Atiry Syn
Homeworld Aaris III
Born Insert Era
Died N/A
Alternate Names Lady Amaranthus, Ammy
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 6'0
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Sapphire
Skin Color Tanned
Historical Information
Rank Jedi Padawan
Affiliations Jedi Order
Known Masters Battlelord Irittum, Drake-Rylan
Known Apprentices None

Name: Atiry Syn
Pronunciation: Ah-Tear-Re Sin
Alias: Ammy


Father: Dead (Killed by Amaranthus)
Mother: Dead (Killed by Amaranthus)
Siblings: Unknown

Created,illustrated, and played by: Created and played by WandOfEternity, Avatar image created by SleepingLionHeart711.



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"Life isn't a game. You think it fair, it is not. Your childhood was a lie, a simple facade created to prepare you for the horrible disappoint meant you would feel when cruel reality rips away your rose colored glasses."

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Personality and Traits

Many seem to believe there is no other personality left in the girl that glares and forces everyone away from her, thinking that she is nothing but a bitch, and that is all that was left. This is not so. Behind the frigidity and wall of apathy lies a woman that few know. A woman that despises herself for her weakness, for the actions of the past. Atiry hates herself more than anyone else in the world, the fact that she considers herself a failure that can do nothing right masking her true potential. She is truly afraid, though masks this with a frigid countenance, apathy, and sarcastic acidity, trusting few, if any with even her real name, going by a shortening of the title she had once had. While she does keep to herself, Atiry is not an idiot. she is intelligent, though this normally isn't seen throughout her harsh persona. However, one time that this anger lifts is when she is learning, the knowledge that is giving drawing out the girl that devours information. She loves it, and is almost like a different person when she is engaged in it. Atiry is also somewhat of an insomniac, for reasons that are known only to her.

Powers and Abilities

Expert level Swordswoman- Due to her training received at such an early age, her skill with vibroblades, and simple metal ones is at an expert level, able to behead, disable, or battle a foe into submission if she is given the chance. Her style is combined out of a mix, never receiving any formalized training. When she fights, it looks almost as if she is dancing, able to use two, or one with equal skill. (This expert level skill does not extend to lightsabers)

Health Issues/Weaknesses

None, other than the simple fact she is still rather young.

Weapons and Vehicles

Vibroblades- The only link that she holds to her bloody past, Atiry keeps these weapons with her at all times, her skill with them is clear, as she practices every day, keeping her abilities sharp.


Born on the lush world of Aaris III, Atiry was born to two loving human parents. The couple did as best they could, living comfortably, and making sure the girl never grew lax. Living on jungle planet, her parents had to let the girl learn quickly, so as to make sure that she survived. Atiry never wanted, though she wasn't allowed a life of leisure, her father giving her an old metal sword to learn how to fight at the age of 5, to learn some kind of skill. Atiry had the perfect, hard yet rewarding, life, until on instant changed it forever.

It was a day like any other, many years later, when she was 10 that it occurred. Working out in the fields of her family. Atiry had turned to go do something mundane, perhaps pulling a few weeds. When the axe that her father was using…the head snapped off, flying toward at a trajectory that would most certainly behead her. However the axehead stopped in front of the girl, without her touching it as her family looked onward terrified. This even would change Atiry's relationship with her parents forever, fearing something that they did not understand, even the fact that their own daughter was the source of it.

Atiry Grew to be an outcast for the rest of her years, the subtle change between her mother and fathers interaction with her dooming them in later years. They would not speak to her with the love they once held, the fact it was blanketed by fear crippling them in their attempted interactions.

All this time, the young Atiry had begun to believe there was something wrong with her, of course, it had to be her, who else would be responsible? Thus began her deep seated self hate, which only compounded once she finally got the courage to ask her parents what was going on. Their answer? It's you.

This simple statement turned the hopeful love she had felt for her parents into disgust, the fact that they feared her, simply because they did not understand what was going on, something she did not herself, burned the last bridge. She drew into herself, nurturing her hate, her anger, her disgust until the time that her life changed forever.

It had been only a few months since she had been 14, her mindset now clearly focused on her self loathing, her disgust for her parents, and the obsession she had with her sword work. She had been sent to the market to buy food, moving through the crowd, and ordinary day….before she felt it, the feeling of something that she..she KNEW she was somehow part of. It had happened that a Sith lord had been passing through the planet, perhaps to get supplies, perhaps for some other purpose. It mattered not. He found Atiry, seduced her with promises of power, and finally manipulated her into killing her parents in cold blood. This act, while she hated them so much, tore Atiry up so much that she couldn't speak for a year afterword, her new Sith master teaching her the ways of the sith to his mute pupil. She grew stronger, faster, smarter, and spent 2 more years under his tutelage, even gaining the title of "Lady Amaranthus" Where the name she goes by now has been taken by.

It would be soon that, while on a routine mission to Tattooine she would find that another sith had come to meet her, taking the object that she had taken, and moreover relating to her the awful truth, her master had deserted her, finding her so weak that she wasn't even worth telling in person. With confirmation of this. Atiry lost her will to live. wandering out into the seas of sand in tattooine A sand storm swallowed her up.

However this was not the end, while she lay unconcious in the sands a passing jedi found her, noticed her power, and brought her back to the jedi temple. Where she now stays, unknowing what to do, and lost in what she is supposed to do for her shattered life.

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