'm just a kid, I don't care about who's better than who."

Born in Arkania, Naydo Malesyn grew up with his mother and father, who despite Arkanian reputation, despised Arkanian tradition regarding genetic alternation. Viewed as outcasts by their neighbors, Arkanian officials sought to eliminate the Brinstow lineage for their Heresy. Howland Brinstow, Malesyn's father, predicted Arkanian rule would seek to destroy them, and so his entire family fled to live their lives on Dantooine. Naydo's father became a farmer. And he often helped him as an additional hand up until his adolescence.


"What the hell have I gotten myself into…"

At the exact appropriate age that was required to join the Alliance, Malesyn showed up at the recruiting center to begin his journey to Coruscant, where the Academy training grounds had been and where he was to report for Basic Training and Entry Selection. Out of the 78 candidates who were selected to participate in Entry Selection, Adeth was one of 12 individuals who were actually graduates, and went on to earn their stay in the Alliance's 4th Brigade, 273rd SpecOps Division. Throughout his time in service Siberus has experienced the truth of war, yet despite the grim truth's, continued to carry out the mission with a charismatic attitude and with a keen determination to succeed.

Personality and Traits

While his charismatic attitude accentuates his status as an all around soldier for the Republic, Adethus Siberus is engulfed around the important aspects of teamwork. Despite his ethnicity as an Arkanian, Siberus doesn't see himself as a superior to anyone, contrary to his appeal. As a subsidiary to this common belief, Adeth dyed his hair to ascertain himself to a more common status of a human being, despite the fact that his eyes are inherently white. He often keeps it kept as well, taking on a typical military crew cut

Powers and Abilities

As an Arkanian, Adeth naturally possesses the ability to see heat signatures, and is a greater force to be reckoned with when dawn becomes dusk. Despite these genetic enhancements, despite this common Arkanian genetic enhancement, he had others done, which included muscular endurance and enhancement, as well as precognition functionality and reflexes, making him a dire asset for the Alliance military.

Health Issues/Weaknesses

- Long-term injuries are yet to be described
- About as vulnerable as a regular human being would be, if not less so considering his genetic enhancements.

Appearance and Clothing

To be Included

Weapons and Vehicles

While Adeth had been trained in a variety of weapons, some of his favorite were generally slugthrower variants. His most widely used pistol was a distinctively modified Adjudicator Slugthrower Pistol which had been initially standard issue for Special Forces Units. Equipped with a silencer, and significantly customized by Siberus himself, it was a life-saver during reconnaissance missions.
Another of his arsenal favorites was a dynamically altered A280 rifle. It's initial design subjugated a blaster rifle firing system which Blake trashed in favor a more complicated ergonomics firing system related to slugthrower variants. While these weapons had more devastating results, they were initially extremely more efficient in terms of accuracy and reliability.

Timeline (Old republic era)

- Born on Arkania 20 years before the Sith War
- Fled to Dantooine
- Joins the Republic Military under a discrete Special Operations unit

Timeline (New Order Era)

- Born on Arkania 20 years before Skywalker's Empire
- Fled to Dantooine
- Joins the Republic Military under a discrete Special Operations unit

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